USE IT OR LOSE IT! World of Tanks

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Using HP in World of Tanks is the key to victory, today I’m questioning when to spend it in the Lancen C!



  1. Standard B feels like a < 50% player

  2. Evildarke Evildark

    I love it its my favorite tier 8 medium afther ofc.. the mighty Skorpion G 😀

  3. at 10:15 you can see QB blind fire round ricochet off the tvp

  4. They need to make the Draugen variant like they have on console, it’s the same platform just with a 105mm gun that gets 105 hesh pen for 600 dmg

  5. I love how qb posts even when he’s been busy nice work 👍

  6. I was hugely disappointed by the Lansen when I got it from one of the random events some time ago. Nowadays I have grown to love this thing. Its basically a discount PTA and it prints credits.

    • I don’t have the Lansen, but for me it’s the same thing with the swedish standard tier 8 medium, UDES 14/5. It’s the reason why I kept it, even though I progressed up to the tier 10, but neither of the tier 9 and 10 were feeling as good as the tier 8.

    • @ReAlKa0s totally agree UDES-14 alt.5 is gem. But I think the tier 9 and 10 are quite enjoyable as well.

    • @∆π enjoyable, yes. But the tier 9 is a definitive step down from the tier 8.
      Tier 10 is good enough to have the occasional fun, but my best swedish medium crew is on the 14/5, since it’s the best of the three for me 🙂

  7. 9/10 times when i try to do something like the Standard B did, i die in the frist 5s 1 shoted by 7 tanks athe same time.
    Bourrasque is like the lancen C but X2 times better.

  8. whatwouldyoudo64

    This tank was so shit, after being scammed by wargaming in the gambling boxes last year. I tried everything, just a shit tank. Ended up selling the damn thing!

  9. Dandy Highwayman

    Nothing frustrates me more than top tier full HP campers.

    ESPECIALLY when they are statistically good players.

    • A lot of the time that’s how they become statistically good players. Hanging back, farming damage while other players do all the risk.

    • Dandy Highwayman

      @J S And that’s the difference between a statistically good player and an actually good player.

    • @Dandy Highwayman a lot of the time when you get those insightful comments on how good you are as a player, I check their most played tanks and their WR in tier X’s. A lot of the time it’s people with 30K battles, nothing above tier 8 and 10,000 games in a T67….

  10. Hey Quicky, I have a little request for you. You say at the start of the video that you take up less screen room now you’re home, but sadly you still cover up your’ damage dealt, bounced and spotted’ tanks names. Is there any chance you could move them to below your ‘damage received’ stats so we can also see how well you are playing against each tank? I find that kind of thing interesting. Thanks, Neil.

  11. “you would be silly to pick one up instead of an ambt”
    *looking at my win rates*
    Lansen C -> 60%
    AMBT -> 48%

  12. LoveTheCoffeeBerry

    Hope that Standard B learned something there.

  13. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    M4A1rev. would have bounced more.

  14. to many PL/CZ bots in this game…so most of the time its a “lose it”

  15. use your brain or lose it

  16. You didn’t even mention my favorite aspect of the tank, the hesh rounds.. though I know how you hate your rng..

  17. I love the Lansen C, it was my first premium tank and I think the skin is dope.

    • I’m a late-comer to the Lansen C Dance, but am really glad I got here. I made a big effort to get the dispersion down to .32 which eliminated a lot of frustration. It is a little beastie idn’t?

  18. The Absolute Alpha

    Thanks for the dedication towards the quality content 🤩

  19. I like Lansen more than AMBT. It has much better speed, AMBT is very slow, DPM is so much better on Lansen, gun hadling, gun depresion and cammo valeues. AMBT isn’t that great to be honest. It is great tank bit it’s bit overrated in my opinion. Lansen is still one of the best premium mediums to buy

  20. Derpy gun, not the fastest, but it’s a good tank if you know what you are doing. I have a 63% win rate over 200+ games in it.

  21. The Amazing Goldfish

    Well played old boy. Simply smashing!….. That’s all the British I know QB LoL. Thanks for the great video. 🏹🤠👍

  22. Please feature someone else’s replay for once. Variety is good, and only showing your own gameplay is leaving out potentially amazing content.

  23. That info at 1:40 is what I tell people to do. Let the enemy who got spotted in the open remain there until everyone got an aim on him

  24. the title describes my foreskin well… what

  25. Many players confuse not making mistakes with playing passive.

  26. this is worse premium tank pls dont buy it I played 20 games 0 wins total joke…😂

  27. worse tank in game dont even make a video with this garbage

  28. i make it my mission to dislike every qb video

  29. The runes are to old to be vikings on the Lansen C. It should have been the Younger Futhark, not the Old one that is used on the skin.

    I like to play it, anyway. It is a fun tank to play.

  30. The Lansen is an absolute baller

  31. This tank should be an absolute joy to play. But it’s the opposite, just awful. Aim, aim, still aiming and miss. Now, don’t forget you’re spamming premium rounds at T10’S and bouncing.

    Stop adding tanks to the game that are so bad, we can’t play them. But don’t forget, we used money to buy it.

  32. Ghetto Streamlabs

    Draugen Lansen C – one of the only tanks that is OP on console and average on PC.

  33. can you do another video in the mutz or the tiger paton?

  34. Dániel Kárpáti

    hi everyone its quicky… i ve just uninstalled this paytowin and head or toss shit and encourage everyone to do the same
    thank me later

  35. Your a seal clubber . how much money are you making from doing so and how do you live with yourself.

  36. “Is it true…if you don’t use it…you lose it” perfect example of why you don’t use pronouns, what is “it” ? In both uses? No one knows, not in then professional sense, could be anything. Anyone whose had safety classes, especially osha ones, or I’m guessing similar ones will know, that had to get certs for safety, you never use pronouns, and JHA’s are a bitch, and dumb, lol, so glad I don’t have all that crap at my current job. If something is shady, I tell my guys, don’t try this at home boys and girls, and do it my self, or if they could/need to do it, instead of me, even though they are both older and at a minimum equally experienced in doing dumb, I lay it out fast and simple, don’t do this, or if you have to. Do it as smart as you can, like me, and add anything better you can come up with. Doesn’t help, I used to work on helos for the Corps, I’ll do crazy shit, to get the job done, lol.

  37. At times, I’ll use HP too early, but for a good reason, no matter if use too early or not, always find myself holding on as long as I can, for whatever flank I’m on, as one of the last left there, of not the last, spotting, doing dmg and calling for fire, to no avail most times. Just me holding most times and we win or lose on extra good o can do, usually lose, can only bend game mechanics so far against a lot of equal, or barely lesser vehicles, stat wise, for so long, even if you have epic game, can only hold so long by yourself, or with little help.

  38. Jethro Lionheart

    I really wish people would learn how to take ground in this game I’m tired of pushing in with like one or two people while the rest just sit back and don’t move forward and take new cover positions they just sit there and this is like probably 95% of my games I’m losing my mind Edit: Target fixation and being able to use a tank without crew is also irksome you think it’s clear because you got a teammate there and then you go and push out and you realize no he just don’t have a crew and couldn’t spot the guy that was sitting right by him

  39. I love this game, but I really think camo/bushes need a rework. Maybe I’m uneducated but I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t spot tanks within 100m because of a bush/bushes. Only way to spot them 80% of the time is if they fire at you.

    Maybe I’m not gonna see the tank, but I’m definitely going to hear the thing.

    But is the game, bushes are strong, 1 bush changes everything.

    You essentially have to use CVS on any tank thay can equip it.

  40. lol always low roll

  41. GA Maximus Aurelius

    Nice game.i like to watch your vids.

  42. And u failed to mention the most constant thing in your videos your most trusty companion. Your chair. 😀

  43. “Are you one of those players that uses their hit points too early?” *laughs* No. I’m one of those players that doesn’t have either hundreds of dollars or thousands of hours to put into the game, so I get killed by tanks I can’t even see before I know what’s going on.

  44. Lansen is by far one of the best premium mediums if not top 3 easily.

  45. When my team asks for help, I help. When I help, I die.

  46. Well still waiting for computer to work to play game miss driving around shooting on WOT

  47. Correct me if i’m wrong.
    I think you get more credits from less heavily armored tanks.
    When I play my elc, Lancen C. I get soo much credits from nothing.
    When I play my E75 TS… it better be a good match or else…

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