Viewer spotlight! // Charioteer / “Meanwhile, at the Hippodrome…”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Despite the lacklustre or just downright bad performance some of the new British TDs, there are some bright spots on the line – and the tier 8 is definitely one of them, largely thanks to its amazing firepower. Thanks to BoquiShaniqua for sending this one in!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. First fuckin’ comment, oh man, i am pro…. Stronk OP

  2. Challenger and Charioteer, eh? So basically it’s the Cha-Cha line?

  3. 2=all, 3=all, so 2+2=all+all=all.
    2+1=all => 1=all-2 => 1=all-(all+all)=all.
    All or nothing.

  4. this tank seems like a lot of fun, but i hate TD’s. I’d probably go for it
    after at least the tier 7 gets a better gun and i’ve unlocked the L7 on the
    med line.

  5. Ya know, Jed, the titles for your videos are worth a subscription in and of
    themselves. XD

    Boqui did a nice bit of play here. He basically treated it like a tier VIII
    Hellcat. Yanno, before the nerfs. All the mobility of a fast-medium tank,
    good, punchy gun, armor that won’t stop anything you’ll actually face in
    game. Very nice to see that old style of gameplay again and to see someone
    get that kind of result no matter what tank they’re driving.

    No good Challenger replays, eh? I guess it’s just a CHALLENGE to play.

    What’s with all the tomatoes…? No, stop! Ow! Not in the face!

    Also, if anyone complains about the replays you pick, they need to get
    their heads checked. I’ve sent in a few, none of them ever got featured,
    and I accept that, because either A: they’re not what you want or can use,
    or B: I’m just a shitty player. People need to understand this about the
    world and themselves.

  6. German tanks are named after animals (mostly felines), American tanks are
    named after generals, and British tank names start with C (except matilda,

  7. Over 100 ping……Most of us plays with 130-140 ping D:

  8. That lack of gun depression… It’s practically Russian!

  9. If that gun is the same name with the med line gun 105 L7A1 royal ordnce i
    would propbably go doen that line

  10. It is a bit strange that the Challenger was kept with the (historically
    correct) 17lber, and even stranger that it’s classed as a TD (it was
    contemporary of the Firefly and thus a medium) while the Charioteer gets a
    gun buff, all be it a theoretically plausable one as the 105 is a bored out
    20lber. Really the Challenger should be 6, but then what goes at 7?

    That said the Challenger is a really nice tank, it’s get excellent gun
    depression, a decent gun that’s still adequate at 7, and the ability to
    flank and relocate well. It’s definitely no lemon.

  11. Boquishaniqua? She’s a strong, independent black tanker who don’t need no

  12. What do people say about the Conway, anyways? It’s like a Tortoise that
    trades armor and a bit of DPM and gun handling for a turret and more speed,

  13. KV2 and the KV4 are interchangeable? Right.

  14. Here’s how I would’ve done it. I will first say, although I like my
    Achilles (gun depression being the only real issue), I wouldn’t have put it
    in a normal branch, maybe as a prem? The challenger would go at tier 6 and
    have 1 turret. At Tier 7 I would have the Avenger (The challengers top
    turret, but with a modified Comet hull), stock gun 17pdr and the Challenger
    turret (they did it with the Caernarvon didn’t they). I’m fairly sure the
    MOD tested the avenger with the type A 20pdr, not 100% but that would be
    Avengers top gun. Then the rest of the line for me is fine, but that’s just
    my opinion. 🙂 

  15. Damn I still can’t get used to that new mic of yours :). 

  16. 5:18 …but then, the Comet has a lot more going for t than the Challenger.

    I thought caption guy wasn’t supposed to make mistakes.

  17. I’m kinda disappointed how Caption Guy hasn’t noticed that in every video
    you upload these days you have 50% gameplay and then 50% waffling on about
    nothing interesting straight after it, thus making the video twice as long
    as it needs to be.

  18. Jedi; I believe you made a typo in your description. “bight”


    It’s pronounced Boquee-Shaneequa. 

  20. Yes the Challenger is a British version of the Sturer-Emil. By that i mean
    give you some really good machines to get you started with the line and
    excited about it, then throw in an absolute stinker. Oh course you want the
    RHM so you spend gold to unlock XP at least for the big gun on the Emil
    then its easy to get the RHM or for WG even better you spend enough to go
    right past it altogether to the RHM same thing here. The Charioteer is of
    course the beast of tier 8, yes the ISU in terms of crazy alpha the ISU is
    king but the Charioteer can just keep pumping out 390 alpha strike twice or
    two and a half times as fast. 

  21. Jedi, I do love your commentary and shennanigans, but seriously… At 2:40
    he pops the kv85, and you don’t even notice that a couple seconds later
    that tank drives right off the bridge. If we’re really going to think about
    What Would Jingles Do?, you have to pay attention to stuff like that and,
    you know, talk about what’s happening in the game you’re showing us. Did
    Sharkesha in the Charioteer kill the driver with that shot, did the 85 lag
    out, did it have a bumper sticker that read “my other tank is an arty,”
    maybe it slipped in a banana peel or the commander got distracted while
    reading 50 Shades of Gray? Step up your game, son, you can’t ignore moments
    of gold like that. :)

  22. Boqui (second syllable sounds like Qee). This loosely means basket weave,
    but also could be an African American woman’s name.

    PHJ – I deal with that ping all the time, and can tell you that the way
    that the submitter was driving the tank is due most of all to the ping. It
    makes you constantly over-drive the faster tanks (because your mouse and
    keyboard controls never match the input to server side), and often
    under-drive slower tanks. It’s hard to have climbing stats (I do) with the
    consistent ping and lag issues.

  23. OH over 100 ping – THE POOR MAN!!!!!!

    I have to deal with 200 ping all the time and have managed 56% winrate and
    2020 wn8 over the last 3400 games!!

    I have actually heard SirFoch complain about 70 ping making him miss shots
    and making it hard to hit tanks on the move.. hmm wonder how many of us in
    Aus and NZ on the Asia server would be unicums too with 100 ping or less
    when we deal with between 200 and 300 ping regularly aside from the lag

  24. I dont see anything good or fun about this new line, I guess it is not very
    popular. I hope the Czech line will bring good tanks, maybe some nice meds
    to face the OP soviet ones.

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