Update 9.11/10.0 Details

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

a couple of details about patch 9.11. In fact, it will be called 10.0 and it will bring interesting features:

– IS-8 will be renamed to T-10 and reworked to HD
– special new tutorial mode will be implemented where players will fight bots on the Mittengard map. The bots will be farmable for 10 battles for XP and silver
– reworked the crew tab
– customization window was reworked
– changed and added some new camouflages
– both hangars were reworked somewhat
– Chieftain and Action X replacing their predecessors

T-10 in the tech tree

New garage and customization window

Cuban flag lol

Reworked camouflages

Soviet camo

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