Viewer spotlight! // AT-15A / “Don’t try this at home, kids”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It may have all ingredients for an incredibly boring 15 minutes – Malinovka, artillery, a slow, lumbering tank destroyer – but this game is going to anything but boring, I promise.

Thanks to JurassicJaeger for sending this one in!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended , Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. if only he were in a heavy…

  2. Looks like a berserker rage charge to me. Of course, because it’s an AT15a,
    it’s more of a rage stroll.

  3. Kind of reminds me of a vid Jingles put up ages ago. Same sort of thing
    only it was a Doom Turtle. He just drove in to the middle of the field, sat
    there, bounced absolutely everything and ended up with a Patrol Duty medal.

  4. When will your voice drop?

  5. I actually legitimately like the 15A. It was good prebuff, and the buff
    made it better. (Note that i only bought it after they limited its mm)
    Unlike other tier 7 tanks armed with the 17 pounder, the 15A has enough dpm
    and armor to make it work. Not seeing tier 9 is a huge deal too. It’s quite
    capable of outtrading heavies in close up fights, assuming you manage to
    keep the gun firing.

  6. Did the same a few times with my AT-15,team camped and not one left base,so
    i said F*** this and went for a solo crusade. Sometimes when u go for a
    suicide trip and want it over fast,they in some odd way works out and u get
    a win instead. :)

  7. if he had used his med kit on the commander he would have spotted
    everything much earlier.

  8. Yeah I take multiple hits through the gun opening and gun mantlet on the
    AT-15A and AT-15. Often times from across the map. However, I cant recall
    being able to pen those spots myself when I was shooting at those machines.
    RNG hates me lol

  9. MrImmortalityPrince

    Hey Caption Guy, i actually thought he was being serious on how great the
    AT-15A was

  10. To be honest, I never found Malinovka boring.
    Ok, I never ever camped on this map, not even when I had less than 100
    battles on my belt.
    Quite the opposite, I found ( and still find ) it amazing how much
    different ways you can use to win on this map.
    You can flank, you can snipe, you can spot, you can play peek-a-boo, you
    can be a passive scout, you can be an active scout, you can set up an
    I may be wrong, but *my* impression about is it is almost the only map
    where *any* kind of tank can do something useful, regardless if you are low
    tier, high tier, LT, HT and so on.

  11. This tactic isn’t actually that stupid, I’ve done this successfully several
    times, once in my AT15A, once in my AT2, and most recently, In my Matilda,
    in the Matilda match, I blocked over 5.8K damage, the reason I did the
    Matilda was cause I hadn’t played it in about 6 months, and I felt the need
    to remind myself how good it’s armor was, the AT2, because i had just
    finished watching a AT2 hype vid and the 15A because I got sick of kemping
    boosh, so I rolled across the field.

  12. AT-15A was horrid after the first week as everyone knew how to kill it.
    Then it got limited MM and it got better. Then it got an HD model and the
    center weak spot was removed around the gun “it’s 203mm now not 100mm, and
    300+ mm at an angle”. Now it’s awesome again as the 100mm gun weakspot
    killed it more then the hatch. Not that it’s 203mm it’s not anymore with
    limited MM.

  13. Reminds me of that one video of the T95 video rolling across Malinoka.

  14. the T95 scout has inspired me to use that tactic in my AT2, heaps of fun
    (only works when your team backs you up effectively). I’ve found that the
    AT line is more a battering ram that should be in the front line with
    flankers and effective back up.

  15. I saw a T95 do the same thing in another video on the same map but starting
    from the other side.

  16. Hi Jedi, Jurassic Jaeger here – I’d forgotten I sent you this …

    Glad you liked it, and yes, frustration with my previous teams that day
    made me try this – just for the lols! :)

  17. peki55 in the VK30.01H screaming “no cap” “kill all” after only
    contributing 266 damage
    It’s always the useless fuckers that play general on chat.

  18. As jingles says if it is stupid and it works ?

  19. The current party bus…I mean the heavy British TD currently in use by the
    North American (U.S.A.) Chapter of the Caption Guy Fan Club and Filler
    Article Clipping Society is an AT-15A which was purchased on the basis of
    YOUR videos covering the British Heavy TD line from over a year ago…..We
    also own an AT-2 and have been considering moving further up the line from
    it, but the party bus….I mean the AT-15A… Is such an excellent
    combat vehicle, as is the AT-2, that we may forgo doing so and stick with
    what we have…..At least that is what our therapist recommends. Excellent
    video! Keep ’em coming.

  20. uhh jedi i think the big hole behind the mantlet was basically removed
    completely from the armour model and the mg cupola thing on the your left
    when facing this thing frontally was buffed too

  21. like jingles says .. if its stupid and it works its not stupid

  22. I think he could have handled the FV304 a bit better, rather than auto
    aiming and not firing a shot at the guy until after he killed the Nashorn ^^
    Otherwise that was a pretty troll replay, and I can imagine him laughing
    his way across the map :D

  23. I bet this was inspired by the T95 scout

  24. AT-15A best scout in the game !! Lmao at this vid. Bloody funny mate
    hahahahaha . In interest of full disclosure I own a AT-15A . Thanks for the
    vid ! A Canadian fan P.S. still giggling

  25. Jedi those were all low rolls from the t25at…lol…it has 320 alpha…:D

  26. By the way: I did have an AT-15A to, once………I sold it in utter
    disgust and now I am quite happy with my AT-15. Much, MUCH better.

  27. Jedi: I don’t understand why you go on and on about the bad playing both in
    his team and the enemy – in my experience this is actually quite normal
    nowadays in random games………in fact you could call is “random standard
    tactics” (in other words: the complete lach thereof).

  28. bought the T28 prototype, hope this can stop me from killing myself :)

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