Update New Power Teaser – Thoughts – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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Teaser for “ Power” Major Update!
This is a video from

2A6 Time

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  1. If they’re inproving the graphics, they hopfully won’t be too intensive where my laptop combusts

  2. Did someone noticed that Leo1 have MG on the wrong side of turret. 😃

  3. If nukes get added to tech tree vehicles I bet my left kidney that the Mig21 would be the first if not only nuclear capable plane it can carry a small tactical nuclear bomb that can or would be able to destroy a runway or whole armored column

  4. *gajin* chow chow get on the hype train! Look we do listen, New carriers, updated dagor engine, shinny new vehicles… *meanwhile* the servers aren’t fit for purpose, the physics are still a joke, the MM is still broken and the grind is still soul destroying… Now go grind idiots and when the frustration gets to much give us your money!

  5. America needs some love

  6. I hope they eventually add headlights

  7. It would just be fun having a grand slam although it is a bunker buster it would just be cool

  8. I’m guessing the Nuke is supposed to symbolize modern “Nuclear-Age” bombers coming to the game

  9. Ambient Light Of Darknesss

    I can only hope the nuke is an enduring confrontation gamemode for air. Where the winning condition is to drain the enemy tickets and then drop a nuke on their af.

  10. I also hope for some physics engine update.

  11. 16:07
    Confused Japanese Screeching.
    Happy B29a Noises.

  12. But I dont want even more dust. Its way to much right now.

  13. To support your suggestions regarding the Leopard, u see the barrel narrowing down over about 40 cm towards the muzzle? That’s a very iconic feature of the Rheinmetall L-55 which is in use since the Leopard 2 A6.

  14. The real question is that 4000lb bomb.. what the hell do those wheels belong to? Its a light aircraft judging by the vertical MLG strut and the single-sided NLG wheel connection to the front strut. after that, no clue.

  15. Additional info: https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/war-thunder-coming-to-ps5-xbox-series-in-mid-november-alongside-new-power-update

    This update will bring a new version of Dagor Engine, big ships navy, and a lot of other surprises.

    Almost all visuals will be enhanced, including subtle details like grass crushed by tank tracks and clouds pierced by fighter planes. War Thunder will also get DLSS technology support that makes the picture smoother and clearer.

    PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S native versions of War Thunder will work at 4K resolution with a steady 60 frames per second refresh rate. The game will remain a cross-play title, with owners of different platforms playing on the same servers. All content and many visual improvements of the “New Power” will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

  16. Could be a Moab bomb if it is not just lighting

  17. Great breakdown – thank you

  18. Cant wait for rtx war thunder lighting

  19. The last clip the ,,nuke” is just the german 10kg bomb visuals updated

  20. I don’t think that’s a nuke at the end. Just the sun and new lighting effects. It doesn’t look mushroom shaped to me.

  21. when is this update coming?

  22. I was hoping that they will revamp graphics to push the game onto the next gen consoles.
    DX12, ray tracing, better shaders, more advanced effects. I hope they will introduce some higher resolution textures as well.
    There is much to be done but it’s good that those changes are coming.
    Now they need to update some 500 aircraft that haven’t been touched since 2012.

  23. Can my computer handle it though

  24. That “mig21” could also be Chinese

  25. The entire community is breaking it self apart because of the last bit in the teaser

  26. Mate that looks like the mig 28 from top gun I don’t see the draken that’s a mig

  27. Has to be a 2A6, because the L/55 has this ring around the barrel midway between muzzle and extractor which the L/44 does not have. Or it’s badly modeled.

  28. Can’t wait to be let down with their handling of naval once more.

  29. “It’s got the dorito shape to it” made me laugh more then it should have

  30. yeah just a nuke

  31. T-90?
    E R E C T!!!

  32. I have the M1A2 but for some reason regret having it and want the Leo 2A5 supposedly I will need to spend $312 USD to get the 2A5 is it worth it?

  33. олег бурдин

    Dreadnoughts ? No all 5 are proper battleships

  34. 6:27 its the T-90A look closely at the turret you can clearly see under the ERA it got a welded turret..

  35. Power لُلُصّبُلk al

    How about new planes? F14? Mig21bis?

  36. xXFoxtrot_GamingXx

    What about a b52? Should be in the game

  37. I think those are dreadnaughts, the middle right looks to be a South Carolina class or early American dreadnaught

  38. Its a T-90A, I can tell because the ERA on the turret are perfectly aligned bacause of flat turret face of the T-90A.

  39. Purely my opinion, but the mig 21 was capable of carrying and deploying low yield nuclear weapons in the form of dumb bombs. Makes me wonder if that’s what they have in mind.

  40. Honestly evry time gaijin ads top tier it just demotovates me to get top tier

  41. For Console: they updated the look and lighting, yet our spot range at max is 4.9 km thank you sir , they made the mud looks good and sound good but everything else is bad , I respect the open bata when everything was approachable

  42. Saab 105/Sk60 i still in use, not replaced yet. When becoming a pilot and some other roles the basic training consists of flying the SK60. Thats were they get their “wings”. Before they move on to Jas39, or transporters and so on. The meteorologists uses SK60 too. As navigator.
    However it has no role as light attack in Sweden since -98. But can carry rb05 Pilot controlled ATG missile. And ofc 30mm adens

    AJ37 wich i hope too see soon in WT was also without and “stock” armament”.

  43. I just want the Harrier with VTOL 🙁
    A harrier would actually get me playing the game again aha.


  45. How can you tell that’s the 2A6 without being able to see the longer gun??

  46. Battleships? Too bad WT Naval sucks lol.

  47. Oh boy cant wait for a 420K rp grind for the Leo 2a6

  48. Nuke might also mean World War season 4

  49. Hope they’ll update the physics models for the old carrier. You can fly through the tower and makes fire more 3D

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