Update 1.14 in 99 Seconds – All You Need To Know!

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Update 1.14 Patch Review – New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, Premium Tank Rebalance, New Map Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Artillery Mission Changes, Topography and More!


Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz. 55, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
– Czechoslovakian TNH T Vz.


  1. You are correct!

  2. Long as I don’t see crew 2.0 or anything like it in there, 99 seconds or 1/2 an hour I’m down to watch. There’s still hope. Have good one whomever reads this.

  3. Slovenský Tankista

    1.14 speedrun

  4. Best review ever! This man is a legend!

  5. Do premium vehicles have to spend XP for field mods?

  6. I haven’t been playing for a year now and I can say that the only thing that sounds cool is the topography mode.

  7. Quick, clean, and all we need to know.. thank you Dez

  8. YES! Every update should be announced like this!

  9. Basically in 5 second summary for any WOT update, choose USSR tank spam gold , to win

  10. THIS IS SO FUNNY! please make it a regular thing!!!

  11. well 30mil of credits and I am out of this shit

  12. That was without a doubt the greatest World of Tanks review I’ve ever seen. A laugh every 10-sec. A laugh a minute would’ve only been one and a half laughs.

  13. And you wondered from where the laser pointing cheat came from. I blame and shame WG. You cant do anything here.

  14. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Trainer DeZerinho says, Ich habe Fertig!!

  15. im impressed, good job dez with this short patch notes!

  16. who is this dude what happend to the click bait always plus 10 mins videos for the youtoobe dez

  17. my man 100% 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Mate i love you with all my heart you did a video covering 10 items in 99 sec that im going to listen from other youtubers over 40min

  19. Awesome wrap up, worth commenting <3, ty hf tc

  20. Day 38 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  21. Lmao I love this

  22. Short, catchy, all you need to know.. Nice Dez! 👍

  23. how many players need to play before WG does something in the right direction ??? VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET !!!!!!!

  24. After 8 years is finally time to stop playing WoT 🙁

  25. Alexander Schmidt

    beautiful Video 😀

  26. Finally dez understands how boring it was to watch u reading articles lol 😂

  27. 196mm pen in tier 8, for a prem that is trash… i rather drive my pershing that way.

  28. They dropped this stupid crew 2.0 again ?

  29. I dont know if the “have fun” at the end getting cut off was intentional or not but its fucking perfect

  30. So much deadpan sarcasm I thought you’d become English (a natural trait).

  31. yes yes YES and u got that in at the end ( NOBODY WANTED THIS ) lol

  32. 0:22 “…a single player mode mainly for new players, or anyone who doesn’t use minimap…”
    TOO. GOOD.

  33. Still missing another simplification of that complicated tech tree.


  35. this sounds like wg gona make an advertisement out of this

  36. Field modification would be fxxking great but with this aluxury equipment or waht is unbalanced and gamebreaking as fxxk .

  37. Still a trashbin fire.

  38. Nice video!

  39. Gee, I hope you guys enjoy this stupidity. WG, apparently is ramming through those stupid changes.
    Boy, I’m happy that I chose to uninstall Sir Foche called it before he quit. Shame really WOT used to be fun.

  40. I feel some Jeremy Clarkson and ex Top Gear vibes 😁
    Niceee 👍😁

  41. Much better. Not reading whole patch update in 30 min.

  42. Yes single player is finally here!

  43. Dev1. What can we much up this month?


  44. Guys he said 69, you are obligated to laugh now.

  45. if you watch it at 1.5 speed it’s only 66 seconds.

  46. Short, sweet, the ladies love it.

  47. The Austrian Avenger

    Listening to Dez only confirms my choice to quit the game early this year.

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