Update Time!

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Source: SirCircon

Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. First view BOOIIII! First like too BOOOIIIII

  2. Hey circon you beautiful bastard!

  3. This week will be a bit weird, thanks for having my back! Hope you guys do like these mini videos to keep you up to date! 😀

  4. Good luck with the move circ hope u like your new place??

  5. Anyone got a Ute (pick up truck) to help Circon move? :p

  6. stewart mcallister

    Congrats on your anniversary big man

  7. Where are you guys located? Oslo?

    Congratz on the 1 year anniversary

  8. someone upload a good rhm.- replay to circons website. Nobody is featuring that even tho its a sexy freaking beast

  9. Fnly ministry of memes. Gratz for new office 😉

  10. do a stream on the new house

  11. thats why i saw you in heatrow in plane to oslo. after tank fest .

  12. Good Luck with the move.

  13. Good luck on the moove. You have no clue on how mutch shit you have untill you moove 😛

  14. Freaking Norway, ok, another guy i have to be on the lookout for. South, East, West or North?

  15. I_am_not_stupid _

    where did you say you live?

  16. Eirikr Sparkelson

    Howe about a vk100.01 jumping on a strv ?

  17. good luck with the move mate hope all goes well

  18. Are you moving somewhere else in norway or different country?

  19. Hi, I know you want to have a personal life, but I just wonder in which part of Norway you live in. Also how do you like Norway, and how is it compared to the Netherlands? Anyway I hope you are happy with your new house and keep up the great content?

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