US Navy – American Destroyer USS Fletcher (War Thunder Naval Forces)

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Destroyer ()
War Thunder Naval Forces Info –


  1. Battlefield Bro

    Rip world of war ships

  2. Do they gonna add the Big Ships like Yamato or Bismarck?

  3. @PhlyDaily can you play the m8 “scott” on thunder?

  4. at 16:33 mark, massive bug where the rear turrets move from right to left instead of rotating full

  5. Bonniegodz Bonniegodz

    How come I can’t play naval forces when I have all the stuff?

  6. Sir Phly.. I request a Japanese combo. The Chi-To and the Ki-43-III ostu. Get a bomb kill….. If you dare…

  7. …Why don’t I see more planes up? in my matches dive bombers get sooo many decisive kills

  8. Americans Navy had the best trained sailors in repairing, Fire prevention, life saving, etc…

    I hope they give americans perks for that

  9. if they keep listening to the community and adding bigger ships this game will become one of if not the best naval game on the market.

  10. As Slickbee sais (or idkW oh), they should make the same kind of aim as tanks one

  11. Porramais Sukhavejvorakij

    R.I.P world of warships why??? T_T


  13. Finally some US torpedo plane action! 😀

  14. GearandaltheFirst


  15. Bigger ships they need to have tbh it feels better sinking a big ship then a small ship

  16. So this game is essentially World of Warplanes, World of Tanks, and to an extent, World of Warships all in one.

  17. hey i baught the pack from the store a while ago but im not sure how to get into test maches in naval battles how do you do it?

  18. Where are the Italian destroyers?

  19. Is it just me, or is the fire rate of these ships just insanely too frequent. those are main cannons not damn machine guns lol

  20. Dude I bought one of the naval packs but it won’t let me in the tests wow what a waste

  21. Yukikaze Op… wait didn’t gaijin say no big ships???

  22. stuff & more stuff

    Wish you had done a video introducing this and all it features

  23. 3 things that I hope that Gaijin will do with naval forces:

    1. Change the aiming. Maybe have a mechanic to where you look with your binoculars (with mouse) but you elevate/depress and swivel your guns with a keyboard binding so you have to correct your salvos instead of a point and click feature like right now.

    2. Make damage more apparent and more realistic. Right now I feel as if the game uses a health bar (i know it doesn’t but that doesn’t change the feel) I don’t want to call it quits until I (the captain) give the order to abandon ship (even if half of my ship is below the waves, I’d like to go down fighting). And change the damage model to where you can hear shells exploding on your ship, I’d also love to see a ship get split in two when the magazine is hit.

    3. Please tell me there’s going to be a “cockpit” view.

  24. so when can we people who dont want to pay to play a ship get them?

  25. Hope they include Poi in the game eventually.

  26. This game is so bad lmfao

  27. this just breaks the immersion of war thunder they should cut their losses now and focus on new vehicles. no one will plays this trust me.

  28. this DD gameplay just like playing CA in world of warships

  29. what is even angling & overpens

  30. xXxGamesTearxXx

    gaijin trying to make ships while world of warships is still te better one

  31. Alright so war thunder big boats looks a hell of a lot better than the dinky unstable gun boats

  32. Hey phly! Time to go re-visit some good memories, take out the M2A4 reserve tank and the F-86F-2 sabre! Attempt #4

  33. Neurofied Yamato

    they should make a more realistic damage control systems. Like listing, counter-flooding. Holes patching. And holes above the waterline can also start causing floods when ship starts listing to a certain point. Fire spreading. Fire causing magazine detonation, and the player has to wet the magazine, losing ammunition.
    Pumping waters. Electrical failures caused by fires and flooding which may slow turret traverse, lose part oft he FCS system if they aren’t analog. Lose pumping ability.
    What separate ships from tanks are planes is the complex damage control, and as a slightly more realistic game than WoT, this is what I am expecting. It is what I think would make ships different and compelling. Is that you manage your ship, not just move, aim and shoot

    Finally more big ships. And carriers where planes take off and land.

  34. Can someone explain why you have to aim behind them?

  35. when does it come out out? like for everyone? officially?

  36. Darkhorse_Marine

    how do i play naval battles once buying one of those ships ?

  37. Matias Madariaga

    War thunder makes Wot and Wows look like cartoonish games.

  38. You can go 518 km/h with that improved american torpedo and can drop it at an altitude of about 250 meters and it won’t drown.

  39. Wait…I thought War Thunder was doing Gun Boats only. Not going up into Destroyers. So what are next Cruisers?? Battleships? AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!? I doubt Aircraft Carriers. Next people will want to take off from Player Controlled Carriers and then they try to land…lord how many pilots will die in one match?

  40. Ships are such a useless unnecesarry addition to the game, really. Like what percentage of players have interest in fuckin ships?

  41. Type Ziero Gaming

    My biggest issue with these Beta ships is, are they worth buying into? I mean, is it better than the other ship game? Because, I bought into that, and then it went public and went downhill from there…

  42. Words cannot describe how much I can’t wait for a potential Iowa class battleship.

  43. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    American ships irl realized that some torpedoes could be detonated by 50 cal fire Fun fact

  44. Have they announced any jap Ships yet

  45. (flies a p.108)

  46. What is this, WoWs? and dds have citadels? Kappa

  47. xEarth-WarriorZ

    I’m just not liking the videos with Devil. Guy sounds depressed or something i don’t know what it is. Gameplay overall is no where near as fun to watch as planes and tanks imo.

  48. Long range? Big destroyers would shoot over the horizon

  49. “There needs to be a mercy rule, right?”


  50. Chihaya Tachibana

    I have a feeling that Fubuki is Next..or Akatsuki class..
    doesn’t the ships seem slow?

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