Using Your Brain – World of Tanks

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  1. i kinda disagree with the ap choice … a scorpion on that position the HE would knock the fck out of the crew of the scorpion !

  2. General Gao's Chicken

    Agree that K-3 is important, but after thousands of repetitions you just want to go fight other places.

  3. 430U has 440 alpha…Russia and all that

  4. Use your Brain?!! Preposterous!

  5. so that’s why a guy in mm said that wot players have 50% less iq than normal people

  6. Don’t worry lemming i will be there tommorrow 😀

  7. 2 shots and a ram to that skorpion.

  8. 5:30 fight against his depression…


  9. Sometimes I’ll do dumber moves because the smart move will get me yelled at by idiots. I should just disable chat, but even then the ping spam will come.

    Love listening to your calm voice. Very soothing after salty tanking.

  10. Comment Section Drinking Game
    Take a shot every time you read a post that says something like “the average player doesn’t have a brain.”

  11. Nice educational video as usual LemingRush. Thanks

  12. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    I think it might be worth noting that around 3:40 he should’ve went to the right and forward to get hulldown cover. (Where the Rhm went some 15 seconds later)
    I feel like people are generally unaware of just how strong the cover is there for both sides.

  13. I’d rather use a japanese heavy. No thinking required.

  14. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    The only time most players use their brains in WoT is to articulate a copy paste insult at a better player.

    • Or when some players camp base All game, but start to move around the map in Endgame, or don’t cover a flank until everyone they left to die eventually dies.

  15. have you been avoiding “it is what it is” lately? 🙂

  16. * Reads title *
    What is that? I’m not familiar with legends…

  17. excludes TD & SPG players cuz they don’t have a brain …

    • Silver Torpedo literally. Most TD players go to one spot, get a shot off, get lit and die because they suck

      They aim in and never aim out or use the map or relocate. The worst kind of players to have on your team. At least Arty fucks up their heavies

  18. I like your replays of good thinking rather than monster scores! keep it up

  19. @ 2:15 Ya Too many players in one spot limits the ability of all to maneuver !

  20. No ram in the end? Dissapointed

  21. Why not ram the G at the end easy kill

  22. Paramon Koutorjevski

    Can you answer your emails? Sent you an email a week ago…

  23. If everyone was reasonable, rational and faultless, the world would be a very boring place and WoT would be a very boring game.

  24. You’re awesome , by showing the important thing about teamplay and not how to do best for yourself by making credits, EXP or just WN8, love it!!!

  25. But to brain is hard.

  26. Play the conway. such a fun tank

  27. Thanks, I always learn a lot from your comments. In the beginning it was hard but so now and then I notice I start thinking more along the same lines. And more planning like you showed in the begin of the video where the tank used the rock in the middle. I normally pushed forward and then if there are 4 instead of 1 HT around the corner I panic and try to do as much damage as I can before I am killed.
    Today I stopped, looked at the terrain, choose an angle that was the safest, but also made it possible to go straight back and I planned a place to be as save as possible if the came after me while reloading. Then pre-aimed on the wall and then peeped out and shot. Drove straight back to the safe place and when they came I was hull down (obj 705A) and did not shoot, I carefully aimed at a weakspots as soon as one wanted to go forward and kept aiming without shooting. That caused a bit panic and they backed off. If I had shot I would have a had 400-600 but the rest would have ripped me apart.
    So thanks for your videos, they help.

  28. LemmingRush: use your brain.
    Average WoT Player: use my… What the first thing you said?

  29. brain???? i just played a game where my tier 9’s lemming lined to kill 3 arty’s n i lead the team in tier 7 light chaffe lol umm yeah we lost best my team had 3 arty’s

  30. Great to hear your views LR. Is there a way to differentiate between a player camping and a camping moron; no worriers I’ll figure it out – salty …

  31. nah you did alright pronouncing his nickname. I’m from his country so I know how to do it

  32. Great video Lemming. Do you have a cold right now? It kinda sounds like it.

  33. You only Die when you get killed

    How go be a unicom =use your brain
    Average WOT player hearing this
    = oof

  34. Finally a replay where the player is not spamming full premium rounds etc, nice….

  35. No, too difficult. Using my foot instead.

  36. Sadly, my brain doesn’t work…

  37. Wojtek is Polish name and this is pronounced “Voytech” so you did pretty good in guessing how to read this 😛

  38. ohhh…my brain…all this time i’ve been using my waffle iron…go figure…

  39. No style points… should’ve been a ram kill on the Skorpion G.

  40. This is helpful.

    Thank you for posting.

  41. Use my brain? Don’t tell me how to live my life! lol

  42. Yeah more top tier replayz on tier IX it is really helpful, cuz for the most of the time we are on bottom in not russian biased tanks. Just sayin

  43. Join 200IQ (NA clan) and watch your brain grow exponentially 😉

  44. 8:53 – I think it would be hard for AFKer to have a kill if you look at enemy team…

  45. Killian Kruczko-Cousins

    Am I the only one wondering what tank his desk top is? I’m putting bets on the Bat-Chat

  46. No! And you can’t make me!!! 😛

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