Using LEGAL AIM “BOT” To Lower My IQ (War Thunder Phantom Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Why Call In Artillery When You Can Be ARTILLERY (War Thunder)



  1. Literally all USA players at top tier spam these and tank RB matches end up being a ridiculous air show….

  2. Does the American version get the ballistic computer as well or no? Don’t know when I be on next time to check

  3. Nice metal intro song

  4. Phly, I would like to see XM1-GM after new br comparison. Please try it.🤩🤩

  5. Hey Phly can you take out the PE8 again to make the players of war thunder do social distancing?

  6. “Top tier, not the smartest people playing.”

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  7. “C’mon guys, let’s kill some people”
    Phly 2020

  8. Explosions is to ‘Murica As PhlyDaily Intros is to ________

  9. Can you post a video of your key bindings

  10. Anyone want to see the B-47 statojet in the game? That would be a nice addition after the b-57s…

  11. Please play the p108a series 2 tank hunting in tank rb try #144 or the pbj with the 75mm gun try #1

  12. When will you do the str122?? @phlydaily
    And can ofc offer the right pronouncement of all Swedish stuff in game <3

  13. The only skill i saw was Fireing missiles

  14. “Was there any skill involved?”
    Well you stayed fast, avoided multiple missiles, spotted your targets and remembered to turn on your targeting computer.
    I personally feel like those things could be called skill.

  15. Me playing arcade mode : ok

  16. Lol type 90 best mbt

    Track comes off while show casing the tank

  17. How do I get his emblem

  18. I luv u so much phly i have been watching since 2016

  19. Need skill to spot though

  20. And all this with even that old stuff. Imagine the computers on a modern fighter aircraft

  21. *Phly brazently gets B in front of the enemy team
    “Hey this is kinda cool tactic, let me try this in one of my games today!”
    *peaks nose 0,1m out of the cover

  22. Lol
    Japan always needs a handicap, I know cause I live there

  23. British guy 101st

    Long range yeets part 2: the soviets strike back

  24. Phlydaily! The sweeds need you to phly the pyoremmyrsky! Attempt 19

  25. Warthunder: removes aiming circle for bombing in 3 person view in RB groundforces cause it was “too easy”

    also warthunder: gives top tier planes aiming assistence for planes under the guise of “computer assistence” not enough for atgms etc

    yeah…. makes sense :/

  26. Phly I really really feel like the quarantine has us needing a cinematic CAS video with lots of carpet bombing. And all to some sweet metal music.
    If you did this you would make my week and I’m sure lots of others

  27. Im just gonna tell people here that wtwiki says Mig21MF can pull a cobra with full real contorls

  28. You should try this with the T2, it also has a computer for the missiles it gets

  29. I always found it kind of ironic that the most experienced and well trained players of the game are given ease of skills, like thermals, computers, night vision, ect ect.
    Can you imagine if the tech trees were backwards? Like you started off with a T80U or 2A5 and had to grind your way towards a T26 or a Pz III?


    How many warthhunder developers does it take to fix a light bolb


  31. legal hacks

  32. Hey Phly, you probably won’t see this, but the reason buttons don’t work sometimes for me at least has generally been while holding down alteration keys. What I mean by this is for example if you use shift+button for some control, when you hold down shift and press the flare button, it is looking for the bind shift+flare and not just the flare bind. The best solution in this case would be to also bind shift+button to whatever bind it is so it also works when you have shift pressed down.


  33. How much would it cost me if I bought all the way down to the British f4c phantom.

  34. Dreamteam Gaming [D-T-G]

    That plane is insane !!!

  35. The sound of that cannon is the best in the game for sure

  36. It was about time for the pilots to get some love in this ground biased game. Hope we can see SEAD missiles next.

  37. yeah… the ballistic computers really reduce the skill required for good cas

  38. for a new player, to get tanks, planes, and copters of a top tier would take months, just to “enjoy” the lowest skill demanding gameplay in the game…

  39. Comrade Phly! please can you take out the F-84B-26?
    It has 6 M3 .50cals and a top speed of 589mph (Approx 950kph) at 7.3.
    I feel like this plane is unloved :I

    Attempt #2
    Last time I asked I forgot to say please, sorry for my rudeness.

  40. Phlydaily DOOM Eternal playthrough attempt #11

  41. Floris van den Steenhoven

    If you use flares, turn off the afterburners otherwise you will still be the hottest thing in that part of the sky

  42. Константин Милеуснић

    *Murica* *has* *joined* *the* *server*

    *Viet* *cong* *has* *joined* *the* *server*

    Murica lepht the server

  43. The War Thunder Tech tree should be upside down.

  44. imagine… being able to launch the entire rocket pod at enemys, like a piece of metal filled with booms

  45. This vid screams
    🎶 long range yeets🎶

    Good vid 👍

  46. Phloopers, now we are on the topic of Japanese vehicles. Could you show us the pain that is the t-2? It’s being outperformed by EVERYTHING and I just die. (Also try the r2y2 it’s ma favourite jet and is really good. attempt #13)

  47. No The M22 is the best MBT

  48. And then God said let there be ROCKETS (heavy metal music playing in the background

  49. Azamat Abdurakhimov

    5:49 – ho ho ho ho hoho!

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