Update New Power Sneak Peek – English Stream – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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Nice to see.

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  1. Cool now give me my P43s

  2. I can see many Harriers crashing in war thunder trying to use VTOL

  3. The “time wasting” you were complaining about was my favourite part of their stream. 😛

  4. That Mike person is a bit annoying.

    • MikeGoesBoom is pretty nice to watch normally, but he cant stop talking during a stream. Oxygen thief is nice for his individual videos, but looks and sounds depressed

    • @Adam Ullman Mike doesn’t let Oxy talk. The individual styles of those two are completely different and there’s no chemistry between them.
      I prefer facts and information above flair so I think Oxy alone without hyper MikeGoesDadJokes would’ve worked better for me.

  5. I smell Falklands

  6. What about the nukes I want to know more

  7. Роман Чалов

    Im definetely not from this street, but i saw comment like “oxy is so boring, why they hired him bor bor bor”. Let me explain. You should not listen to him. He is for looking at. Listen to the beared guy but keep watching oxy.

  8. Really hard to hear the facts over the second commentary speculating over the people actually presenting….

  9. I wish u guys wouldn’t talk so much so I can hear them talk cuz I can’t find the original video anywhere

  10. Chinmay Kalapur2020

    It’s the USS Forrestal

  11. Not a hater but this time EC sounded like that kid who wasn’t invited to the party and he’s making fun of every single thing others do…..

  12. I literally cringed out, by watching your video and your comments

  13. The real question is will japan get anything new for ground/air

  14. Do we know a release date for the new update

  15. “Twice the height of an IT-1” woah no way! You’re telling me the flak bus is taller than a purposely low silhouette shoot hull down vehicle is smaller than a mobile SAM?!

  16. Glad I left the the WT stream the two guys showcasing were not too bright.

  17. Speaking of drivers view, wish they could make a interior model to look around and have the zoom set to look at the drivers view port

  18. 1:10 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  19. Jonathan Sebastian

    my GOD, his laugh is so scary

  20. Not quite understand why the hate on these two lads for doing what they usually do instead of pretending to be professional program leader bullshit.

  21. Very annoyed with the attitude of TEC. just sayin

  22. you are such a hateful and disgusting person

  23. im pretty sure the sraams were never on any harrier outside of a parade show…

  24. First time on this channel and then this guy mostly complains and laughs at the work others have done. Shit man, it is a WIP, can you even make a game like WT by yourself without bugs, having excellent animations/sound/physics? No, it looks good, I hope they fix and polish the game before the update goes live but then here you are just laughing at everything… Truly a basement warrior living on his mom’s house

    • Lol the joke just flew over your head eh

    • @GustSergeant it’s not a joke at he is correct. And for Reason like this is why he wasn’t there doing it and they where. Not only that if he had been doing it they would have run out of time after one vehicle as he rambles on and on about shit he hasn’t even looked up him self his bum chums on discord do it for him they he takes the credit.

    • @GustSergeant A joke would be making fun of it a couple of times and with a different tone of voice, not rambling around for 1 hour at how shitty some animations and sounds and gameplay is, that’s why it is a WIP, nothing is done to a 100% and not even polished. What are you going to expect on a WIP? Fully deployable update?

  25. One of those commentators looked like a perfect base for catboy

  26. Idea for the harrier: hover above a point and drop bombs when it starts getting capped

  27. i made a post 6 months ago asking when t-90 and t-95, got downvoted that it was too modern… 6 months later, here we are.

  28. Did anyone else notice the black trail coming out of the back of the harrier in VTOL as if it was in full forward flight

  29. What i took away from this vid is Arcade bad Realistic good. Like Jesus could you two stop shitposting and maybe commentate. TEC i like your vids man but seriously it felt like you were just mocking everything in the stream.

  30. “anybody who understands how VTOL works” Jesus man you sound miserable, at least the guys on the stream are trying to have some fun.

    • He’s sour about them getting invited to work for gaijin and not him.. stupid really

    • @Lewis Barber lmao do you seriously think he’s that salty? There’s no way. The stupidity of it is everyone assuming he’s being toxic or whatever when they’re really just bantering having fun

    • @go pe r banter at mike and Oxys expense. You can taste the salt through the screen. You say banter with a laugh at the end at least this is just boring pointless monotone comments that make him sound so sour

    • @Lewis Barber yeah when i heard that I couldn’t watch anymore, just the most bitter eyerolling childish nonsense

    • @go pe r yes he is that salty. Spoke to him many times he isn’t what he makes out. Also his voice is put on he is from Yorkshire and sounds nothing like the mono tone voice he uses for his videos

  31. Ambient Light Of Darknesss

    mike: lets show some new effects~

    also mike: shows a b-29

    me: No… they wouldn’t dare…

    mike:we’re gonna show some fire effects!!

  32. 33:38 how dare he kill that little tetrarch

  33. Camilla of the Volsci

    I kinda like that EC and the Slavic guys are making fun of MGB, he is quite dislikeable if you remember some of the stuff he did and the way he acts. The other guy is also a bit too feminine in his ways.

  34. 58:57 Leclerc S2

  35. “flexing german”…” you lost the war, Learn English”
    uhh 1. isn’t heeeeeee ykw nvm andddd 2.

    STOP being so bitter m8 HOLY FUCK.

  36. 59:20 I think the S2 have a superior fire power (with the ofl f2, DU apfsds comparable with dm53 in pen.) And improve armor on the turret, and new ERA protection around the hull (As an upgrade)

  37. I am only excited for the harriers, so much opportunity for Falklands events

  38. unless that striker turret gets HULLBREAK, ANOTHER ABSOLUTE BS POWERCREEP WILL HAPPEN, and i mean HULLBREAK ON DAY 1, not another CENTAURO BS FUCKERY, at least centauros could suffer DEATH BY CREW KO because ALL BUT THE DRIVER WERE IN THERE

  39. Im glad people are seeing your pompous side.

  40. You are way too harsh to the other commentators, especially since you’re not really great yourself. Monotone voice, negative attitude about pretty much everything, nothing really constructive to say. Now THAT is cringe.

  41. That dude on the right is a good war thunder youtuber! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64bZ71e1F3pSSduIcXOhNg

  42. Mircea Samuel Voicu

    I can’t believe you are so fat man.

  43. love when streamers talk over the devs so u cant hear wtf theyre saying

  44. This was really annoying to watch due to the amount of complainig from TEC. Really didnt like it

  45. did I see a Leopard 1 AS!

  46. This stream was so funny 😂😂 what a joke they were hahhahaah

  47. Not gonna lie it was cringey

  48. WOW while they talked about the T90A you guys couldnt shut up even for a moment. You coudnt understand a word, instead random Discord blabbering oO

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