Update 1.85 “Supersonic” / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The first supersonic aircraft, Italian ground forces, guided Air-to-Air missiles, new ships, ground vehicles and aircraft, and much more! Start your engines!

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  1. YakThunderTimeGaming7

    Please go mobile on iOS one day

  2. every time war thunder gets an update, it takes long now to download and I’m running out of space. I would like it to play again

  3. GKMGinger727 murphy

    Germans we are seriously gonna lose here

  4. Well, they added ‘Nam…

  5. Best vehicle war game in world

  6. What is this accent? Its like 12 different accents all fighting for words in his mouth

  7. So, how much money do I need to spend to by pass the hundreds of hours of farming to get the new stuff?

  8. “These rockets lock onto a HEAT SAUCE”

  9. Vietnam?


  10. #SaveNigel

  11. War Thunder should add the Indian army

    I wonder how the Indian fighter jet (HAL TEJAS) will be in the game…

  12. I had to re download the game because the game freezes every time after i press the play button

  13. That accent is frankly ridiculous.

  14. #fixthejavelinmk9

  15. Not too big of a deal, but seeing the spent shell casings being ejected out of the T72 was absolutely gorgeous… maybe model this in some of the others? It could even be used to track tanks by following spent casings

  16. Nothing about french tree…

  17. can you hear the sound wall break if you drive with tank?:D

  18. Bruce, I bet you had your fun speak this text! ?

  19. Take my money. Going for 2k$$

  20. Yay warthunder is now modren with guaided missils

  21. Someone got the Problem if updating the router is stuck and than restart the router

  22. #savenigel

  23. They always say Yee Haw
    But they never ask Haw Yee 🙁
    Please change the accent…

  24. W I l l s w e d i s h t e c h t r e e c o m e ?

  25. can’t wait

  26. Gaijin You really let us British players down .Goodbye we are going to leave the game and I wish the game will die one day .


    New update but no A26k or B26 C Maurader.
    When are the il2 gonna get Ptag bombs .

  28. “Hello there”
    General Gaijin-ji!

  29. >shows off new vehicles and planes
    >will take years to grind up the tech tree to actually get one of these vehicles

  30. And WG makes OP tanks like IS-3A or Defender…

  31. supersonic aircraft+Argentina Air Force decal+british cruisers+Malvinas islands map= lots o’ fun

  32. Fix Javelin Pls

  33. So i just made war thunder 1.85 in nuttshell

  34. Since there is afghanistan then add a apache and a night hunter

  35. Counterclockwise Films

    Oh my god oh my god YES THEY HAVE ITALIAN TANKS!!!! And is that a a STRYKER!!!!

  36. Im done with freemium games, specially this one that need a year to unlock a decent tank or 500 dollars

  37. Should of been called operation marniera.

  38. The One Millionth Roger

    I can’t wait till my computer’s fixed.

  39. We need B 32 peacemaker

  40. how to download

  41. Ohhh map vietnam, my country

  42. Please on the consoles without xbox live

  43. In the next update add the Japanese super heavy tanks

  44. Will british helicopter be?

  45. Nicholas Eitenmiller

    This update:

    Oh, and Italian tanks too, I guess.

  46. It it just me or does the Centauro look like the Tanks in Just Cause 3

  47. Lol, this guy sounds like he’s from British Kentucky.

  48. Ulrik/Kastor Markebo


  49. Would be cool if, when we go into more modern aircraft, if german received the swedish JAS Gripen

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