Viewer spotlight! // Cromwell / “Invender”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Some tanks are good – good enough that by their very nature, it takes a little bit extra to catch my eye enough to put them onto the channel. I certainly think this one did, and thanks to Serene_Potato for sending it in!


a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. What’s up with Naval Action? no new stuff to show us? you haven’t uploaded
    a video of it in a while. just wondering why, not demanding a video :)

  2. As a person who has played on NA, EU (at least 3k games on each) and now
    resides on the SEA server I can tell you all that other than different map
    meta each sever is not very different. Each server has different types of
    stupid but they still all have a similar amount of stupid, same goes for
    good players aswell. Language can be a small hurdle though.

  3. +PointyHairedJedi this is the best games one can get……………most of
    the time is fucked up and the incompetence is incomprehensible

  4. I’ve won battles because I spent time flattening all the buildings in our
    cap circle on that map.
    Also lost battles due to only demolishing half of them before the rest of
    my team died…Noobs! Lol

  5. I dont find this replay very entertaining, once I did 3.5k damage in my T37
    in tier9 game and I still though its nothing special, its obviously amount
    of kills and medals, not about helping your team and doing pure damage or
    being smart! I dont know why is it like that…

  6. Asia Carrera > Asia server

  7. The Cromwell is a weak tank. Just my two cents.

  8. SEA player here! SEA replays need more love, Jedi! It would be interesting
    to feature a different (albeit stupidly interesting) meta occasionally.

    Also, I’m in Singapore so 7 ping. You jelly??

  9. T67 might have been out of ammo too, I don’t think it gets very much, and
    it’s easy to spam it all away with the rate of fire.

  10. We need more T95 and Maus replays… And more Local paper news…

  11. The SEA server is what it is. Singapore is where the server is and I live
    in New Zealand a ping of 160- 170 on a good day.Its playable, accepting of
    things is key other wise you would need a new keyboard more often. So stop
    gripping WoT contributors and others a ping of 100 is sheer heaven to me.

  12. Defender and Invader medal in my AT 2… That was an odd game.

  13. 2000 dmg in a strong T6 medium, man that was an awesome game….for SEA

  14. the other sand map has more houses in the cap i think

  15. “I’m not sure if this is a typical SEA game or not…” Base camping heavy?
    Check. Scumbag drowning attempt? Check.

    The ASIA server is ‘special’.

  16. asia server sucks bad

  17. That was ok game but: mine was a bit

  18. The zooming thing reminds me a little what I often do:
    Press shift and then zoom out with the mouse wheel. Why? So I’m certain
    that I’m in the lowest possible zoom level if I press shift again.
    I gained this habbit after dying several times due to confusion caused by
    high zoom levels in close combat.

  19. this is the future of wot videos?? noobs??

  20. I saw someone on the SEA server say the game was unplayable with 100ms.
    Meanwhile my average in is from 180-240ms.

  21. DOTM is a Japanese clan, consists of good players mostly

  22. EmperorNefarious1

    I’m probably the only guy who consistently sends in Churchill GC replays,
    since I love that tank way more than I should.

  23. Auto aim has its place…this guy uses too much. Plus shame on him for
    being part of a fail platoon. Decent enough game.

  24. Chuckles Bachelor

    Where can I find Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog?

  25. Hey Caption Guy? Don’t you just love how the sheet has the
    server played in the bottom of the first sheet but he needs people to put
    it in their mail or he needs to recognise the clan name to identify the
    server 🙂 still… he’s a good guy…

  26. I do not understand why you would not want to shoot at the churchill 7 from
    the front, the tracks are hit boxes and it is only about 50 mm of armor
    there, also the tracks are huge

  27. Jedi i recently got what i consider to be the last heavily armoured heavy i
    needed the is4 (i have the germans and the is7) but i have to ask you what
    is it that makes you choose the maus over the is4? Yeah the maus is fun but
    the is4 is god like its combination of in my opinion better armour than the
    e100 which consistently bounces heat shells and better mobility than it too
    with a better gun than the maus i have to ask you why is it not your tank
    of choice? Or is it just the novelty factor of the maus?

  28. 5:30.
    “I need the toilet”, “Stomach ache”…
    SEA server chat is so much better than the bitching and whining in EU

  29. Oh yeah … i love my cromwell. Im going to play it tonight :)

  30. That was a well played game. I thinks its xp 5opped my best game in the
    cromwell by 50xp :)

  31. Having on the Crusader is bad enough, but seeing people running the
    howitzer on the Cromwell makes me cry.

  32. Was wondering what the hell Invender meant.. Now I get it ✌
    gg potato

  33. Not sure if you noticed the chat in the first two minutes jedi, but thats
    what provided the entertainment.

    Oh, dont worry, i still love you ;)

  34. wheeee i am number 66. i am feeling special =)

  35. A fellow potato! :D

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