Update 1.9.1, Bonus Code, 25,000 Gold Giveaway! | World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Patch Preview

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Update 1.9.1 Patch Review – New Customization, New Map Berlin, Ranked Battles 2020-2021. World of Tanks Free Gold Giveaway – 25,000 Gold Giveaway Birthday Event. World of Tanks The Valiant Tank. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

25,000 gold giveaway to be exact!
Also taking a look at update 1.9.1 patch in World of Tanks. They share some first information about upcoming Berlin map, new customization options and ranked battles 2020-2021.

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  1. A big one today, do not even know where to start, so you better watch the episode! 🙂
    PS! Tested the code, it WORKED on EU server at least. Do not know about other servers, let other people know if you test it! ⛔
    If code doesn’t work, I wish you the best of luck in the 25,000 Gold Giveaway, hopefully you get a piece of it! 🔥

    • Username: Maxcread
      Server: NA

      The enterprise that the company is doing is awesome. WG has many surprises

    • Djordje Stevanovic

      My name in game is DJORDJEKING_2019 im play in EU server this is good episode Dez more giveaways and offers like today are good for free to play players like me im play and complete all misilons like tankrewards road to berlin fortline and new Is 2 S is not bad but is slow tank Dez maybe some style giveaway or some premium tank VI VII maybe VIII tier in other epizodes stay sexy

    • code did not work on on na server

    • Name:Apocalipse01
      IS-4, Manliest tank

    • User Name:Guido_Sarduche
      Server: NA
      I always enjoy your no BS tank reviews and patch notes reviews. Your attention to detail when reading patch notes answers all my questions every time. Thanks Dez!!

  2. Riccardo Benigna

    Username: beni_650
    Server: EU
    I love heavy tanks!

  3. Username= thegamingboy1
    Server= EU

    I like the fact that he is using only standard rounds in the gameplay 🙂 Also can’t wait for the rebalancing )

  4. JustaFellowHunk from NA

    Always doing epic giveaways Dez! You’re awesome 🙂

  5. Name: Kenichis (EU server)
    Thanks for the new video and the infos. The IS2S gameplay is nice, but your voice over is better 🙂

  6. Catalin Derevlean

    Name Derevlean – Eu

  7. Name: tinko10
    Server: EU
    Berlin map looks sick!

  8. Username: Rallyechall
    Server: NA
    Looks like to Brits get shafted again with 19/10 for speed on a medium. I sure hope it is a misprint, but I doubt it. Love the videos. Subscribed

  9. Server; EU
    WG User; Razor1uk
    I always hope that some of the lower and medium tiered vehicles have their suspensions more correctly animated than some currently have been wrong for since introduced on older 3-D modelling & phsysics engine codings of the game – T95 Hago & a few of the Czech/German lights being an example, their wheels all act as if individually suspended, and not solid cantilevered bogies*.

    [* boh gj eese/bow gheaz ]

  10. Username : rotemo

    server: eu

    f2p so got only 9 gold in garage.. cant even remove equipment

  11. Name: Rushhourx
    Server: EU
    Comment: I followed your channel since like 5 years ( before i quit WoT), it popped up recently and i started playing WoT again. I never had gold, but some gold would be really nice a guess for once :D.
    Also i would like them to make some changes to spotting to make it easier for players with a lower leveled crew

  12. Username : filispin1
    Server : EU
    Found your channel just yesterday, but so far so good 😀

  13. Name: DaanPower04
    Server: EU
    I hate it when I die…..

  14. You need to watch David Fletcher’s Tank Chat on the Valiant. It is also mentioned in his Top 5 Worst British Tanks video.


  15. Agapios Chortaras

    Username: Thehuntbegins
    Server: EU

    All the best to everyone !!!

  16. Daniel Caldeira


    Why the hell not? 😉


  17. Darko Matijević

    Name : dare_to_play3
    Server EU
    Food for thoughts, Amx 30b will never be reworked

  18. IS2 shielded should have had small rubber wheels fitted to the outside for maximum protection…
    oinked; EU server.

  19. Username : SamVsRon
    Server : EU
    I think that 1.9.1 will be good update if it will work and that tier 5 medium it is so far trash.

  20. Name: DiSaBor
    Server: EU
    I like the customisation changes, because actually I can only put decals in tier 8 (I don’t really play tier 10). Once I move up to tier 9, they are lost.
    Also nice shot to kill the last arty. Not only does arty poop on everyone for free, it hides in the corner in the end or drawns himself.

  21. Name: BalieX
    Server: EU

    I love how WG is expanding on the skin customization of the tanks.

  22. Nietzsche's Moustache

    We finally have Berlin map! Oh yeah, been kinda waiting for it since I started playing.

  23. Name: MPeti32
    Arty is not nearly balanced.

  24. Ingame name: Hanzo_SA
    Server: EU
    Does anyone know what is with the sandbox changes to E100 branch? When can we expect them?

  25. I like that they bring more skins inte the game!

    EU server

  26. Zephyro76
    I want to play on the new Berlin map

  27. Man you ever gonna stream raid shadow legends? *KAPPA*
    Like the way u made a Pay2Win acc xD
    nname: emielcraft
    on EU

  28. Noija, eu server.
    Ihope they buff everything else that wheeled vehicles start to feel like fiat 127’s.

  29. Username: Typeh
    Server: EU
    E5 needs turret buff

  30. Babayaga81 Eu server. I wach your videos a lot and yes i am a free player in general. I only bought boxes last christmas.I read that the berlin map is only for tier III. I am so soryy for my bad english.

  31. Name : ParQuy_hero
    Server : EU
    You are the best youtuber I know soo far !!! I love u <3 <3

  32. Morgan McAllister

    Valiant looks like its supposed to be an updated Matilda. Hard Pass
    Ingame Name: Morg84

  33. Matthias Rüdenauer


    Thanks for your great work! Keep it up. I am looking forward your new content in the future.

  34. Guus van Sprang

    DezGameZ is my favorite place to get News about WoT, keep up the good work and good luck to everyone taking part in the giveaway

  35. my username is harsh0078 server NA: been watching you for 7 years straight, i just wanted to say that as the game is getting new patches the fun is going, its almost impossible to play TDs in the game ,, so can you make a video on how to use TDs like obj. 268 more in the game and with the current maps which focus only on heavy and medium tank gameplays.

  36. Name:Boja_10


    IRAKLIOS, EU Server || I miss the times when there were fewer premium tanks in game, as for example in FrontLine most players nowadays use premium tanks & this hardens the game for the rest with regular one’s

  38. Simona Biharyova

    Name: Simushka
    Server: Eu
    I love wot 🤩😍😉

  39. Nice video bro i liked it 😀 my ign Is nesss72 i play on EU

  40. Username: Poinciana
    Server: NA
    The new map looks pretty fun, hopefully it will have enough bushes for spotting.

  41. I hope WG adds the Berlin map to random battles as well. It looks really good.

    Username: mennokia
    Server: EU

  42. Very informative as always.

  43. Name: Bad_Dose
    Server: EU
    why not adding daily login with the daily missions this way will help free to play players for example login 10 days play 5 battles a day and get 3 days of prem account or log in for 2 months and get t7 tank for free this will close the big gap between pay to win and free to play players. love ur vids btw

  44. Name: ShadowFire1511
    Server: EU
    Can’t wait for the rebalance.

  45. sgtshin or rshindig usa server I’m a subscriber

  46. Username: 1986ferike
    Server: EU
    I love the new Berlin map.

  47. Michael Soltysiak


    Already is2-s ? Nice one, keep going Dez;)

  48. Username : Milosevicug
    Server : EU

    Im realy excited bcs of IS2 reward from Road to Berlin, it will be my highest tier premium tank. Atm got 6, and yeah making money is realy slow..

  49. Name: Devastator3000_sniper

    Very nice bro, i’d like to earn that gold!😂 hope there will be more giweaways. Btw whats your favourite tank?

  50. Username: Zinic75
    Server: EU
    The berlin map looks way better than the minsk map

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