Viewer spotlight! // Chi-To / “Shake your booties”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

I’m just gonna say right now, if Google told me it’s true then it must be, right?

You can find out a little more about the WZ-111 mission over at FTR:


is a free-to-play , tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. fist*, frist*, firts*, first*, yes first.

  2. Why did u show This replay?
    There is nothing that special about it

  3. Today I had a 3 kill and 2,5k dmg Tier 6 game in my A-43 but we lost
    because the remaining enemy A-43 was on full health and executed me with
    two shots, after which the two remaining friendly tanks went after him one
    by one and died :/

  4. Heartbreak.

    I liked the Chi-to way better than the Chi-Ri. Ri is a cumbersome
    paper-armoured novelty-gunned turd. /end rant. 

  5. Great Vid Jedi

  6. I admit it, I’ll most likely buy the 111, but I’m a collector and that’s
    the easiest way.

  7. “only 70 battles a day..” :O maybe you said 17, sounds the same, but ohh,
    still no go for me, elas :(

  8. Im thinking of re buying the M4 with the derp to do americans, but i doubt
    i could possibly do this mission cause i not using money.

  9. jedi do you think the kv-200 is worth the money its £24 right no is it a
    good tier 5? (im pretty sure you have one)

  10. Right now, the Chi-to is up there as one of my favorite tanks overall in
    the game. The armor is a bit of a let down, but I compare it very favorably
    to the T-34-85 as they seem to play very similarly to me. Even in tier 8
    match ups, if you can find yourself in a good spot you can rack up damage
    quick with that gun.

  11. im going to be skipping the japs for the mission im at the jap tier 5 an im
    not going to be doing 150,000 damage and get 150 kills in the chi-to even
    if i get one.
    im pretty confident i can do it for the germans, russians, americans, the
    brits (when im grinding the new line’s tanks which im interested by) and
    the chinese although the french could be a struggle i have a 50 100 but
    thats basically it for the french the 13 75 has its moments but im not
    consistent in it.

  12. its indeed the right translation:D

  13. Mission is SO not fing worth it.

    1,050 kills in 35 days, 35 kills per day. 5 Kills for each 7 nations.

    Or pay extra 50% on the tank price to skip all the nations.

    Good for people that are well off.

  14. +PointyHairedJedi Why don’t you upload FHD content?
    I’m not complaining or anything, your content is awsome, but it will be
    that much better in FHD :)

  15. Frederick Oosthuizen

    pAY TO wIN

  16. Regarding the WZ-111 mission. Lets say we only count kills and not the
    If your average kills per battle (it is shown in the service record) is
    around 1 kill per game, then for (7 missions) x (150 kills) (sorry, i know
    you’re not good with these..) that would be 1050 kills. That’s about a
    thousand battles. In a month. Yeah. If it takes ~3 years to get ~15k
    battles for someone, then they’d have to play for more than twice as much
    over this month than they used to over those years.
    And that’s only if they’re reasonably good at the game, because even
    “above average” players with ~930 eff, ~1k+ WN8 only average about 0.8+
    kills per game (looked at few of my friends stats). Jedi averages just over
    1 kill per game (~1.1) and he’s a pretty decent player (shut up, CG)
    (probably better than 90% of all active players)…
    So yeah. My point is it’s gonna be a hell of a grind. (And it doesn’t
    help that these missions always have to be during exam times for students..)
    My advice: Plan carefully. Don’t even start the mission if you don’t
    know if you’re going to finish it (or be prepared to spend some money).
    Always watch your progress and calculate if you’re not “falling behind the
    schedule” and leave a few (4-5) days when you don’t have to play (so you
    would finish the mission 4-5 days early if all goes according to plan) in
    case of emergencies.

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