UPDATE 1.10.1 REVIEW – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of update 1.10.1 brings buffs to mediums like the Object , and 121 and significant ! Here's everything you need to know!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Cool. 140 is even stronger now because object 140 was garbage right? And yes finally some sense in wg to nerf the leo pta with its overall winrate of bobject 268 4…

    i cant paint a sarcasm sign that big so excuse me.

  2. Imagine playing wot in 2020…lol gringe

  3. When will the AMX30B get some love

  4. I feel like I’m the only one who actually really liked the dog tags…It’s just something fun to customize. What’s so horrible about that

  5. german MTs getting buffed*

    every one else who does not play german tanks because they know they are gonna get power creeped: *LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY*

  6. M26 pershing sucks too..

  7. Not fair for leopard pta not fair…
    And those “buff” for Panter s…..insignificant…not fair also

  8. RIP T-62A =((

  9. I like how QB calls the buffed 121 a new Obj430U while the Obj140 gets even more buffs but it gets only decent 🙂

  10. The 121 is the only tier 10 tank I bought twice and sold twice, will never touch it again, ever!

  11. well I am tired of players tapping the 2 key, it’s just disrespectful against the vehicles that rely on armor, TYPE 5 HEAVY is the best example I can give – without gold – whole tank is around 70-80% bounce except for some weak spots – with gold ammo the whole tank is green and easily penetraded by pretty much everything and everyone, I just think this tank is super useless right now, everybody is spamming gold like never before that’s the main issue we have to face in my opinion and maybe making a video about it could help the cause..


  13. It’s nice to talk about buffs and map changes for this new patch but why no word for the potential upcoming italian MBT carro da combattimento 45t. I mean most of the people hate the stupid chieftain which is basically to ahead of his time in world of tanks. And guess what WG is maybe planning to add an other broken MBT into the game… I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not better to get cosmetics instead of new tanks… At least we are not going to see broken balancing cosmetics…

  14. Show us maps in details baby

  15. I can’t believe wg delete the free demount on binocular, camo net and toolbox!!! I’m happy that they buffed my fav kv4, but they are losing me with the next patch!

  16. You need to brush the dust of your microphone stand.

  17. The 60 sec reset counter in garage while scroling in missions is really frustrating, why not repair this first???

  18. meanwhile, in every game arta players drown or kill themselves without any fear of getting banned… BUT BOY THOSE DOGTAGS LOOKS COOL

    wg is a joke

  19. Cuckybaby. Nothing but WG’s little bitch boi really now. Can’t bite the hand that feeds I suppose.




  22. 121 pay respect and press F.

  23. Quacky, please elaborate on the map changes you didn’t show!

  24. 121 and 140 got great buffs ( especially the op 140) but E50m is just meh as ever. A little buff that DON’T change nothing.

  25. They won’t fix game mechanics like off the wall RNG and such, but hey! look at these shiny dog tags!

  26. Nobody needs credits?! For me as a mainly Free-to-Play player they are the most limiting factor. I have unlocked so many T9 and T10 and cant afford to buy them. But I agree with you that that a day of Premium is more worth than an Equipment that I usualy buy for half the price….

  27. By re-working the daily missions rewards their forcing even more people to spend the money on the game by having less of the things they wanted. Perfect example was making binos tool box and camo net cost gold to remove. It used to be free also. I wont be surprised if they start charging people to move crews into tanks for gold only. No penalties or free training, it will just be you want that crew in this tank, you have to pay us for it! Their greed has no limits and it’s getting worse

    I only ever completed those daily missions for the bonds / premium time – large consumables and credits. All the other shit I used to just re-roll. Its just wargamings way of squeezing the players into spending more of their hard earned cash on the game. Their not stupid. Their realising how stupid people are and are pushing more and more for it to be a pay to win or even pay to play game now, it’s worse than it has ever been!

    Who the fk wants 7 reward vehicles for playing 10 years…. who wants 1000xp bonus. That’s not worth my time trying to do the mission in the first place! No matter how easy they were.

  28. Ђорђе Добрић

    Honestly I don’t understand why does WG change the T34-2 s alpha down to 360,that 390 made it unique and hard-hitting at tier 8 , they should keep the old alpha and the rest of the changes should be applied

  29. Maurits van Eijnatten

    Seriously, when will they buff the abysmal gun depression of the WZ-120?

  30. Hey who said no to free equipment. Honestly I got the epic reward as 100 bonds for like 10 times straight and I don’t feel like I’m getting anything. Free equipment and anything other than bonds and boosters.

  31. I wonder do WG actually lister to the Content Creators, if so, and I doubt they do, how about starting a petition to get WG to limit the amount of artillery in game, or infact WG banning people who are just downright bad at the game, like me, who cannot gat anywhere near the 50% winrate you are judged by, how about doing that QB?

  32. Do Chinese tanks break down randomly like the real tanks do?

  33. I would love to see the new maps.

  34. Would rather a penetration buff on the panther 88,.

  35. You do a great job reviewing map changes with your replay fly throughs. I would like to see map tactic videos.

  36. Please show the maps and tactics in a video. Thank you.

  37. The Panthers are still a joke sadly

  38. Hey qb I would like to see a special video on those new encounter battle maps and the tactics

  39. Wow im so close to unlocking the Leopard Pt A and it gets nerfed

  40. What about the Waffle? when its coming back?

  41. Not good enough of a buff for the e50/e50m. ESPECIALLY e50m needing more love

  42. “…tracking your feedback on this feature” – yeah Wargayming, players always wanted less rewards, well done soviet scums…

  43. I love 140! My first tier 10 med, and my favorite. More depression is awesome, giving its role back!

  44. wish they would improve the tier 10 economy a little so free to players could actually use their tier 10s more than a few times if they lose a match. 50-100 000 credits loss for a defeat is aids

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