Update SONS OF ATTILA Teaser – Thoughts – War Thunder

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Source: TheEuropeanCanadian

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  1. TheEuropeanCanadian

    Let me know in the comments what you think about the trailer. Gonna be a fun update!

    • Why Hungary? That isn’t necessary. The most things are just copy paste and the lynx should also be in the German tech tree because it’s a German tank…

    • Hey TEC I think you forgot the Turan 2 is already in the game as a Battlepass Reward for Season VI, Firepower, in Italy.

    • Hey! Fun fact the Csaba is actually pronounced more like “Cha-ba”… Second time you did it spotless so yeah l just confirming that. I know most ppl don’t give a shit, but you know I’m Hungarian so what you gonna do

    • Utolsó ゴジラ Kecske Lovag

      My only issue is that Hungary isn’t “sons of Attila”. Attila was Hun, not Hungarian. It’s like saying that Slovakia is the “sons of Czech”. Other than that I’m curious about it, though I miss our so-called “iconic” “”tank”” the 38M Toldi I😅

    • Ah, yes
      again adding nation that’s boring instead of getting actually interesting tech tree
      and they had nice option with independent Visegrad tech tree
      Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak vehicles together would form actually full tech tree

  2. Add T90M

  3. I mean.. it makes sense for the MI-8 to be in game.. Yes, its a flying bus but given that the apfsds basically does nothing to helos and people constantly never spawn AA until its too late, it might have a few good runs depending on the spawning costs.
    not to mention that it is one of those iconic vehicles that people would whine in no end to get it – only to realize (as it so often happens) that reality tends to be a bit disappointing

  4. The Trailer is Just fantastisch🎉

  5. I really do hope that the german Puma finally get’s the spike missiles.

  6. After 2 years, I am still waiting for a real top tier AA for japan, especially with the research of the helis with ground.😢

  7. Well britains Air tree is fucked.

    at least we might have the Ajax though

  8. The lynx has to be in the german tech tree to because its from rheinmetall and produced in germany

  9. Bro Bro Bro. Irl the puma is better then the lynx and i swear ill be pissed if the puma does not get its spikes now

  10. The one thing i DID NOT WANT is the only 2 relevent planes at TopTier (F-16 and Mig29) getting buffed…..

    Here we fucking go.

  11. But will chaff actually do something now?

  12. When dev server was avaliable

  13. It is the “Pioneer Version” of the Leopard 2 😉

  14. Every new vehicle is just a reskin of one already in the game, same stats, same armor, same lazy trash developer


  16. No sign of the Jas 39c yet. Socker

  17. I want a Porsche 911, please.

  18. Gaijin could also add the 44M Tas, which is a Hungarian late ww2 medium tank similar to the German Panther 😀

  19. Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

    I’m honestly most excited that were getting more sub-trees, I’m guessing that the Hungarian vehicles will be in the Italian tree with the Premiums already there. Getting more of these sub-trees is great for adding new vehicles to trees like Italy that are already a bit sparse, and we get some more (hopefully) unique vehicles. Going forward I hope Gaijin leans into adding more sub-trees, Romania, Poland and Czechoslovakia have a number of unique things that could be added for land and air, and not just top-tier stuff either.

  20. wait the btr80 doesn’t have addon armour right? why does the one in the video have sandbags and netting on its side

  21. I hope I can mute bitching Betty as RWR is bad enough.

  22. The planes are the f16 block 50 and the mig29 smt

  23. Would be nice too if there were WSO lines too for modern two seaters.

  24. If Germany don’t get a KF41 lynx I’ll be annoyed. Yes it’s fielded largely by Hungary, but it’s ultimately a rheinmetall IFV, which is German…

  25. Instead of a F-16C and the MiG-29SMT we couldve had the F15A and the SU27

  26. GatorGreenGladiator

    Finally the KIOWA!!!

  27. At this point they just need to ad the Greek tech tree. They have so much stuff it would make scene.

  28. I am really happy to see hungary as a nation in the game, but cant imagine why its in the italian tree, we have basically nothing to do with italy, our tanks are either german or russian, none of our main equipment is connected to italy in anyway

  29. OH-58D… Yeah OK, but I really hoped for the MH-60L DAP… 😅 But hey! I was waitin’ for the Mi-8 😍

  30. I’d be stoked if the hungarian TT gets it’s Hind variants. I love those.

  31. hajrá magyarok! 🙂

  32. So… a bit about the Lynx:
    I have some… Let’s say “up close experience” with it past year.
    The armor is full of sensors and anti-ATGM charges. A LOT OF THEM.
    It’s fast AF, even on soft terrain.
    I have only seen it without the ATGM launcers, but the possibility is there. The thing is higly modular.
    It has programmable multipurpose HE shells. Some hi-tech stuff. The thermals are cristal clear as well.
    I basically just took a peek into the vehicle for a short minute, while talking to the crew.

  33. At 14:00 you can see sandbags on the BTR-80

  34. when will the update be?

  35. Would be cool if the germans would get the Lynx too because its still an vehicle from Rheinmetall.

  36. everyone gets a sherman and everyone gets a leo2 and leo1 and everyone gets a T72 xD

  37. Oh lord, Hungary get’s a BTR 80….noo

  38. Czech republic where? Eaven world of tanks has it in form of czechoslovakia

  39. I do hope Gaijin updates the pilots. Getting sick of seeing the US’s 1950’s/1960’s flight helmets and gear when flying modern day jets. Also add the ejection seats to all the jet aircraft that had them. That would be nice.

  40. Now that the PSO is in, when do we get the M1 TUSK?

  41. Why the KF41 LYNX in the hungarian subtree??? Where is the german version…

  42. What do you mean they haven’t said what block it is? Right in the title of the f-16c devblog it states it’s a block 50

  43. Lynx is German no ? i wonder if Germany gets one too

  44. Leo pso has .50 instead of mg3 which is good for taking down helis low flying aircraft and light vehicles so that’s definitely an upgrade! As I find all nation with a 7.62mg top turret feel underpowered great breakdown by the way!

  45. Hungary will probably be a sub tree. And it’s better that way, Italy gets a more competitive lineup hopefully all around. Definitely nice to finally see it happening since people have been asking for Hungary for years.

  46. I just hope the new Helicopters have the Freaking cockpits done! Lol

  47. lmao a 17min video on a 2 min trailer
    based TEC

  48. Missing the T-2

  49. Gaijin adding a PUMA with SPIKE ATGM’s
    Every german main: 🥳🎉
    Gaijin: it’s an hungarian PUMA and is being added to Italy
    German mains: so Italy has now two light tanks with SPIKE ATGM’s one of them being a german tank and germany has no tanks with SPIKE ATGM’s is that what you’re trying to say?
    Gaijin: yes.
    German mains: go fuck yourself.

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