Valentine – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

New tank time, British tier IV Light Tank Valentine. This is tank that’s hard to love….


  1. First lol 

  2. Like Churchills, TOGs, AT-2 and other slow tanks if you choose right at the
    start (and there’s no way to know if you have until the battle progresses)
    these tanks can do very well. Or they can not shoot anyone and get 100 xp
    for a x2 win.

    So generally extremely frustrating I found.

    I’m still deep in Medium town, just hitting having every tier 6 medium tank
    and grinding them to 7. No stopping until I get all tier 10 mediums. 

  3. Hi Plumb! I have some questions for the Q&A video!
    A.) Were you good at WoT from the start, or did that improve over time?
    I’m at a 49.x % Win Rate, and I fear I’ll never get out of that bracket! =
    B.) How often do you play solo vs with a platoon?
    C.) Do you (or did you) grind your way through tanks, or do you just play
    for the daily double?
    D.) Any other tips for beginners, like me?

  4. The Valentine is a strange mixture of bad traits slow, reload measured in
    days,so-so armor. But somehow it seems to work if the situation is right.
    The 6-pounder is the only gun to use, i am a bit embarrassed to admit i
    slung a lot of apcr just to get through the grind as quickly as possible.
    The Archer is great fun though and am thoroughly enjoying it. not looking
    forward to a castrated Jackson which is what the Achilles is at least in my
    opinion..not to mention the challenger who thought mounting the same gun on
    a tier 7 as a tier 5 was a good idea? But i will trudge through it though i
    really want to give the Charioteer a go, 105mm with 268mm of penetration?
    yes please. 

  5. Questions for your upcoming Q&A:
    1. Beer or wine?
    2. Your favorite tier 2 sealclubber? 😉
    3. Finish sentence: I am a *____* player! 😀
    Can’t really think of anything else…..


  6. Plumb, I’ve noticed your graphics are very good, what system are you
    running – processor, memory, graphics card? You never seem to glitch –
    internet connection?

    I don’t see you playing tier 10, like myself do you prefer the lower tier
    fast and furious play?

    XVM question. Have you set up a new account for the channel? I’ve about 10k
    games and am rated tomato……. With so many games already played my
    average to lift from tomato seems daunting – not that I’m losing sleep over
    it….. Wibble.

    Silly stuff ; )
    What do you think of mashed banana on toast with the thinnest sliver of
    cheddar on top? Try it first – unless of course you dislike any of the
    Boiled sweet favourites…. Army & Navy myself.

    Incidentally I play as zxrwoody.

    Very much enjoying the vids.

  7. +Plumb Tanker OK Plumb,modpack is updated,everything is working,even the
    team hp pool bar ( )
    .Since I know wat You want in your modpack,I’ll try to keep it up to date
    every patch 😉 Anyway Great vid,as always,just keep up the great work :P

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