VALENTINE’S COMBO – Death By Love (War Thunder Gameplay)

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VALENTINES COMBO – Death By Love (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Legend Of Star wolf

    how many eagles does 20 dollars get you

  2. Play the hetzer and hs b-3 75mm amazing

  3. M46 and P80 plz

  4. attempt number 2 phly take out the German behemoths it maus and the bv238

  5. Hey phly take out the tiger h1 and ta 154 c1 FOR THE FATHERLAND attempt number 3

  6. Challenge combo – American starters: take out the LVT and p-26a

  7. Pls take the I can swim convo, LTV and PBY

  8. Dude hope you have a good valentines also. Thanks for the content.

  9. Challenge: Use the M3 Lee with the 75mm as your main gun, and try to get at least 4 kills. Kills with the 37mm will not count. Attempt #2

  10. here is an interesting idea DO 335 BUT use it as a bomber interceptor

    Attempt #2

  11. wish i was half as good as you mate.. happy valentimes day 😛

  12. Hey +PhlyDaily weird question but what OS do you run? im building a pc but im stuck between Windows and Linux

  13. i was wondering…
    can u kill a tank with a torpedo ?

  14. Two person challenge get a controller and set it up for tank driving with gear selection and the mouse setup for shooting then take out at least one reserve and one tier 5 tank out attempt #2

  15. Native American Prince David

    Ok, I give up

  16. Phly please play the independent and Sunderland mk3a BRITISH BULLDOGS attempt #12

  17. play with a ps4 controller and take out the t34,85 and try to get 8 kills if that two easy or hard take out a their 1 or 2 Russian border of your choice

  18. British Derp combo: Archer + Swordfish

  19. Jambo have br 4.7 in RB!

  20. Phly, take out the awkward A1E1 Independent with the derpy Swordfish MK 1. Have some low Tier fun!!

  21. challenge take out a a plane and take drop a bomb on an airplane

  22. ok thank u for the better range

  23. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    great vid phly, best combo in yonks

  24. Good Ol’ American Muscle Combo!
    Take out the newly downtiered Sherman Jumbo (now at BR 4.7), and the P-38L-5-LO with HVAR rockets.

  25. New vehicle br test: T32 and AD2 (I know it’s the same br but roll with it) with full payload, show em what American power really is

  26. Take the crusader with the 57mm and fill in the blank for a plane

  27. How about the Tiger E and the Ta-152 “either one”, think you could muster up 3 tank kills and three plane kills in the same round but catch, only carrying 3 rounds in the Tiger E…!? Give it a go Heinz!

  28. if its easy try to play the game in Spanish :v

  29. OVER CALIBER COMBO: Hs.129 B-3 & Brummbär
    ATTEMPT: 7


  31. pls use in next video russian spaa zis 12 94 km and plane I 16 type 27 pls good video 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. “OH YEAH, PULLIN’ OFF” What the hell are you up to behind that computer Phly?

  33. What a amazing match

  34. VALENTIMES ????

  35. try this stealth kv-2 kill enemy from behide 🙂

  36. I absolutely love this this tank!!!!

  37. send out the German kv-2 with any plane you would like…. for the motherland and fatherland!!!! (attempt #4)

  38. Australian combo/challenge! Take AC IV Thunderbolt + Beaufighter Mk 21. Challenge part: prove that you’re a decent australian pilot by making a rocket kill in Beaufighter while flying in australian style – upside down. Attempt #1

  39. well now you can. you only need the player name to buy GE for him. think what his face is like wen he gets on to wt and he got some more GE than he had befor

  40. Take out the Tortoise and the Lancaster B Mk I/III (your choice phly) while using the two 4000 Ib bombs

  41. One of my favorites tanks so this is now my favourite video. Nice logic 🙂

  42. Why do you have an orgasm every time you something epic

  43. Haakon Johnsli Fjerdingen

    Play hide and seak (capture the flag) agains your enemy

  44. Australian combo!!
    Give em the thunder from down under with the AC IV Thunderbolt and the Beaufort MK VIII or the Boomerang MK 2. Give em hell.

  45. You could have easily machine gun his crew on the last tank kill.

  46. reduce the number of ads, or I’m unsubbing 4 times in a video is unreasonable. I had times that have 5 ads on a video

  47. Challenge Time!
    Indirect Fire 1:
    Take out the Brummbär and get a tank kill without line of sight. For
    example on berlin shoot form your base to the other base or behind a

    Viel Glück Kamerad!

  48. awesome video mate!, luv the hurricane

  49. i prefer to use the rp 3 rkts instead of the gunpods

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