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The Finnish are coming War Thunder!
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TIMESTAMPS BY @Tank expert
00:00 – Intro Countdown
5: stream starts
5:27 M1A2 SEP
7:26 M1A2 SEP test drive
8:22 A-1H
9:56 A-1H test drive
11:04 Sd.Kfz 251/9
11:51 Updated model of Bfw. Jagdpanzer
12:16 Type 152
12:43 Update on IS-1 and IS-2
14:01 Bosvark
14:46 Bosvark test drive
16:47 Churchill Crocodile
17:36 Churchill Crocodile test drive
20:44 T-2 Early
22:15 Fuso
24:23 Type 10 prototype
25:09 Tor M-1
26:46 Tor M-1 test drive
28:47 AS 42/47
30:00 SANTAL
31:15 T-80U sweden glimpse
32:15 Leopard 2A6NL
32:43 Leopard 2A4 Finland
32:48 T-72 M1
33:44 J34
34:52 Vampire FB
35:37 Fokker D.XXI
36:02 T-80U sweden
38:53 Artic map
48:29 Israeli techtree
48:50 Israeli Zsu 57
49:21 Israeli Zsu 23
50:00 Position in techtrees
57:30 QNA
1:05:01 Stream ends

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  1. much appreciated good sir

  2. Tony:”I am iron man”
    Tank expert:”…here is the timestamps yo”
    He is not the hero we want ….but the hero we need.

  3. Appreciate the use of chapters for this stream, much needed!

  4. 35:05 time to suffer the Russian PT 76 57

  5. Who else realize that we got Rick rolled by reading the presets

  6. warthunder is cancer

    You need to add the boxer plzz

  7. SCP-999 tickle monster

    “Finland coming to War Thunder (confirmed 100% real no fake)”

  8. When will the update go live?

  9. Turkish tech tree

  10. I want more similar variants of the A-1H in the non-premium tech tree too, its such a cool plane in my opinion

  11. sweden just went from small doge to Powerful doge

  12. Will you add JAS 39 GRIPPEN?

  13. As a sweeden main , i’m glad our beloved nation (for every main) has a better tech tree

  14. Well, there’s no point grinding the germany anymore, we can get better leo lineup in swedish, we can get flarak in france(roland), we can get fire and forget missile heli in Chinese heli, and there’s not much new player on those tech tree, grinding the germany is just waste of time right now

  15. sweden has more and better MBTs for toptier than Germany.

  16. Sweden is already OP

  17. StuG IV still missing

  18. Czechoslovakia. When? Finland is literally just CTRL C CTRL V

  19. Already a new update?

  20. where romanian tech tree?

  21. Can the m1 abrams get m833 APFSDS

  22. Can they please add Canada

  23. new f4e jet soon maby plz

  24. Can’t wait for the Churchill to come to enlisted

  25. Finland is Finland and Army is Finland ary not Sweden LO L

  26. 42:53 am i the only one to notice the ships name is the Borealis? The ship that was supposed to be the major plot point in Half Life 3?

  27. Isn’t the tor m1 russian y is it in the china tree

  28. Michael D. Uchiha90

    You know that tanks till the 1990 had not good engine protection against fire.
    Even the Chechens destroyed russian tanks with Molotow Cocktails.

  29. When update coming out

  30. Thats weird camo on T-72M1, never seen it on finn armor. Please correct me if i say its not real. Also, if someone doesnt know already, the blue cross on white circle is not correct, its supposed to be a sun wheel, if you what i mean. and it has nothing to do with the german one they used during ww2

  31. Would LOVE it if War Thunder released a mode where could start historical campaigns where you could go from tanks to aircraft to ships and maybe even to Subs and the campaign would last several “days, or months” but really last about 1 hr or so and you choose a country and you get to try the vehicles that were actually used in the battle, and you move up and its sort of an open world kind of thing until the battle ends and players use actual tactics and like there are squads automatically and there is a squad leader like in game except he could task every on in the squad to move in actual formations and you can like only talk to you squad mate and squad leader over radio and if the squad leader is ineffective he is replaced with someone else from the squad. And there are bases you can go to in like to middle of the battle in reference to the open world thing where there are other historically accurate vehicles in waiting, the same for aircraft and ships

  32. I want Finland there own line not I Sweden pls warthunder

  33. I dont understand why they add Russian AA into Chinese tree? Isnt it absurd? Its like if Finland/Sweden had T-72 earlier than USSR

  34. You didnt even give it the right sep look and it should be getting M829a3 and m829a1 being a default research APFSDS shell do it right gaijin it should also be getting Gen 2 or 3 uranium armor and add on armor for the turret and front plate and it should be getting better sights it should have a cage around the back of the engine more ERA all over the side of the turret DO IT RIGHT YOU HAVENT BEEN TO FAIR WITH US

  35. NOOO i got rick rolled by WT stream

  36. we need leopard 2 a7v

  37. Aa Finnish player im very exited

  38. T 72 is not from finland

  39. T 72 m1 is from czech republik

  40. I really wish vehicles that had machine guns modeled but non functional had the mg functionally added as sometimes you just wanna have your mg work especially when you encounter spaa by surprise but your stuck waiting on main gun reload.

  41. Why still no Scorpion or Scimitar variants

  42. Fictional Swedish T-80??? Why?? We have never used Russian or Soviet equipment!

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