UPDATE 1.16.1 REVIEW – World of Tanks

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Update 1.16.1 for World Tanks brings changes to , a brand new outline overlay and a bonus battle pass chapter – here's all you need to know!



  1. Simplified outlining should be the *default*.

  2. Ripped off from Armored Warfare

  3. PABLITTO Escobarus

    10:00 its not a mod, its a cheat

  4. This new outline mechanic should be limited to low tier games or for new player (e.g: less than 2k battles for examples) so they could learn the game. Or make it a perk for the radio operator. Or make it as an equipment. But like this, it is just making this game even more easy for brain dead yolo players with no knowledge of game mechanics or map structure.
    Very bad idea as it current state.

  5. There was a lot of “cheat” mods in the game a view Years ago like “Tundra / Xray / broken object mods” with Xray you could see trough walls you got the outline of every enemy Tank all the time but it wasnt like this new outline system

  6. Instead of fixing the map lines they are making this op thing for helping noobs aim . Yea its a bit op .

  7. Lol in world of tanks blitz , there is a red/clear armour highlighter , when people load gold , you can see where you can pen , and it makes a massive difference

  8. That outlining is indirect buff of bushwanking TDs. They basically have tundra advantage. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to aim at tank in the middle of buildings and destructible walls through the bush that’s not transparent or tank hiding behind wreck on Prochorovka road. I’m not sure if I like this change.

  9. The best thing they can do to improve FL is to include a significant incentive to win, maybe 2x exp or credits for the winners. I get really tired of ppl raging about someone trying to destroy objectives so they can rack up damage. If that’s all the game mode is played for they should just make it 20 minute battles with no objective other than scoring damage.

  10. 12:20 that’s not the “sunk cost fallacy”.
    The Sunk Cost Fallacy describes our tendency to follow through on an endeavor if we have already invested time, effort, or money into it. It’s when you think “i’ve already spent time/money into it, what’s more going to change?” and you end up spending much more than you initially intended.
    Don’t say nonesense, please.

  11. The end of feathering

  12. ah returning to players policy wow that is new from WG

  13. U say that is like cheating but useing mods which are not in game… Mods should be baned from the game…hypocritical qb

  14. I’m baffled by Wargaming making this new outline overlay optional rather than default.

    Also, with regard to the 3D styles that have massive guns and such, I wish there were greater customization so that (for example), I could run the Maus style with everything *except* the giant AA gun on top.

  15. This change looks incredible and it’s not the first time something like this has been in a game, gj wargaming.

  16. the outlining is a shit change that makes the game even easier for people who can’t aim and don’t have game knowledge. I am glad that I don’t play this game anymore. New patch, automatic shell leading mechanic? Come on man…

  17. Outlining features just look op. Personally not a fan. How much help do people need just to shoot ffs

  18. TVP IS the weak point

  19. i found this hitbox and outline update really cheating, i prefer playing without because when EVERYONE use it omg it means your never miss a shot or really rare…so everybody aim better on your tank and with the skin outlines now everyone hit perfectly your weakspots…i dont know but im not fan about it…because today sometimes to be honest to be behind walls or destructible buildings can help you because not everyone shoot across them and so…i dont know for me its better without this cheating mod really…

  20. Şeref Efe Coşkun

    Cheems gonna go full reeeeee on this uptate

  21. Far Cry 6 uses something similar… check Jingles’ reviews of that game….

  22. People are going to load more gold. And just snipe and camp.

  23. So they’ve created a feature that requires any given player to absorb less information to be effective? Why? I mean this is already a game with a playerbase that absorbs little to no information on their own. Thousands and thousands of games and playing like its their first 100 games. What is the point of this? Why reward a player that has put in little to no effort in understand the maps? And of course they’re forgetting the players that really do pay attention and giving them free xray vision. Players should play and learn what types of cover are hard and soft. Not have the game hold their hand and show them where to shoot. Shit I bet next will be a full colored net over the vehicles showing the weak spots. Or maybe even some auto aim for players with crappy wn8 or winrate. This is ridiculous.

  24. I’m actually excited. There’s already mods that “get rids” of penetrable object anyway so this change will make it so I can enjoy WoT in Ultra Graphic, while retaining competitive advantage

  25. Improved outline is such bullshit ! This should be implemented to a tutoria for new players but WG is bored of course!

  26. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    There is no mod for doing like that but a mod which can stop u shooting and wrekages and non pentrable walls

  27. There should be an option to completely hide ALL decorative elements, at least for players who do not use them. Those extra clutter hide the weak points on tanks.

  28. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Finally wargaming try to give some premium tanks for less effort

  29. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    Good time for F2P players like me

  30. These new outlines make the game even easier…
    Everybody can shoot on somehow “highlighted” targets…
    WG, what about making the game not easier for everybody, but just explain its mechanics better?!
    With this improved outline, there will be even more below average performing players make their way up in the higher tiers!

  31. honestly, this update just shows more and more how much they are catering towards the casual, the 9-5 dad (or mom, some ladies love tanks i guess), and the other non sweaty players.
    hull down premium tanks sell, camping tanks sell, autoloaders sell. Why? cause they are not hard to mess up.

    the more they can keep the massive amount of casual players, the more the game is profitable for them, because casual players are the most paying ones. not the tryhard sweaty nerds like myself.

  32. After unlocking my Obj 279e, I stopped playing. Classical played through feeling …

    So I guess I will only start again after there are new missions available …

  33. f this shit I spent 6 or 7 years just to try not to be a red player. all that is up in smoke… all that time wasted. if I angle my amour. know it will be even easyer for red players to pin me. this game is geting ruined more and more. qickybaby you dont need this mod. with this added to the game u will be playing with 1 hand behind your back. THis tanks away form the relism form the game even more. playing tanks with despertion rats I can some what understand that. but consumbles 90 s and resue. so fn stuped. in the old days I ran around with burned out engen. and amo racked same time and 200 hp. yet it was way more of a blood rush to win a mach 15 vs 15 like that. repair kit med kit was used up. and I pull off a epic win. then tir 9 tanks on front line. tell me how fun it is to turn a coner to hit the gun.. and get hit bye 3 tir 9 T 30s at the same time. pisss me off. I can hardly stomic 90 sc consubles. or arty stuns. on most my tanks I dont run a med kit at all so stun is hell on me

  34. I personally loved having tier IXs in frontline, and am disappointed that they’re going.

  35. Excuse me wtf, that’s pretty much-having wallhacks in any fps. “Salty unicums”, I am not really sure why you call that, this overlay thing just lowers the skill ceiling to the floor pretty much. Like, tell me what is a skill in this game anymore?
    People are playing competitive games just because, they have this perfectionist mindset and want to be as good as they could be. Lowering and lowering the skill ceiling again and again just makes you quit the game. Like I dedicate my time, effort, money, and emotions to getting good at a so-called “competitive game” that intends to have a competitive scene just for Wargaming to introduce things that even a bot’s gameplay will be improved and the good player that learned these kinds of things discovers he did it for nothing. For real make a bot that sees the outline, if it is colored in red don’t shoot if it is not just shot and hey you have that effective armor pen, just make it have that green and you got a bot that shoots and pen you. I know this example is rather extreme but it’s a kind of doable just not how simple I explained it to be.

    The closest modification that you can have is called wallhacks

  36. QB PLEASE MAKE A GAME PLAY FOR STOCK CENTURION 7/1 i was about to ask you on your stream but you sell it already

  37. It is a good update apart this new strategy mode. I dont think it is a good addition to the game since there are games specific for that and it would be another responsability for WG. There are things that needs to get better and adding a new mode wont help.

  38. 1:34 some people play to have fun, some play to see number go up

  39. these penetration indicators should be a crew skill

  40. world of tanks blitz has had this forever

  41. WTF is that game mode with flame throwers?

  42. Yes there is a mod that is like that, it is called “Tundra” and it is illegal.

  43. I’m not a unicum but I still recognize the coloured areas inside the outline is a dumb f idea meant to flatten the skill curve.

  44. Again noobfriendly changes…Jesus it sucks…Just because the red potatos need more help to deal one shot with dmg before they go back to garage…The only good change is FL back to T8 only…

  45. For me the changes with FL and outline seem rather good. We will avoid some ghost shells which were basically hitting rock. I would implemwnt the same not in context of skins but hitbox overall for example showing ebr only hitbox which will cause dmg.

  46. So… one by one, all “forbidden” mods r coming up in this cancer game… enjoy all the time lost in that…

  47. Thank you for the video and the info update. I personally dislike the new outline overlay. The game needs to stay as simple as possible to replicate real-life battles as much as possible. The outline overlay gives a really useful tool to weaker players and isn’t very fair to the players who have gained the knowledge of every map to already know that information. Wargaming, please add new maps, map styles, game modes, and stop adding features that few wanted and that arguably make players leave this game.

  48. 0:37 that’s alot of quickybabys

    Or a parallel dimension of quickybabys

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