Update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

MORE DETAILS: https://wt.link/changelog189

Imperial Japanese Navy, new naval vessels, ground vehicles, aircraft and helicopters, two new locations, updated clouds plus numerous fixes and updates for existing machines and game mechanics. This and much more awaits you in update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”!

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  1. gaijin plz tell devs that marking enemies through binoculars via scouting has been broken since the last update. It only works about a quarter of the time. plz fix, I love scouting.

  2. Look at dat German beauty


  4. F4 phantom and mig21 next pls?

  5. Are we able to launch the planes from the ships? If not will it ever be added?

  6. And mig 21 is next?

  7. Is there a way to change your email for the account if not plz add it because I just want to change my email for my account :[

  8. I didn’t update yet 🙁

  9. When u play Japanese map and superfortress flies over with big bomb coming out

  10. karolus maximillian


  11. I expected ijn pilit ojisan model updated

  12. Stabilizers have become op now

  13. Lol, all units for Japanese navy, wwII mode. Premium ship for Japanese navy, Vulcan auto cannon…………

    War Thunder in a nutshell.

  14. can you add like an event where you fight a giant monster

  15. Theodor Davidsen

    Useless Update. No one plays naval and only few Will get the top tier stuff

  16. why the T29 at 7.0 BR and tiger II H not at 7.0 ?

  17. How gayjin is turning pay to win: PG 02. It’s not may the more skilled one win but rather may the one who took his moms credit card win

  18. can you pls bring the german Puma or wiesel to the game?

  19. How about improving the game play instead of tossing out new junk you have to pay to play

  20. How many patches has it been since helicopters were added? Oh, 4 now! Where are those British helicopters Gaijin!

  21. Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it)

    5:50 why lie? You also NEED to play on PC. The game mode is gonna be freaking dead by time console gets it.

  22. A cup of orange juice

    Please stop I have so much money

  23. A cup of orange juice

    Make the Japanese ships do 10x ramming damage

  24. A cup of orange juice

    I’m still waiting for the German Bismarck

  25. Can War Thunder add the t-80, t-90, and Free for all mode gameplay? Please!

  26. 6:07 what the hell was he doing ??

  27. Hi! I’m the PG 02 and I kill just by staring at you.

  28. Energetic music

    1. Will there ever be BR fix, and change? 2. Will there ever be WW2 mode in the game, without all this BS post war, and modern vehicles fighting together?

  29. More Stuffff game is F I N E


  30. War thunder doesn’t work on my Xbox if I get in a game a white plane pops up then it crashes and sometimes it crashes in the middle of my game

  31. Garbage Reward !!!

  32. This is cool and all but, when are we getting the M109 with W82?

  33. The lost soul 1024

    Is it possible for you guys to add the Ardelt-Krup Waffentrager. Plz

  34. *WarGaming screams at background*

  35. Proszę zróbcie polski kanał. I nie wiem jak do końca działa wojna bo pisze ,,brak dostępnych bitew” ??

  36. Could you *please* make the Chikugo better, it dies after 1 shot and make no damage or make working anti ship missiles for it!

  37. Can you make a video ‘how to landing with ME 264 without crash’ ?

  38. Is a sht game! A bag joke! Garbage reward!

  39. Владимир Степанов

    But a economy on navy still greedy and sux

  40. Yes but… Always no Australian servers… PLEASE DO IT I WANT PLAY WITH A PING UNDER 100 PLEAAAAAAAASE !!!

  41. The Fuzzy Vulpine

    Japan didn’t have the best ships of World War 2, but they easily had the most elegant, and the most downright beautiful.

  42. fkn do better than sell fkn 60 euros of trash invented premium or you really goin wargaming style , yeah i`m loud and toxic but its because i’m right, and you know it.

  43. Yet another time where Gaijin say’s they have fixed something but haven’t, changes to the clouds are purely cosmetic. There’s still a glaring issue with clouds that cover the entire map in which the base of the clouds start at 2500m and ends at 6000m+, I’ve only played about 8 or so matches today and 3-4 of them have had these blanket smog clouds. The community hates them, they ruin good play.

  44. so disappointed that the ‘temporary’ bomber cockpit has no improvement throughout the year and it seem like it is not coming in the future

  45. What employees do you have at IT Department, cause evrytime we open the launcher, we have that f€c$ing message: “Analyzing Files”

  46. иностранцев больше чем русских интересно

  47. Hell yea the more ships the better keep em coming boys.

  48. Jurassic Parkour

    You guys should add playable battleships!

  49. So when is the Yamato going to playable? jk

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