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0:00 – 25:35 WG’s
25:36 – 44:00 Patch Notes
44:01 – 44:30 End


  1. Wrote this elsewhere already but lets let people know if someone is confused I guess. You can sell the equipment with a little yellow arrow on it. That means that this equipment piece is NOW OF HIGHER CLASS THAN REQUIRED for the vehicle. You can simply dismount it !!FOR FREE!! and sell it for profit and then buy the now coresponding and cheaper equipment of lower class. Example: You know how theres ventilation class 1, 2 and 3? Now its the same with binos for example, but all of your binos that you already had since before the patch are now converted to the highest and most expensive class available. You can sell them for 300 000 and buy the appropriate class for less. You actually end up profiting (2 million for me). Also you can switch up the line up of equipment you already have between the slots, by right clicking and using the pop-up menu, so that you don’t have spend money/kits in order to get the equipment you want into the special slot. Its a pain in the ass, but makes things less bad.

  2. I’m skeptical. We’ll see how this plays out, but I can’t help but think WG didn’t test this out thoroughly enough. The spotting mechanics are a big concern.

  3. I almost made it…. I almost got to see the e100 line get buffed. But I cant take the endless landslide games. You have almost no impact on the outcome of these games, you cant make a team win when its folding and you will not cause a team to lose if its steamrolling. The NA server is just flat out unplayable due to this.

  4. Big concern: With equipment 2.0 there will be many modules that aren’t as useful as they once were, or outdated by the new options to chose from, and many modules won’t be compatible with the tanks they were once mounted on, and so it won’t be possible to re-equip them any more, but selling them won’t even cover the cost of buying new ones. People with large tank collections will have to spend ridiculous quantities of credits to buy new equipment to get their tanks up to the new meta. Until people manage to grind enough credits to outfit their vehicles with new modules it’s literally going to be pay2win, with premium account and premium tank owners having a significant advantage over non premium players.

    • SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

      I have no clue to as what you mean. If binos were on a tier 7 td for example;
      It is free to dismount
      It requires class 2 binos for tier 7; the one you will have before the update is now a class 1 bino (for tier 8-10). It sells for 300k. The cost of the new class 2 binos? 200k. So I do not really get what you are trying to say other than bashing wot.

    • @SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy In the new system there will be modules that are better than the current modules. For example, instead of optics you may want to use a module that increases spotting of moving tanks or tanks hiding behind bushes, instead of ventilation you may want to use a module that improves max speed and engine power, instead of GLD you may want to use a module improving the accuracy. And so on. This will cost credits, and for people with many tanks in the garage it will mean a very heavy credit grind, if they want to have their tanks fit for the new meta.

    • SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

      I see, however, I suppose you will earn credits for fitting the right equipment class on your vehicle even after purchasing said equipment. Also, the aforementioned equipment all have classes, meaning they are cheaper at lower tier, except for the commanders vision system.

  5. The 10th anniversary has been NOTHING BUT A SALES PITCH! 1 skin and a bunch of bullshit stickers are the ONLY things given to us….. and the sold the stupid tokens, so they still weren’t totally free

  6. Swear th christ filthy Frank quote popped into my head the exact moment circon made the reference😆

  7. WG: *German heavies buffs*
    E50: ”Why don’t they love us bro”
    E50M: ”Don’t worry little brother. Our time will come”

  8. T3 nerfed the fuck out

  9. They nerfed the tech tree Italian tier 8med and buffed the premium…… so now the premium is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the tech tree.

    • SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

      They had to do this, otherwise, even if it is moraly wrong, people would be eligible for a refund. While the end user licence agreement is cool and all; consumer rights does not give a damn about it. Getting your premium nerfed is like allowing your car dealer from whom you purchased a car to remove its wheels without consequences.

    • @SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy no they didn’t had to.

    • SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

      @Hamster_Thug oh?

    • @SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy you copy pasted this comment on another reply. i don’t explain it again why they didn’t HAD to buff it

    • SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

      @Hamster_Thug Then why bother replying to my comment?

  10. wheelies need to loose their aim-bots

  11. Can’t wait to ping the corpses of my shit tier teammates

  12. I think that they should have totally random maps. No same old same old. Oh I’m on Proc. I better start blind firing that bush and that bush. Arty click behind that rock. It’s predictable beyond extreme. They have enough assets ( rocks, bushes trees etc.) Generate a random terrain and populate it with assets. Start each team on a side and let them have at it. No one knows anything about it. Some rolling hills and valley, sprinkle in a river and go.

  13. Macaroni All Dente

    270 on weak spot lmao, meanwhile polish med have 260mm of armor in the strongest point LMAO

  14. Bino is not reusable for free, good bey free to play players.

  15. So far I kinda liked how the update felt, wheeled tanks that rushed in like idiots really did get killed quickly with that nerf and overall I think that nerfs and buffs are good for the most part, obviously with some things that could have been done better. I played like 15 games today didn’t manage to get in pearl river yet sadly so I can’t speak about that map, but it has a warm spot in my heart from the old days so I wont be too critical if it isn’t that good. I like the new bond system, but at the same time they could have kept the earning of bonds from medals and maybe even did something like you said. The new communication system is interesting, personally I miss the affirmative command, but I do like it for now, people don’t seem to abuse it and spam the comands randomly, but I still need to get used to it because it does get me confused sometimes and makes me pay more attention to what I clicked and how can I cancel the command, I might not be a problem in the end cuz you can just get used to it in the end. And the last thing is the new equipment and I don’t even really know what to say about it, it has some confusing aspects of it and I feel like the equipment could have stayed the same with maybe a few new pieces added avoiding having that class buff. I like the update it’s not perfect, but nothing is and I don’t understand why most people in the comments are giving it so much shit, for the most part stuff got better in the game with some unnecessary changes or poor executions. Keep up the good work Circon!

  16. The E100 is literally broken this patch, they fucked the turret ring so there’s a tiny area with 0mm of armor, sure this in a random battle is not gonna matter at all, unless idk, an arty hits you there for 1000 damage, in a super heavy tank, and still, doesn’t change the fact that it’s broken

  17. They removed the rammer from tier 8 Progetto but buffed its dpm like it would if it had rammer? So the one Italian tank that actually could’ve done with a nerf just got straight buffed complete bollocks

  18. You cant get bonds in low tiers stupid wg

  19. Getting rid of ‘affirmative’ is the worst thing about the new update. New communication system is terrible. Biggest concern for me is not knowing how long you have been spotted for….
    New equipment means you can be spotted for like 14 seconds and you have no idea whether it is 6 or 14???

  20. WG fiddles while the game burns. Still too many one sided games, everyone spamming gold. MM and RNG predetermining outcome of games before game starts. In one game today 10 fully aimed shots either missed or hit the dirt while being snapped shot back. Maps too small meaning being picked off in the first 15 secs of game with higher tiers which can see across the map from base. Still 2 tier mm difference in pub games.

  21. Just wait until he actually loads up and sees what all that marketing speak translates to.

  22. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Wargaming casually punishing free to play players as usual

  23. Dont know where the new players are from since changes but, every game is a Yolo run to one flank. The games have been horrible.

  24. Also games are over even quicker now


  26. The new UI is GARBAGE. I used to be able to handle repairs, ammo loadout, and consumables from one single menu. Now I have to open 3 menu’s one after the other. I also used to be able to switch modules from the garage too but of course, they had to make that more difficult as well. Who designed this crap?

  27. All Things Tamamo

    WG: Does Anything
    Circon: “I got a nuclear take”

  28. So this update became more difficult for ftp players.
    Harder to make bonds because it is only available in tier10, which is not the easy tank when you need silver at the same time. Because you lose often more silver than you make.
    And at the same time some old equipment that we had gone … and still have the same things available that just force you to re buy it.
    Having a lot of silver / gold will of course be fun for them because you do not care to buy any equipment or lose any silver.

  29. Did you see the M4A1 FL 10 at 15:36

  30. Pointless upload!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. as an asian player i can say that this patch was wank.
    the second we logged in there was a bug that doubled our credits

  32. 24:51 thats how the devs like to play the game and decide balancing.

  33. Steel hunter is so much better than Warstories or Mercenaries on console.

  34. Namegoeshere Orhere

    The mantlet got buffed on the Tiger I.

  35. Hmmm, so leave the tumour on the E5 as is so it is still useless in brawling but at least the gun is a lot better. Nerfing Russian tanks will never happen as they will upset the Russian server way to much. Well that is their way of thinking anyway. Can never have German or American tanks that are better than Russian tanks in the game. NO BIAS here what so ever!!! 🙁

  36. boy, sure wish player feedback would talk about nerfing the wheelies…oh wait.

  37. More maps is great.. no one cares if you think its bad lol if you want to play ONLY 2 maps.. go and play lol

  38. Why the fuck did they remove module thingy on selected vehicle. So stupid. At least make it toggleable if you gonna remove it WG xD

  39. Summer lootz……..nooooooe!!
    Equipment 2.0 isn’t as bad as expected, chance to make some silver as well.

  40. honestly all they needed to do in this game was make the graphics better and add new maps instead of tweaking it into some unbalanced complicated mess

  41. Shit Patch. Uninstalled.

    • Me too. Played since 2012. Took one look at the game last night. After getting confused as fuck and pissed with the pay to move Binos etc. Plus the reduced slots on low tiers. So uninstalled and sent a ticket to Wargaming to inform them that I am done with their bullshit game.

  42. I agree with the suggestion about, reducing gun characteristics on the EBR’s, they should also prevent the enhanged auto aim when using rapid mode and it disconnects as soon as rapid mode is engaged.

  43. you ppl have destryd this game 5 years ago it was a grate game now is shit

  44. Tiger 1 actually got its turret buffed significantly from its lowest amount of armour being 160mm to being 210mm!!

  45. wow people really acting like their buffs aren’t enough just like if the French tanks didn’t exist huh? try to think of one french T-10 that isn’t trash

  46. Reasoned Thinking

    Let’s make the game more complicated to play to lure in new players and keep the “causal” player base.

  47. Crew Skills 2.0 next then?? 😁

  48. Its interesting, to say the least, how WG needed like 5 years of research to add like 20mm to E100s turret and a bit of aiming time… I could have done that the year it started to perform badly…

  49. Tiger 2 buff pog!

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