^^| VFM Merc Stream Highlight

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  1. Was meant to be a WOT upload but there was some issues. So WoT vid tomorrow!

  2. first like

  3. Love how the score goes from 11-14 to suddenly 9-4

  4. 7 minutes in the game and arty takes the first shot at circ, who is in a strong position. sometimes i wonder…

  5. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    +SirCircon what equipment you use on your vfm merc?

  6. Oh lol, i was like, oh Wot has a new map? Awesome, oh wait, it’s not Wot, xd

  7. This tank is so much fun!

  8. VFM 5 is an interesting tank. Armor is stronk enough to save you from a couple shots, gun feels a bit lacking in accuracy and pen (only has like 314 with APDS IIRC, accuracy is a bit terrible at like .15 or so) but the mobility and 3 smoke charges make this thing a lot of fun to play, especially in missions. Gun depression gets pretty derpy over the sides and rear of the tank.

    Was thinking about picking up that Leopard 2AV ICE, can anyone tell me if it’s worth it? I’ve only got the 1A5 on the Leopard line, and won’t have the 2AV unlocked until well after the ICE goes away. That, and I do really like premium tanks.

  9. What’s the title of that shooter game you were talking about?

  10. Okay, what is my HTML5 player doing… these last two stream highlight vids have out of sync audio.

  11. #pogchamp

  12. anyone else having audio sync issues with circons last few videos?

  13. Vulgar_Display_Of_Power

    7222 views, lol pointless comment but a numbers thing :P. Love your vids Circon, always entertaining as fuck

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