Update 1.10.1 – All You Need To Know! | World of Tanks Patch 1.10.1 Update Review

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World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes Review – Medium Tank Rebalance, Buffed 121, Buffed 140, Buffed E-50M, Dog Tags, Halloween 2020, Tour of Duty. World of Tanks Leopard 1 Gameplay, Tier 10 Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Review.

► World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/1.10.1/

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
00:30 | 1.10.1 Features
01:35 | Dog Tags
04:07 | Tour of Duty
06:19 | Medium Rebalance
08:25 | Improved
10:00 | Daily Missions
11:55 | Halloween
13:00 | Map Changes
13:35 | Other things + Conclusion

Today I am going talk about update 1.10.1 and everything you need to know about ! This update features many things, from vehicles buffs and nerfs to map updates. So, let's talk about it.

What do you think?


  1. So, what are you the most hyped about in update 1.10.1?
    Have a good one!

  2. Dog tags make no sense, why would you see the dog tags of the person that killed you? It should be the other way round, you pick up the dog tags off the body of person you killed

  3. yippee fn dog tags…. nothing else to fix in game as its working perfectly

  4. AusCan Plant Support

    It all sounds good to me. Map changes will probably have the most impact on my games. I like the new Italian heavies, I’ll grind that line I reckon. Thanks for the great vid!

  5. Massive nerf to the bushes on the 8/9 line at steppes. Didn’t see any patch notes about it but those bushes have been trimmed massively.


  7. Vintage Electronics

    Pro Tip : you can turn off the annoying Dog Tags!

  8. They don’t fix MM
    Limit 1 clicker per team
    Ghost shells
    So time for uninstall

  9. Still nothing FREE? no wonder its dying GL WG

  10. On the SEA server they released a new Tier 8 Russian premium light tank (LT-432), it is not on the NA server, totally gutted, it has a way lower profile than the LTTB and I was going to buy it (just not on SEA as it is dead) to replace the LTTB (too high a profile to be effective LT imo) and don’t get me started on that dog tag rubbish

  11. Just tell me one thing. when are they dropping cars from this tank game? Not playing anymore cos of cars.

  12. I am never coming back to this game until all equipment is available for all vehicles like before and de-mounts are gone.

  13. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Had an encounter battle on Karelia today and most of my team had no clue what to do, all but two players had more than 10k battles. So what do the geniuses do? Four drive right to cap and try to cap it out, 4 drive into the swamp, seven of the 8 die in less than two minutes yet amazingly we won! Guess the other team were even worse muppets.

  14. Buff the giddamned T34 already

  15. What is your native leangue Dezgamez?

  16. Why do people hate dog tags so much? They’re a fun little addition to the game and literally have no downsides.

  17. I quess they wont nerf 297(e)…

  18. Tbh I wish the premium days reward not automatically activated when acquired, but more like the booster.

    A consumable item, that can be activated anytime for player that doesn’t have enough free time to play the game daily

  19. So update 1.10.1 landed on the Asia server yesterday and to my disappointment some of my mid/ lower tier vehicles had their equipment gone & I had to “epurchase it” as war gaming had assigned incompatible classes to be fitted equipment. Always fun wasting credits to re buy your equipment kiss good bye a couple of million credits.
    Oh adding crew skins to the daily rewards, useless and pathetic.
    Crew books in the epic rewards is good.
    I never thought I would but I’m going to try out the T 34-2 again shudder at the thought

  20. The new rewards for daily missions are a great idea.A better one would be to give a players a choice of which reward we can select.

  21. too many changes, too fast. I am playing this game less and less. The horrible wheeled vehichles, just terrible.

  22. I like how as he comments on not selling OP tanks, I went to the store and see they are selling the E25 and the leFH18B2………. wtf!

  23. if u do an ideas-for-wg video, pls say that when u already have 3 equpment on a tank it is STUPID to have to demount one just so u can cheeck what your tanks stats are with a different equipment…
    for example, i made my fv4005 a sniper based tank that reloads for 29s (terrible), but now i want to check what would happen if i dropped binos for gunrammer. I have to DEMOUNT binos, just to check the stats on the right with the gunrammer and then most probably mount binos again. THIS IS STUPID.

    Also i get that there are 3 different classses of tanks and levels of equipment for different types BUT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO MOVE A CAMO AND BINOS from one to another similar tank without the need for demounting. This is also STUPID. As a free to play player i cant afford to put equipment on all of the tanks i have gathered over the last 3-4 years i played and now i am using some terrible equipments not even having the most basic binos and camo until i can afford slowly to change up those vehicles to what i want them to have…

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Just check them in the comparison tab… That’s why it’s there..

    • @VioletStatPedder – i dont want to see that a gun rammer gives me 10% dpm, i want to see what my dpm, reload (and for those who care rate of fire) will become fo the specific tank, while also seeing what the viewrange will fall to (for the above example, every situation is different, but thas what i mean.)
      This worked before. You demounted the old equipment only when u hit apply. So u actually could check different characteristics with different equipment without applying the change u were experimenting with. i Am not asking for sth new, just for the good parts of the old stuff to coome back.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      @pas mas So set up the tanks like you want them in the comparison tab…
      All of that info is there and you can have multiple copies of your tanks with different setups so you can see all the stats simultaneously.

  24. Lol the WoWs music in the background

  25. Dog tags and Tiger 2 still sucks in +2MM:)
    GJ WG!
    Better add skill percentage numbers on each crew skill…

  26. Nerfing PTA is the best thing on this new update, totally OP tank with heavy armor, high acceleration, auto-loader and highest win rate ever on EU servers… oh sorry wrong tank…

    • VioletStatPedder -

      PTA wouldn’t be the 1st tank under my nerf hammer but it still required some tweaking. Let’s see if this is too much and it needs a buff afterwards…

  27. This update was almost perfect 😀

    Until they decided to sneak in that one soviet medium tank that was totally underpowered in the first place… Can’t have anything nice these days huh

  28. I really like the Dog tags because it’s show your real WTR rating (last 3 month)

  29. There is only one tier X med we wanted to be buffed and it’s AMX 30B

  30. I hate that they nerfed the DPM of the E-50 with the L100/88 gun. With the old alpha damage of 240 you got nearly 100dpm more than in the new iteration. Now the reload for me is to long (despite the dpm nerf): maxed out old reload time was 3.75s and maxed out new reload time is 4.5s. Bad for permatracking. :-/

  31. no one asked for Leo nerf….just bias WG

  32. Dogtags! As always, WG is focusing on things that matter.
    But then there are some actual good changes in this update so I’m willing to retract my sarcastic statement.

  33. You cant even test equip before you demount the previous one, like replacing optics with improved optics, you cant see the viewrange increase from that change until you remove the standard optics first.

  34. Dog tags… wow… who cares about dog tags? One of the least if not the least interesting thing WG introduced in the game lastly. Together with horn maybe. I didn’t even used the horn when they added it for that week in summer. I was sure that I will never say that but… WOT is not providing entertainment for me anymore. I mean I’m still playing from time to time but mostly because I don’t want to be fired from a clan. Events are constant, but they are boring, prizes are not worth it anymore. In example Steel hunter – first edition this year was fun, few games and done, nice, fresh, cool. Now they make it “grind or fail”. Same thing with WT E-100 game event lastly. It was fun for few games, but collecting the stickers? Grind. Playing on X tier is also pathetic right now. What left? Grinding new tanks, but… what for? For playing in pathetic tier X gameplay? Maybe I’m just getting old, but after 8 years of playing a game I’m bored now.

  35. 1,5 years later still no shell rebalance. WG keep avoiding the big ass elephant in the room and before that is fixed the tanks cannot be rebalanced properly.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      Yeah, but the rebalance would be so huge that it’s good they aren’t rushing it. Every tank should be rebalanced, game economy should be rebalanced etc.

  36. is that world of warships harbor music in the background 😀 ?

  37. Yep, not seeing anything to make me want to download again

  38. Thanks Dez for ur efforts in these many vids. Tho’ i most admit that WGs definition of !gameplay” is somewhat different than mine! But hey! we got crewskins! And what about the baaaad MM?! – nothing! But hey we got some nice crewskins. Goldspam?! – Hey we give u tons of nice/strange crewskins! Animalheads – anyone?! – GAMEPLAY 15 to ZERO! – OK – It dosent bother me, because i got some very nice crewskins! – Huh sry for the rant, but this game could be so much more, and im sad so see/say that i have played for 7 years and it been worse and worse. So sad!

    • VioletStatPedder -

      What’s wrong with the MM? It’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do and the template system is way better than it was before.

  39. well dog tags are just pile of crap will never use them

  40. Nashty update… this game is dying!

  41. perma dog tags? hell yeah, more spoiled flex coming

  42. Cant understand you .sorry

  43. I will still give no F about clan.

  44. De prin trafic adunate

    Yeah, talking, talking and more talking about dog tags, the amazing WG unique world-wide novelty. Of course, good for nothing. F**k MM fixing, F**K re-balancing OP tanks, long live dog tags :):):)
    It is just hilarious, glad I’m not playing anymore and since then my frustration in “0”

  45. I just realised that I have no equipment on my KV-2, my most played tank.

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