Update 1.7 Review and Holiday Ops 2020 are Here! | World of Tanks Christmas Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020

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Source: DezGamez

Patch 1.7 Update Review and Holiday 2020 Event 2019. Holiday Ops Loot Boxes 2019 / 2020 – New Premium Tanks in Christmas Loot Boxes – TS, Object 703 II and More. Holiday 2019.

► Information from:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/holiday--2020-regs/

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

World of Tanks patch 1.7 update is going to be here tomorrow, introducing 2 new features + Holiday 2020. I was expecting so much more from this update, but maybe new content is hiding itself behind Holiday Ops? New content like premium tanks in the lootboxes.

According to the latest “Leaks”, it should introduce 8 premium tanks in total, including 3 completely new premium tanks never released before – Object 703 II (Double-Barreled Tank), TS and AM 39 Gendron-Somua.

Full leaked Holiday Loot Boxes list:
1. Object 703 Option II (USSR, Tier-8, premium, double-barreled gun mechanics)
2. E 75 TS (Germany, Tier-8, prem)
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46 (Italy, Tier-8, prem).
4. SU-130PM (USSR, Tier-8, prem).
5. Sherman VC Firefly (Great Britain, Tier-6, prem).
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K (Germany, Tier-5, prem).
7. Sexton I (Great Britain, Tier-3, prem).
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

On the top of that, many new special 3D styles for some legendary old tanks!

What do you think about it?


  1. 1.7 actually turned out to be quite a “MEGA” patch. 😀
    Well, Holiday Ops is hiding some new content behind it at least, but still…
    What do you think about it?

    • Looks pretty good to me, last year I made out like a bandit in gold and credits alone, hopefully will again this year, as well as few “toys”.
      HyKalibur – NA server

    • Loot boxes might have double barrelled tank.

    • I look forward to lots of credits.
      Last years holiday ops was hard to complete as a free2lose player, I did complete it though, but damn it was hard. I thought the events started earlier though?
      Wtf is “Magic New Years”? lolol

    • Regarding the new holiday ops I’m actually quite surprised with the whole event and we will receive usefull rewards for our grind, maybe this year they nailed it
      Nickname :marios2002
      Server : EU

    • It’s an empty patch. This after canceling Halloween.

  2. Hello dez

    Nick name totios_mihai
    Server EU
    I think its a good time to grind all those stock tanks

  3. I think that Holiday ops are funny and interesting. I even buy some loot boxes every year, but I’m not spending too much money on it, I buy it for fun not to chase those OP tanks although last year I got my E25 from the first of the 3 boxes that I bought! 🙂
    EU server: SuperDacha

  4. I was expecting they kept the selectable tank dicounts because I have to buy some high tier tanks, but nevertheless there are good gifts in here.
    User: D0ct0rDave
    Server; EU

  5. They still give out those coupons that give like 75 percent off? I got a whole year premium for like 20 bucks last time.

  6. Name: Andor96
    Server: EU
    I like this event the most. Credits what you can grind now… AHHH

  7. Username: Abramsfaust
    Server: EU
    Answer: Holiday OPS seems to gather lots of people online, which is a really good thing. The better this event is organized by WG, the better further months will go for them. Personally, I think this december could’ve been better with the addition of a new tech tree line or nation, two new premium tanks inside loot boxes aren’t going to cut it. Hopefully, they still have a surprise for us.

  8. Vanghern The Summoner

    Name: Vanghern
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think, they are building hype around it, to mess it up with medicore large boxes loot 😛

  9. As always I’m looking forward to get female crew members, this years ops have better rewards then the last 3 years

  10. Username: killerman0073
    Server: EU
    Answer: I think the holiday ops are a perfect opportunity for free to play players to get some goods they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

  11. Username: Painkiller_Rider
    Server: EU
    Answer (actually a question): can I get those 4 girls under MY Christmas tree? (Don’t tell wifey 😉 )

  12. The holiday ops in Wot is just NOICE ;)))
    Server : EU
    Name : viorelmarius

  13. Username: CaptainMcWilly
    Server: North America
    The extended credit can xp period for certain tanks is nice, but I am disappointed that there will not be rewards of a tank for each tier getting a credit discount. I recently researched and had several tanks picked out that I was hoping to use the Holiday Ops discount on (T110E3, T-10, LTTB, KV-13, Churchill GC, Grille, PZ. SFL. 4b, AMX 38, and PZ. 1) , but I guess Wargaming figured that’s what I was doing and just wanted to bend me over for it.

  14. Answer: Holiday ops looks nice, but it is maybe even harder than the previous years, to get all the boxes and rewards. Anyway, I think that it can make me come back to the game again! 🙂
    In-Game Username: Partibrejker0
    Server: EU

  15. Username: 183mm_of_Happiness
    Server: EU
    A: Missing the tech tree discount from last Holiday Ops, but the rest seems pretty dope, and the non-duplicator items are <3
    Can't wait for it! 😀

  16. Username: barnster
    Server: EU
    Answer: The Christmas event is my favourite event of the year, I am looking forward to it.

  17. Username: Sgt_Rumbo
    Server: EU
    Answer: I like events. They give a bit of a spice flavour to the monotonous game.

  18. Username: TrippedAlien
    Server: EU
    Q: I like the boosts you can get during this holiday season

  19. Username: Abdico
    Server: EU
    Answer: The revised decorider is a welcome change. Everything else is just the same as usual.

  20. tarikilmoro
    eu server
    Holiday ops are great!

  21. I think it is very good for the game espically for new players, plus who does not like free stuff.
    BixBOSSx/EU server.

  22. Username: andrejafv
    Server: EU
    Answer: big chance to get tier X much faster, also credits (tons) and why not 3D styles (like them) 😉

  23. Kasper_Swe EU server. Looking forward to getting ripped off once again 🙂

  24. The Christmas Girls are T H I C C
    Username: junkers88
    Server: EU

  25. Username: Mrak2
    Server: EU
    I love holiday ops it’s a great way for free to play players to get a good credit and experience boost, specially this year’s OPs.

  26. Hi Dez, merry Dezmas to you.
    I like holiday ops, makes a nice change to cheer us up in the winter.
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU

  27. Nice promo video. We will c will ppl enjoy it that much.. Ladies in tanks r always welcome. )
    Ign: Jazz_ba

  28. User: nimgul

    Server: EU
    I like the Skins, the girls aaaaand the Creditboost…. Ohhh Money, Money (with indish accent) 🙂

  29. Username: Nogr4vy
    Server: EU
    Answer: Grind stacks and stacks of EXP and Credits

  30. Username: Marquepide
    Server: EU
    Answer: 2020: boot girls in WOT, 2021 Dez on stripper Cam as unlockable

  31. Eu server

    I love theze vidz of urzz mighty Dezignator!
    Super informative and entertaining.
    I would like to get the premium time to grind even more credits!

  32. Username: RoBoTNr183
    Server: EU
    My answer: I absolutely love it! The bonuses, the gifts, the quests and everything else. 😀

  33. It’s getting more and more complicated each year 🙂 It’s clear that they don’t want to give us some stuff as a present, but raise their income 🙂

  34. iozefintare
    I love holiday ops 2019

  35. Holiday ops is always fun but it takes quite a bit of time to grind to get more credits, last year i got to 30% really late and the event ended, this year it does look easier so I’m excited!


  36. Really nice video! Thanks 🙂
    The changes look really nice to be honest
    Name: Zwiebelfisch
    Server: EU

  37. As a F2P player i am always excited for the Christmas period as it makes the game so much easier to progress through 🙂

    Name: ThAdistractional
    Server: EU

  38. Username: ‘_Poedersneeuw_ (do not seem to get an underscore before and after my name without making my username Italic 🙁 )
    Server: EU
    I am a Dutch guy and as a rule we all love to get things for free. So looking forward to Holiday Ops.

  39. Username: denizeser2000
    Server: NA
    Free stuff is always nice

  40. I wish holiday ops was more about giving to the players instead of fishing for micro-transactions for WG’s profits.

  41. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    I think it is ok, at least you get those bonuses fast enough, and you can grind the lines, at least HT and M. The camos are always nice and fun, and i think you can get them easy. To bad there are no credits discounts for tanks, like last year, but…at least we can make some credits with all the boosters.

  42. Username: capitanprezzo
    Server: EU
    I like this 2020 holiday ops. I think that it will be more difficult to grind level X and to complete all collections. We miss all credit discount and I don’t like it. Those girls…. make me happy!

  43. Username: The_Pessimist
    Server: EU
    Answer: Well no discounts on the tank lines which is not cool but I will go for the ladies and and last years camo 😀

  44. Holiday Ops credits profits. IGN: tank_temple (NA server)

  45. My opinion the only think must change is the premium tanks given within loot boxes. Should be more rare tanks.

    Username : RideWell
    Server : EU

  46. username: Morana1710
    server: eu
    I m a bit disappointed, I was hoping that we could get another Santa.

  47. Eu server
    Answer: It s my favorite time of year and best garage look in wot .

  48. User: Nisroth
    Server: EU
    I’d like to grind less this season and enjoy the game more… play with friends in fun platoons, rather than grind credits. Oh well, such is life for a free to play player – gotta get those credits when there’s bonuses.

  49. Username: BigKev91
    Server: EU
    Opinion: Just a lottery which can work out in your favor or just being a waste of money, so not much of a fan.

  50. Username: quinton94
    Server: NA
    Answer: I think it time to stock up on gold after spending $100’s to get the special tank. Lols.

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