Viewer spotlight! // 59-16 / “Well at least it’s not a 12t”

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There’s, uh, not a whole lot else to say about the 59-16, there.

Thanks to FlyerDK sending this one in!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. First!
    I hear it’s getting a buff, although I have never played it, I’m working on
    getting it.

  2. You crazy? 😀 59-16 is a beast! That mobility and camo are awesome and the
    gun is great for countering same tier scouts! It does have bad penn and
    wont be able to penn a lot of t8 and t9 tanks but it is after all a LT, not
    medium! :D

  3. I can’t do passive scouting, I gave up on the 12t because of it. I love to
    active scout tanks like the T71.

  4. Jesus that borsig was as complete arsehole.

  5. You hate on it so bad… but everything I see in the video makes me want to
    play it. XP The mobility looks fun. 

  6. I have a similar saved replay from 8.x where I was in the same tank, same
    autoloader, same map, same south spawn and last tank on enemy team was a
    T95 but there was 4 of us converging on him. Turtle rape in the end XD but
    I did love this little tank it was very fun for me but I have the 131 now
    and its also a very fun little tank =)

    59-16 I played passive and active roles. It does have the mobility and the
    autoloader works well as a support gun when you can flank, or taking out
    scouts. But like all scouting knowing map terrain and positioning will help
    you get the most out of all light tanks.

  7. the 131 is actually a really really nice tank its great having a 200 alpha
    85mm with a devastating rof so i really enjoy it

  8. people joke about the amx 12t but i hadnt a 57% win rate in mine when i
    played it over 200 games so its a capable machine and ill likely buy it
    again to grind a med crew for the lorr 40t when i get to the 13 90 so i
    have time to make the crew decent

  9. Mt25 is actually not that fast, it has flat tracks, so it loses a lot of
    speed turning.

  10. you mentioned how the maus can be out played due to its slow speed i dont
    find that this is the case all the time the bigger issue for me is that its
    so tall that if a medium like a t-54 gets to point blank range (they simply
    need to move their tank back and forwards quickly at close range and the
    driver of the maus has to try and hit fast moving turret cupolas which isnt
    easy) then its exceptionally difficult to hit them ue to how tall the maus
    is so ive a tendency to make sure im always within 100m of either the map
    border or some indestructible object because i learned quickly when i found
    i was able to do this to a maus in a cent 1 which isnt small but it still

  11. That ahnold impersonation was so half-assed it was kind of adorable. 

  12. I must say I liked my 59-16. WZ-131 is huge upgrade comparing to it but
    it’s still pretty good

  13. I remember 59-16, i dont have fond memories of it but im not saying it was
    terrible like some orther tanks (chi-ri), i just took the 57mm and played
    it like a flat t-50, worked for me.

  14. I dont know, i like the 12t a lot more because of the stronger gun.
    Scouting is one thing, but doing damage in lights gives you soo much XP.
    With my T71 i have unicum stats with an average 2650 WN8, which i only
    topped in my IS3 XD

  15. anyone notice it says there is a pz.sfl on the map but not in the team

  16. I adore this tank more than any other I’ve had so far. It’s just an amazing
    synthesis of camo, mobility and a gun with poor pen but a 5 shot autoloader
    which is enough to execute scouts and wreck even heavies at tier 9. Bear in
    mind, I played it while it got tier 10 MM every 2-3 matches and I only had
    1 clip of APCR.

  17. I like the title, “at least it’s not 12t” hahah, I have a 12t, It’s bad,
    very bad, gun is not really good, it’s not very mobile, it’s just bad, and
    from what I hear the 13 75 isn’t any better, so yeah, those are just tanks
    you play if you want to get to tier 8 and higher

  18. Just a quick point. Often autoloading tanks went to battle with complete
    magazines of ammunition and when they reloaded the mag, it was the whole
    mag, not shells within it, so it is not a peculiarity of WoT, it is fairly
    realistic (WoT realistic?! shock and awe…).

  19. Shut up jedi, the 12 t is great. Sure, not as fast as the 59-16, but much
    better gun and view range.

  20. Sorry but I am not a fan of this tank … couldn’t wait to get the WZ fast
    enough. Definitely the runt of the Chinese light tank line.

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