Update KINGS OF BATTLE Teaser – Thoughts – War Thunder

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  1. Can we get a “Maps that make sense gameplay-wise” update please x..x

  2. Jack nineteennineteennine

    yäy a hig br aa for japan ^^ now i only need my F-2A/B and F-15J/DJ and ill be happy ^^

  3. now we only need the pzh 2000

  4. There is an actual map in BF1 that looks like that. You’d fight the enemy in the skeleton of a zepp. It’s more than just ‘hurrr BF1 is WW1, so it looks like this map hurr’. Map is called ‘Giant’s Shadow’ in BF1. Edit: oop, someone already pointed it out.

  5. 9:29 This reminds me of the wide putin meme

  6. Just happy that i’ll have semi – AA between 4.3 & 8.3 when playing france, just hope the AMX-10P will be at 6.3 and not higher

  7. I’m pretty sure the HUD stuff is actually the HMD hud that actually follows the camera around in first person view

  8. 9:30 meme vehicle alert!


  10. I like the idea of some more modern maps and I love the idea of 1980s East West Germany

  11. I adore the F-111, not to sound like a spoiled russian main but I hope they add the Su-24 Fencer at some point soon as well, would love to see both of these aircraft go toe-to-toe with each other

  12. sweden suffers

  13. They really need to add an artillery computer or some way to actually use artillery pieces in the way they’re supposed to be used. I’ve tried but we don’t get enough info to do it reliably. Adding real artillery toggles for azimuth would be the best. Allowing SPGs to provide artillery directly instead of relying on the spawned artillery.

  14. Zeppelin’s confirmed

  15. Stop adding planes add more tanks and more ww2 era vehicles

  16. “The animations are looking good, they’re doing pretty good.” Meanwhile the flaps on the F4D and the wheels on the T55E1 are still broke

  17. I need to play more I havent even gotten the f-16c yet

  18. I want the LAV-25 and leopard 2 A6M in game

  19. So, since the patch is named Kings of Battle it kinda suggests a heavy artillery focus, but I wonder if that just means a bunch of self-propelled howitzers and the like or if we can expect a substantial rework of the artillery mechanic.

  20. Ëštēbåń1chicago

    Are these going to be all tech tree? Or any available for buying? Im pretty new to the game started this month.

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