Very Very Very Big Bomb 💣

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  1. Now we need the C-130 with Daisy Cutters and MOABs

  2. It was nice of that carrier to have spare bombs for you.

  3. Propeller manufacturer : why does the sales skyrocketed this month ?
    the sales: how would i know

  4. ah yes.. the apologize to allies express.

  5. with quick maffs, the area m^2 of the 12k bomb is 40828.14m^2, while the 5k bomb is 34636.06m^2, so you get an extra 6192.08m^2 of killing area, thats like almost 18% larger

  6. I’m so happy they added this bomb and gave the Lancaster the proper respect it deserves. I live a short distance away from where one of the two remaining flying Lancasters is based, and the sound of those engines fills me with joy.

  7. the biggest bomb carried by a lanc is the tallboy used on viaducts, the Tirpitz, the V2 factories, u boat pens all by 617 (dam buster) sqn

  8. I just want you to know…bro you kind of suck at war thunder lol but we love you for your content not your actual war thunder ability like say oddbawz who is quite literally insane at the game and I just don’t understand that level of skill…but yeah bro you suck at war thunder honestly but I still love you lol

  9. Day 3: Play the Strv 122 PLSS.

  10. You just dropped your gigantic load and couldn ‘t help that you plugged the porcelain church…

  11. just FYI, that extra nine meters of death radius over the PE-8, is almost exactly 18% more area. So it’s 26% more TNT equivalent and 18% more area of death to armored vehicles.

  12. Time for some more class 3 p gameplay

  13. Good chance you wont see this but you should play the chinese ZSD 63 after 2 years. It packs a punch and could net you easily 5 kills if you play it as a flanker, you could team it up with the m42 and why not bring the i-16 with rockets along just for fun

  14. So. Four man Lancaster squad when?

  15. I want the 36,000 pound pumpkin bomb for the US B-29

  16. the bomb was big enough to destroy balloons so the united states should use it.

  17. 17:41 Phly bravo’ing and thanking himself. Lol

  18. Phly do you realise that odbawz used the concept 3 in his video on the bunker buster

  19. See co.paring this to the Russian thing is just more evidence of Russian bias and gaijin hating UK…….AGAAAAIIIN.
    What the actusl fuck? Britain gets screwed over….yet again. What a surprise.

  20. 17:40 Tsutomu Yamaguchi is not amused. (RIP)

  21. Legendary ending Phly xD have a nice day man


  23. Another favorite! The ending was… too short. I really dig it when your true talents show through. And be a Dad, talkin’ ’bout mad dad skills there professor.

  24. That last bomb drop was a disaster even before it ended up going wild and teamkilling 3 people, considering it somehow managed to bounce off the bomber before wobbling into the air. Definitely a tool used best on the opposite side of your team AND the enemy from point of contact.

  25. Giorgo Fotopoulo

    Dude I’m so glad you’re back in a regular basis

  26. 3:42 What about the Heinkel HE-112 H16 or whatever it is big bomb?

  27. What are those Ballons floating around? Is this some kind of anti air?

  28. That’s a reasonably sized bomb for some tonk hunting

  29. Russian bias confirmed on that blast aoe

  30. Next step is a grand slam.

  31. How to get a nuke, without getting a nuke – 12k lb bomb in a nutshell

  32. ACE IN AN L3!!!!

  33. its time for the warships in naval battles to learn their places! ha ha ha ha

  34. hey phly, please take out the chinese cm11 and f100—attempt 001

  35. Funny episode to watch, but i doubt that bomb gonna do anything good for gameplay. Already CAS is very annoying and that doesn’t help.

  36. I honestly thought you will die from being hit by your own bomb there. Really nice episode 🙂

  37. M4E8 plz phly

  38. Ignatius Brechnuss

    CAS gets more absurd

  39. Instant LIKE for that 5 kill bomb!

  40. Imagine if they gave us the 12,000 lb HC with a torpex filler, as was common. That’s 1.5x TNTeq.

    (Edit: by cube root law, that should give a radius of ~130m)

  41. Day 1: take out fully bomb loaded a2d-1 in tank battles, you can get 8 kills with precision bombing

  42. I kinda want to see this bomb used in Naval battles.

  43. F4j plz (day three)

  44. Anyone else notice that the M18 that phly teamkilled went on to teamkill someone with arty?

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