Viewer spotlight! // Chi-Ri / “Stopping the unstoppable”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

, it’s so OP that not even a Chi-Ri can best it. Don’t believe me? It’s fine, I brought proof…


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. The Chi Ri is probably the best tier 10 

  2. Still T54 isn’t as good as chi ri :P

    *starts chanting*

  4. Anyone see the tier 6 KV-1s in his garage? Not KV-85, KV-1S. :o

  5. 940 did not take courageous resistance into account the total with that was
    1430 non premium or so, you can see in the end plate.
    Peaty good amount of XP :)

  6. The Chi-Ris biggest strength is its autoloader. its practically 1 shot
    every 4.5-5 seconds. considering the 3 shot clip reloads in 10 seconds. But
    as Jedi says its massive, its bigger than a tiger 1….

  7. ive heard a lot of chi ri drivers say the issue isnt the gun its the tank
    the gun is mounted on

  8. I like the Chi-Ri. People usually think “heh this tank’s shit, I fear not.”
    Then they take 400 damage in 3s and regret everything

  9. Chi Ri op confirmed

  10. Chi-Ri was a fun grind

  11. Caption guy is slacking. He missed pointing out the fact that the 59-16 and
    the WZ-131 can fit rammers with auto loader….

  12. ImTheJuggernaught

    Ironic that the unstoppable was being driven by the Everchosen, lord of the
    end times

  13. The Comet has speed and is agile. These are very important differences.

    The biggest problem with the Chi-Ri for me is the lack of pace. I like the
    autoloader, I like the gun handling, I can live with no armour, I can live
    with the fact that the thing is the size of a King Tiger but the lack of
    speed and acceleration is…is…

    Nevertheless, this is the tank I’ve been using to farm onigiri this week so
    I guess it’s, err, serviceable.

  14. In the end he states that the chi ri is the only only tank to his knowledge
    that has an auto loader and a gun rammer. Its actually one of two tanks,
    the other being the 59-16 scout.

  15. Well done on the Black Adder reference. 

  16. After including heroic resistance, his xp was over 1400. The 900 was
    without heroic resistance. The ace requirement for the Chi-Ri, despite many
    people not liking it, is actually fairly high.

  17. Your tank videos are always so much shorter than your others. This hurts
    our feelings …

  18. Nice play.

    Can someone please explain the parameters for Courageous Resistance? I
    have received the reward several times and have no idea why and can find
    nothing about it in WG Wiki. Maybe I am missing something.

  19. Around 9:15 -> at 940 base exp… how is 50% additional bonus for
    courageous resistance 515 exp? I know I am not great at math but…

    The ace tanker is based on the resulting 1455 exp right?

  20. Jedi, are you ever going to step your vids up to 1080p? I like them a lot,
    but 720 doesn’t really go well on the TV screen :D

  21. That T-34-3 was so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a fox.
    Nice Blackadder reference PHJ.

  22. The gun imho is probably one of the best for a tier 7 medium due to the
    large output damage compared to others; it’s just the big fat tank and
    underpowered engine that let it down. My favourite tier 7 med is between
    the T-34-1 and T20. Panther is good but slightly less manoeuvrable.

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