USING AN AFK TANK TO WIN!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #20

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks.


“Quirky Dog”, “The Builder”, “Happy Happy Game Show”, “Meatball Parade”, “Hyperfun” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Special Thanks to the Clippers:
M4real, The_ArmouredArmadillo, Canovar_, bimmelimme1, porg_with_rngesus, Bazarnicki, janck1000, ancestralrope, vimk_dk, x3nox01


  1. OMFG leave it to Ik to win a WoT match by pushing an AFK tank into a spotting bush… Remember that one where QB tried to do that to like a Leopard 1 one time, and he started calling it Hans, and he accidentally pushed it out into the open on Malinovka and the enemy just killed it.

  2. Using the AFK Leopard was a brilliant move, in retrospect.

  3. Siem van den Oever

    man looks like gollum with his long hair

  4. I deinstalled. I could suffer WGs utter disregard for shit balance and game ,echanics, because the game at least WORKED!.
    But they done fucked it now… I cant drive any of my tanks anymore since the latest update the controls dont work!

  5. Vjfvjhfgjh Gfgjvddj


  6. Genuinely made my painful day less painful. Thanks for your awesome content and lovely personality!

  7. 1:50 I don’t need to see them….

  8. RNGesus says: even an unicum derps 7 times a day…
    Also, how did you manage to escape Belarus before being arrested as NATO spy?

  9. lol that was a lot of fun watching. Yep, that AFK Leopard was awesome! Thanks for showing these. Have a great weekend.

  10. Obviously, the Tortoise put that angel emblem on his front signifying that his armor is made out of the heavens. Nothing else. Yes.

  11. I see how Tanya has fun with these edits. Love it =D

  12. @11:27 the power of pay2win

  13. Only QB will kill an EBR then immediately destroy his own tank by driving of a cliff.

  14. I couldn’t circle a K91pt in my UDES 16 on flat ground.

  15. Keep this up, man! Really enjoy these 😀

  16. Thanks for the chuckles

  17. Glad Tanya is feeling better.

  18. When your team doesn’t have anyone for spotting, and you found an afk leopard… That amount of luck

  19. This was funny.

  20. 13:40 Oh look, the young Dave Grohl xD

  21. funny, every second. and thanks Tanya you are good at these edits

  22. im only few min in, and im already like wtf

  23. I enjoyed this so much I had to watch it again!

  24. That was a good one!!

  25. This was on of the best Best Moments of the series. Thanks, Tania!

  26. Ike has a very erotic voice i hear

  27. I would love if Quickbaby did a American accent video like he did at 11:58 it would be hilarious love you QB!!

  28. 4:40 I haven’t laughed so damn hard in ages. Holy fuck that was amazing.

  29. these are the best vids man.
    but wtf happened to your hair.

  30. I have used my dead tank to win a game by jamming the best low damaged enemy player into an alcove as I face hugged them and died in such a way that they could not get out while we capped.

  31. You should create more episodes, like this.This was very funny

  32. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Been waiting for this. Watching this on a weekend while having a cup of coffee is so very relaxing. Thanks QB keep up the good work.

  33. Yay, a quack best moments vid the day of my birthday? sweet.

  34. It’s good to see you having fun QuickFingers!!! GG QuickyBaby! GG!!

  35. This is the most cheering video I’ve ever seen during Shanghai Siege 2022.

  36. The first 30 seconds is basically telling you no text while driving

  37. I used to enjoy playing wot. Now I can’t stand it, can only watch the game after countless teams of brainless baboons.

  38. We all wish to be as free as the turret of that TVP.

  39. Ikzor’s WoT IQ just surpassed iyouxin’s, lmao.

  40. QuickyBaby missed out the moment where the dreaded Ladybug knocked him off the bridge that one time…

  41. This was just awesome bro. Tania is really good in edtiting. Keep it up!

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