Very Small Gun For My Very Small Brain | AUBL/74 HVG

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  1. Because you played fast tank AUBL, try faster one, VT1-2

  2. sweet intro

  3. Thats the lest amont of kills I’ve seen Phly get on he first spown but still better than I’ve done in the last few days I’ve only gotten one kill out of 20-25 battles

  4. Ayo anyone know the intro song?

  5. Okay Phly we know you’re a sweaty gamer 😎 😏 who plays different vehicles

  6. The intro reminds me of a dude perfect video.

  7. Wait WHAT I thought this video was about the abul which one of my fav tanks to play then I heard apfsds and stabilizer and I fing flipped when when was this coming in the next patch

  8. Hey Phly another light tank you should try out is the Type 60 SPRG i recently got it and it’s quite fun as it’s small nimble and can 1 shot anything it faces and they have physically changed it since the last time you played it which was 4 years ago so i think it’s worth trying out

  9. Day 2 of asking for a 11.0 L3 video

  10. Hi I’m phlydaily and welcome to jackass

  11. I could have sworn this was 5.7

  12. “what is wrong, get depression” 💀

  13. best intro yet

  14. Brain so small that this vehicles worthless spall wont hit it

  15. 14:40 Phly calls to his Mongolian ancestors for aid in traversing the mountains.

  16. Make this your next mission…Take out as many cannon barrels when take a vehicle like this out!

  17. This makes me realize (again) how dirty the vehicles get off road. In that short time before he engaged the enemy, would the AUBL really be able to get covered in that much dirt and grime across the entire vehicle? I feel it’s a bit crazy how little of his camo is visible, even on the top of the vehicle. I’m not complaining as it’s a cool mechanic, just curious as to how long it would take and what would get covered.

  18. I always wanted this vehicle. But now it’s too expensive.

  19. “Stay put… Stay put… Wha- what was that?! Get depression!!!… Goooood! Goooooood! Goooooooooooood!”

  20. Man wish I had this vehicle I really love AUBL and plus apfsds round, Mmmmm delicious.

  21. Yo is your camo available in game at all?

  22. This vehicle was a monster back when first released! After the medium caliber APFSDS nerf it became worthless junk.

  23. MEHMET AKİF yalcınkaya

    Turkey armored police cars

  24. Hey Phly, wanna know what I did to annoy players today? I decided to take out the M22 locust and do M22 things

  25. Алексей Чехович

    Look how they massacred my boy… It was such a good vehicle before the small caliber guns got nerfed to their death. Totally balanced car, somewhat effective gun, no armor whatsoever, tight crew compartment. It was never a menace, but a capable one if played right. Now it’s utterly useless piece of crap, even the one with heat rounds is more consistent on 8.0 than this. Gayjeen realized they made a mistake adding a premium vehicle as an event prize on 8.0, and fixed this by simply killing this vehicle off. It was a good run AUBL, you were a great car before those shitheaded bastards got to you.

  26. You guys are playing WT…. you oviously ain’t Galaxy Brains!

  27. not_your_boyfriend but_im_XD

    Gamers do have a brain to ?

  28. 14:41 Definitely the best mongolian throat singing attempt I have ever seen from Phly

  29. Italy is the only reason I have played warthunder seriously and I’m not kidding Italy was a great choice for me personally I just don’t enjoy the current in game economy

  30. going at literal highway speed across the battlefield

  31. 12:42

    My brain: “Why are you running? Why are you running?”

  32. Insert that pin needle in the right spot to make vehicles combat ineffective. 🤷‍♂️

  33. You should have tried to get some hvar kills with the f84 would have been a perfect lineup

  34. wow , the same skin!!!!!!!
    love you phly

  35. how does he get that driver view thing? whats the key bind for it?

  36. Phly please tell this to gaijin:

  37. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    Hello Phly, it has been 17 hours as of making this comment since you played the AUBL/74 HVG on your channel. I think it would awesome if you would bring this one back!

  38. Love the content but one question how u use planes on ground sticks??? Plz tell me 😂

  39. Italian EBR?

  40. Hazwan Hashim Hj Ibrahim

    I miss the EVERYBODY intro..

  41. Busy Brain Animations

    The 3 of asking you to use the Australian tank

  42. That into tho… “Oh… That was awesome.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  43. I loved the new intro music!

  44. I want to see how many hours fly daddy has on WarThunder lol.

  45. My pc died and while I am waiting for stuff to get RMAed I am know what Ching war thunder and my premium account expire

  46. Hello WT community and phlydaily. I have a question. I’m soon to be in the market for a nice PC and monitor and I was wondering what would be nice to start with.

  47. The jump at the beginning = war thunder matrix’s

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