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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to witness an insane carry by Sheriff_Pancake of the NA server in the Centurion AX!



  1. *hears the name “Sheriff Pancake”
    Me: Oh this could be good
    *Quicky says “He’s playing the Centurion Action X”*
    Me, As a Brit: “This will be good”

  2. Only an Absolute Muppet will Call the OBJ 430U Changes as nerf

  3. 1440p maybe?

  4. Cent AX turret is crap, aim for the jaw.

  5. OMG the last second


    Wow great replay qb

  7. When can we have a new funny moments? D:

  8. Thought this was shishx as soon as I saw the cent AX

  9. Love how QB shows his colors by wanted to goldspam the STB-1. Mentality of outpaying instead of outplaying.

  10. Yes please do a review on the centurion ax

  11. Yes, review AX and obj.257!

  12. I don’t need anymore my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  13. This is a reupload!!

  14. What the actual fuck,

    that was epic

  15. BenW Piano Covers

    I honestly missed these. Nowadays the game is just a bit boring. 10k damage games becoming regular, and for a 7 or an 8k dmg game Im usually just saying “meh” and keep playing, whereas a few years ago I would have been so excited to deal that much damage. These replays still give some motivation tho. I also liked the fact that for once, (at least since 2015) you were able to convince me that he is gonna draw with your commentating. It made the game a lot more exciting.

  16. Technically WG is right with the British lights having battleship calibre guns. For excample HMS Hood had 102mm guns as secondaries and HMS Queen Elizabeth had 76mm.

  17. do a world of tanks blitz review over a world of tanks review and do a colab stream with someone like droodles or bushka, or meadsy

  18. Been missing these reviews

  19. I still think the WZ-111-5A gameplay had best carry. I mean, he even had an enemy on his team

  20. What an awesome gameplay! The ending was thrilling.

  21. The end game difference in experience between the somua and the AX is REDICULOUS!!!!!!! a 9k dmg difference and he only got 150 exp more?!?!?! What kind of absolutely rubbish reward is that WG?! AT least he made a profit…

  22. No full gold ammo, no rations. That is a player! 99% of the guys who have good results and ruin the game have at least 20-30% advantage in: OP tanks that they drive, crew with 6 skills and other stuff.

  23. I physically cringed when he shot HEAT to the Jg.Pz.’s tracks.

  24. Yes I would

  25. That was awesome to watch.. love the Action 10 too

  26. What a game. Had me on the edge of my seat

  27. I loved the Action X Centurion when I got it loved all my Centurions. But when I play it you play with some caution but this game man its one of the best games I’ve seen for an average player I’m just dreaming I could do this. I’ll use colloquial language here fucking awsome game.

  28. Sheriff pancake has just the biggest, literally, biggest luck i have ever seen in my 19 years of life

  29. Review of Centurion Action X

  30. Skills + luck = god mode

  31. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    New consumables menu in choose kicked out => in choose again,,, KICKED OUT ==> IN change ammo ,,, kicked out…. A day ago this was 3 clicks ! ! !

  32. Cent AX review when?

  33. Why does he keep insisting the trash-tb is the best medium tank when the Patton exists?

  34. Gotta admit, the plays were masterful and this player clearly knows what he/she is doing. However, the HEAT shot on the T95 and the disgusting and massively unfair take down of that Mous shows just how toxic gold rounds are for general gameplay. These rounds either need to be nerfed into oblivion or removed from the game entirely.

  35. Sasha and The Crew Adventures

    You know Meadsy69, right? Yeah he told that you are a prick, and for a good reason. I don’t need to tell more, I think you already what’s it about.
    Continue to to think that your better than others just because you have more subs.

  36. Thanks for this, was screaming in my office at that last second fire what an amazing round off to that game

  37. alessandro candeago

    fantastic job

  38. I actually audibly cheered at the end!

  39. What a finale!

  40. Its so pleasant seeing people in the chat actually typing stuff in english unlike in the EU server barely any info ever gets shared. 🙁

  41. Michael Hildebrandt

    EPIC – I got sweaty hands watching.
    Can imaging how Sheriff Pancacke hands must have be shaking 🙂

  42. LOL. best game I have ever seen. the end. omg. impressive. ultra lucky and close ._.

  43. Blessed by the RNG gods with that fuel tank fire.

  44. Another top tier gameplay.. so Boring

  45. Chat on NA server: he’s one shot, be careful, good info on chat etc….
    Chat on Eu server: Die, idiot! Go swim, noob! KURWAAAA! Reported for aimbot!

  46. Love my cent ax !!!

  47. I feel like I somehow know sheriff pancake but yea us on the NA server communicate all the time but skirmishes are even better our teams have good fun and engaging games

  48. Christopher Shrader

    Its my birthday

  49. hanikrummi hundursvin

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