Update 2.7 Red Skies Sneak Peek – English Stream – War Thunder

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  1. I knew that a better F-4F was coming next patch, the Early is pure trash, they’ll never be seen on 10.7-11.0 matches ever again.

  2. Everyone one gets a gepard

  3. Every German player all I want is strumtiger

  4. I hope they add comander view to all tanks, for sim

  5. the firing range ist wrong i have shot it self the milan its 2500 – 3000 …and the marder has 5 atgm – one ready in the weapon 4 in the hull storage !….. same wrong range ist on the BO105 copters with the HOT . in germany you have no big training places that is why we have a rangecut for training, freedom range in the anti tank rockets ! and gajin use the freedom range not the range for a war ….. so sad ……

  6. I love how they also have trouble figuring out which key to bind new systems too

  7. Alright now you wheraboos can stop crying for a top tier jet.

  8. The Centauros were renamed to centauro I’s

    Centauro II confirmed??

  9. Gotta love the fact that Italy basically gets the puma before Germany

  10. New map looks like far cry 2

  11. sooooooo whats the point of having 11.0 if there is only 1 single plane in game with that BR?

  12. Why is the F5C 10.7??

  13. Guarantee the ito 90 rep will be like 5k while the flarakrad will still be 13k

  14. F-5 is 10.7? wth

  15. Department of the Erusean Royal Navy

    Japanese M47 in the Tech Tree? Weird choice, while Japan did buy one (or was given by US don’t know all details) they didn’t use it in active service, they just used it for comparison against the ST series which led to the Type 61.

  16. I’m so glad we’re getting the f4f in the same update as the jet that makes it irrelevant

    • Nicolas Peigné

      Welcome to the fate of a minor nation.

    • lol the mig-23 isn’t doing to dominate the phantoms, it’s a counter to the phantoms that should have been added earlier. It will be faster but will probably turn worse and it only carries two long (ish) range missiles.

    • @Star Excelsior mig-23 is 25-102 irl its gonna suffer hard lol

  17. I absolutely hate the fire control changes. It takes away some of the skill that makes the game enjoyable.

    • @Eddy S I guess you are right to some extent, but also knowing distances by heart and ranging that way. Also, it seems kind of excessive to add more key binds on top of everything.

    • @Adam Garton It’ll still be faster to know the distances ahead of time and manually range your gun before you’re in position to fire, or just aim above your target like most people already do when they want to get a snap shot off. And it’s not an extra keybind, it’s just bound to the button you already had to range find.

      If anything it’ll make range finding more risky as if you miss or range something in between you or the target it’ll set the gun wrong.

  18. I’m just confused as to why the mig 23 is using r60 instead of r60m

    • They arent really adding all-aspects yet. Yeah, the mig 23 technically has them right now but they dont seem that useful unlike if they added aim 9Ls

  19. Rip British naval planes and tanks still

  20. why didn’t they folder any of the german sabers

  21. Nicolas Peigné

    They brought the crotale NG, but not the french 4×4. I would’ve love to have a french equivalent to the type 93

  22. Kind of sad no su-15. Guess we aren’t ready for that yet

    • We do know that the Mig-25 is being “worked on” thanks to ScottishKoala so it will probably be added around that time the Mig-25 comes. (Probably as a counter to the F-14)

    • @Star Excelsior mig-25 isn’t an equal to the tomcat. The mig-31 is a much closer equal. Mig-25 would be more equal to the YF-12

  23. Germany is catered once again

  24. not going to lie i rather have the mig 23 for germany than a f4f

  25. I’m pretty sure hvap is apds for small calibers

  26. So no non-premium ww2 vehicles at all? What a joke.

  27. the ikv 71 is definitely going to 7.3

  28. Oxy’s dry excitement for the f-5e was funny.

  29. March update 2030: rank 10: f14 all the way to f35. I’m calling it’s gonna take that long

  30. John Paul Healy

    Another great performance from Mike and Tom. Look forward to seeing them again in the future! 👍

  31. elitesnipergenJ

    Still no R 60 M’s

  32. *playing as russia*
    Wait what are thermals?

  33. Am I the onely one who thinks that the USS Candid was a fishing boat.

  34. Try to talk less when mike talks so we can hear FFS!!!

  35. Next time lower the volume of the stream or pause when you guys are talking. With you and friends talking as well as the stream playing in the background I just hear garbled noise.

  36. I don’t get it. You want to just have some fun while watching this or do you want to present this stream to your audience? Not sure of the purpose of this video cause you giggle and laugh at almost everything in it and often talk over Mike and Oxy. Makes it a bit hard to get the information.

  37. Is the guy on the right one of these Femboys everyone is complaining nowerdays?

  38. Thibaud Duhamel

    Well the fact that they left the Mirage IIIC at 10.7 when the IIIE, which is overall better and has RWR and Flares is absolutely stupid. Why oh why do they do stuff like that?

  39. no scimitar or scorpion light tanks, but marder and dardo and last patch was m3a3 and shit 🙁

  40. i wonder if ZTZ99 will have this commander mechanic hmm

    because in real life it had this fire control system

  41. oxy if I had to pick a guy

  42. tech tree f5 with the gau gives off phantom vibes lmao

  43. So Mike said that we can test all the vehicles on the dev server?
    I highly doubt it because the minority will have like 50k GE to purchase the vehicles xD

  44. Fingers still crossed for the Hawk for Britain. Would be the perfect time to add one of them along with the F-5.

  45. F-4E Phantom II

    My man roasted the Yak-28B

  46. Raymond Secrest

    I play War Thunder on consoles with a control and I can’t describe how happy I am for the automatic laser rangefinder adjustments because there are only so many different combinations of buttons you can have on a controller

  47. took them long enough to introduce that bloody Schutzenpanzer Marder LMAO

  48. *Dardo and Marder introduced*
    *whimpers in warrior*

    “Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back his body” Yak-78B in a nutshell

  49. i love the name of preset for the f-5c/e name F-14 DO NOT…. @1:35:00

  50. God damn do I hate American CAS bullshit. Nothing like fire and forget missiles that track your target on their own… no other country gets anything like that. Makes it kind of broken.

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