Update Danger Zone Sneak Peek – English Stream – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

This is a video from Update

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  1. is it only me or is the stream only in 360p?

  2. Buying the m1 even though I have every other one

  3. they should have tried the inverted fly by.

  4. Sure, the F-14 may temporarily break the game….


  5. Error: Name Not Found

    Q: what Gen does G6’s thermals have?

  6. Can’t wait for the new Chinese mbt CANT WAIT

  7. Thing with the Phoenix is I do believe they can be dazzled by chaff. So unless the target is not actively watching out for incoming missiles I think the AIM-54s won’t be as powerful as people think they will be.

    • Also won’t have great G overload

    • @Juan Alfonso Perez Estupinan I think the ARH only works up to a certain range away from the missile, and plus at such extreme ranges the target will have already maneuvered a different direction even without warnings because at top tier you never want to fly in one direction constantly, you always want to change direction in case you’re being toned.

    • @Juan Alfonso Perez Estupinan So what is Active Radar, I’m a tad bit confused

    • @Robert M Active Radar Homing (ARH) is basically like the Aim-7 missiles that lock onto aircrafts’ radar signature instead of the heat their engines give off, however the difference between them and the AIM-54 Phoenixes is that the Phoenix missiles have their own radar systems built into the nose of the missile and allows it to guide itself into the target aircraft without the aircraft that launched it needing to constantly face the enemy and keep their radar system locked onto it.

      Effectively aircraft launched fire-and-forget missiles. Except with radar systems and a lot longer range.

    • @Flawfull Wolf ok thanks, I didn’t know the Phoenix had a built in radar

  8. Bev The Darkness

    same lame maps

  9. The D point is at the top of the screen

  10. Thumbs up for the Emu commander

  11. I wish Gaijin would stop filling the UK tree SA vehicles and give us some actual UK vehicles for a change, like instead of that SA SPH they could of gave us one of SPH that the UK made or used.

  12. What an absolute joke, where’s the wheeled Btrs at :/ come on gaijin

  13. Remember, the USS Montana has more reason to be in the game than the kronstat XD

    • Kronstadt was basically finished, they ended up using it for target practice beacuse by the time it was launched it was obsolete, but it was essentially done.

    • @Gavin Moody The hull was basically finished, but that’s it. The total completion was estimated to be about 10.5%, the guns, turrets, and other systems were never built. The secondary batteries were cancelled in 1942. It was extremely far from being “essentially done”. Also, it was broken up in the dry dock, not used as target practice. Wherever you’re getting your information from, it is incredibly wrong.

  14. The Salty Apple Wannabe

    No top tier AA for japan or Isreal :c

  15. Krzysztof Blach

    Where is the official stream I did not see it on youtube

  16. Your audio is shit

  17. Russian bias is real, boys… lol

  18. One talker at a time!!!!!!! So stupid

  19. Would be awesome to hear him talk about the tanks coming but instead I have to listen to one give thankyous and the other try to be funny

  20. I thought I might get the mephisto, but not if I have to get through the AMX13 hot

  21. I’m still disapointed about this patch – i was hoping for a Japanese vehicle – which we still didn’t get. The Japanese ground forces were already suffering and with the constant nerf of their ground forces you would think that we will get new vehicles in return; sadly, this isn’t the truth. If you are going to add a nation to the game; give it new vehicles regularly – through events/battlepasses or updates; yet, Japan won’t even get vehicles through that. Italy was suffering (still is – kinda…) but now – sadly – it’s Japan her turn. I would still like to hope that new players are going to find Japan a interesting nation to play, but sadly; a lot of people don’t because of the lack of vehicles.

    This is my opinion on the topic, i would like to hear how everyone else thinks about this issue. Please keep it polite. 🙂

    • Proper grammar is quintessential to well being.

      Gaijin literally hates all nations that aren’t Germany, USA, or Russia. What’s the point of even adding said nations when they rarely get anything, let alone anything seriously useful that’s able to stand up to the best of other nations? I know there’s not a lot to choose from in terms of vehicles for the smaller nations, but instead of adding the F-14 for the USA and leaving literally every other nation without a viable counter to it, they should focus on making sure other nations do have something to counter it and things like it. Meanwhile the USA gets ANOTHER Abrams in the form of the M1A1 AIM, something that IMO they should have put under the British tree since it’s a former commonwealth country, and because the Brits need another top dog with better mobility. Not trying to hate on gaijin, but at this point it seems their only concern is lining their pockets, not bringing necessary changes and balance to the game. Hopefully GHPC will get developed some more and at some point in the future we can have PvP with a whole litany of different tanks from different nations.

    • I know the pain in the French tech tree but for Japan there just aren’t alot of vechicals for them to add which is a problem for minor tech trees adding secondary nations to trees is the only solution for most cases of lack of vechicals

    • @Jacob Farias There are a lot of tanks Gaijin could still add to Japan – look at forums.

  22. let’s go auzzie abrams definitely getting that. 🇦🇺lets goooo🇦🇺

  23. The fact that f14 and f4j are the same br is crazy

  24. Still waiting for my f15

  25. Type 99a is so wrong lol, how they messed up almost every single stat, and the model’s rear is too low.
    It has 7-8 degress of gun depression, 1500hp engine, it can reverse as fast as the Abrams, it’s over 58 tons heavy (heavier than most M1 abrams variants) and it can also turn in place.

    • Matthieu Chirié

      Err you sure about the m1 part? I think they are all over 70 ton. Only getting hevier and heavier.

    • @Matthieu Chirié The americans use short tons, the Type 99a is 58 metric tons heavy, or 64 short tons (US tons), while the normal M1 is 54 metric tons, or 60 short tons (US tons).
      The heaviest Abrams apart from the CATTB is the M1A2 SEP v3, at 66.8 metric tons, or 73,6 short tons (US tons).
      So yes, i m pretty sure about the M1 part, the Type 99A is almost as heavy as most nato tanks, while being way smaller, compare it to russian tanks, they’re almost the same size but it’s about 10-17 metric tons heavier, you can find the armor scheme in the net, it should have better frontal armor than any tank in the game apart from the lower plate.

  26. oxy is looking a lot more relaxed in the more resent streams.

  27. Did Micheal Jackson get reincarnated?

  28. wow what a surprise france got something else at 8.3 where it already has pretty much everything else

  29. I just noticed that when Oxy put the glasses on, he looked like Michael Jackson.

  30. The guy on the right looks like the ghost of Michael Jackson with glasses on.

  31. Владимир чайковский

    The Russian stream said ztz99a currently uses the exact same stats as old ztzs. They haven’t finished making it. Besides, what was interesting is that they talked about that laser soft-kill active protection system mounted on the ztzs and they may make it functional in the future. This system basically can obstruct enemies’ laser range finder and laser guided missile from working properly. I wonder how it work in the game.

  32. Gaijin needs to add the dual 37mm ural technic and Nona-SVK which is a BTR-80 chassis with a 120mm gun mortar turret that can fire high density HE, HEAT, smokes, and rocket guided projectiles for anti infantry and anti tank with up to 650mm of pen.

  33. Thought that was michael jackson on the right

  34. Also the G6 Rhino is missing the commander’s .50cal!!! Though the thing that really makes it nice is it’s a high velocity 155

  35. 53:30

    “You are coming..”
    “I am coming into you.”

  36. Rip usa and german top tire.
    Nobs will ruin them with new prem and squad tanks

  37. Nice stream….if we could hear it, SMH!!!

  38. The most disappointing update I can think of.

  39. Really liking the italian vehicles in this update

  40. When are we going to get Naval for france?

  41. Eddie Weinbauer

    I’ll take the HMS Hood, in her current condition -(at the bottom of the sea), over anything that the Russians Navy have in this game and in real life. LONG LIVE THE HOOD!!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  42. Your mom is fake and gay europeancanadian!! Why the hell you said oh no when they showed the Russian naval vehicle?!! Reported!!

  43. So, the F-14A is the only rank VIII in game or will they add others too?
    Mirage Milan stuck with those AIM-9B’s only?

  44. i like the new map bc is goes with all br,s there’s not ww2 dead tanks well you in you m1a2

  45. A stream of a stream. Nice

  46. Australian Abrams is kinda cool, if I ever decide I hate life and want to self harm by playing top tier, I have an Aussie tank to do it!

  47. Tom looks like michael jackson

  48. CaptainConcerned Sr.

    afaik tws will allow you to lock, and then engage targets in sequence. so you lock onto 4 targets, missile 1 to target 1, missile 2 to target 2, one missile launch at a time in order of locked targets. At least this is how it’s modeled in the more hardcore simulator DCS and works as such with their F14a module. it also struggles with compressor stalls choking the engines from sudden high aoa maneuvers.

  49. Just FYI tech. One very small change that’s mostly been overlooked is the the Breda 501 on the dev server has its sides lowered now changing its horizontal guidance from 30 ish degrees to around 270. Honestly a great change imo that should make it easier to use

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