Viewer spotlight! // AMX 40 + SARL 42 / “The ducks of war”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

You don’t have to be crazy to drive low-tier French tanks, but it probably helps.


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Obligatory QUACK! Always funny getting live oaks or something while drunk
    on TS and just driving into the water quacking on comms lol since usually
    it’s tier vi anyway and you can’t do shit :)

  2. @PointyHairedJedi regarding matchmaking, what are your thoughts on the
    proposed 3/5/7 plan?
    Tucked away in the ‘future plans’ section of their article about the
    platooning XP bonus they mentioned the next step they’re looking at for the
    matchmaker is to aim for games with 3 top-tier tanks a side, 5 mid-tier,
    and 7 bottom tier.
    Sure it’s not +1/-1 MM, but it certainly does mitigate some of the worst
    problems of the current MM, and serves as a beautifully elegant solution
    all things considered =)

  3. I am convinced this game has the server population to work even with 0 mm
    with below 1 min. waiting times, but WG has the reason not to do that.
    Their business model lies on making people suffering hardcore in some

    Tier 4 and tier 7 are those tiers where some of the tanks are really bad at
    even penetrating high tiers when playing bottom tier role, and some of them
    is really tricky to play with good effect. So a large part of the players
    tends to use premium ammo, which dries their credit account quickly. Then
    they are forced to do something expensive, either buy premium time, buy a
    strong premium vehicle to farm credits, buy premium ammo for real money or
    buy free xp from other tanks to skip those stinkers.

    They can alternetively suffer through 50-100 battles – in a newbie state,
    closer to 100 – in a useless, or at least hard to master tank like an M3
    Lee, a B1, a duck, an A-20 or a pz38na. But who wants to suffer in a game
    in the first place?

    Or do I need a thicker tinfoil hat?

  4. WindchargerPrime

    Its easier on Console to be top tier because you can switch between the NA
    and EU servers

  5. G’Day PHJ, The last image you used (with the shell in flight) was a good

    Later, Matt

  6. Good little vid PHJ. I particularly enjoyed the tussle between the Duck and
    Marder at the start. Duck is like “*I* am first, get out of my way!” and
    barges the Marder out of the way, then the Marder is like “Who the hell do
    you think you are!? *I* am first! You second!” and promptly catches up with
    the Duck and brings him to a halt. xD

  7. SARL 42 looks like a hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus), when you get
    right down to it…

  8. Hurrah!! It’s the Duck game I’ve been (not exactly) praying for!

  9. It would seem to me that there’s little to stop WG from improving the
    ground resistance and the soft stats of the AMX 40…reasons I suppose.

  10. Holy cow Jedi. That was a very old match. I didn’t even remember sending
    you a Sarl 42 replay. Thank you for showing it.

  11. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Well no, I wouldn’t have that little faith in people, they are like us,
    they new they just had to grind for a while in order to get the next
    better, like steps.
    Some tanks are harder than others, ofc, but the main thing is that it is
    fun, so the grinds seem to go ok, and when you are a new player you don’t
    know about the tiering, so it isn’t that big of a deal, you get killed by
    any tier, and want to get better, and that is why any of us are still here.
    22k games and I thought the hetzer grind was going to kill me, but I kept
    on at it.
    And I still dont bitch about the bottom tier thing, I think of it as a
    challenge. Sometimes you are on top of the mountain about to go down, and
    sometimes you are at the deepest of the valley.
    What is amazing though is when you face the greatest challenge and you come
    out ahead.

  12. Another gun people have recommended for the Duck is the upgraded 47mm on
    the Sarl. It is actually pretty good. No prem rounds, but its standard
    rounds are still better than anything the Duck could fire. Pretty good dpm

  13. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I was once a Marder2 in a game with 29 tier 5 tanks 😀
    Got the first kill

  14. TheBorderlandsGuy

    A20 has the same MM as the duck

  15. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    What a tool the T-70 driver was in second game. He saw a problem but
    instead of trying to fix it he gave up and cried like a baby.

  16. They should give the Duck the 6-pdr from the UE 57. Even in a tier 3 it’s a
    much better gun.

  17. Wow. Captionguy didn’t call out Jedi on the MM for the A-20 (which has the
    same MM as the duck).

  18. Will you please, please, please shut up about +2 mm being bad mkay already?
    It’s tiresome.

  19. Do love a bit of ducking around 😉 . nice one Jedi :)

  20. The one thing that’d make the AMX-40 quite good is a decent engine.

  21. General Saufenberg

    i love guys like the t70 player from his team, that are bitching and
    whining the whole match about “bad” teammembers, and what was his
    achievement? 56 damage….^^

  22. I have stupidly good stats in the SARL 42 and I am a tomato. As an NA
    player who has some new recruits I can attest to the fact that you almost
    never get top tier in low tier games and it is killing the attractiveness
    of this game for new players. The grind is just revolting.

  23. The AMX 40 was a fun tank to platoon with, since you could have a faster
    tank like a pz III push it around and use it as armor.

    Speaking of which, I rather like said Pz III, I’ve kept one and play it
    from time to time. It’s a tank that can carry tier 6 games when given the

  24. Finally a Duck game again. I was getting worried.

  25. This AMX 40 is getting a little…humpy…with that Marder 2 to start the
    match. Horny duck????

  26. Good video :)

  27. ALL HAIL THE MIGHT DUCK!!! (how about a PzS35 review Jedi? Jingles
    chickened out and hasnt done it)

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