Viewer spotlight! // Crusader / “1096 and All That”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Some days you just have to go haring off around the desert thrashing everyone you meet, naturally doing it all in the name of Our Lord and Saviour, RNGeesus. Just another day’s work for the Crusader!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. APCR? Dirty seal clubbing FCM.

  2. I got my first Radley walter’s medal in the type t 34

  3. I have always loved the Crusader and its big brother the Cromwell

  4. Sadly Radely-Walter passed away a short time ago… At the age of 95

  5. I hated this tank. I could never make it work for me. The speed and view
    range made it a terrible scout. And the poor armor and low alpha made it
    hard to play as a medium. You can kind of see that in the replay too. The
    key with this tank is not only to always be in cover but try really hard to
    avoid enemy tasks from even pointing at you. I think this tank requires a
    lot of patience and skill to handle.

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime The top speed is a little low, but the acceleration is
      very good, among the best of tier 5 mediums. Also the view range is above
      average. The M4 and Sherman III get 370 m, Crusader 360 m, and every other
      T5 medium gets 350, and yes I know it’s officially a light tank, but screw
      that, the AMX 40 is also a ”light”

    • +SirDigsALot90 Fair enough point on the view range. I bet when I made my
      opinion on the view range it was when I was trying to play it as a light
      tank. I think the tier 4 Luchs makes a better light tank. Maybe if had more
      games in it with a medium mindset I’d change my opinion.

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime
      Yes, Luchs is good light and unlike the Crusader, Luchs is a scout tank
      (has scout MM and very good view range for T4, as a scout should). I really
      liked the German scout line, I though they were lame when I bought the
      Luchs, but they are the funniest tanks in the game.

    • Funny you should say that about the German line. I didn’t do any research
      and I nearly quit the game after playing the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t). Maybe
      someday if I ever reach 10k games I’ll go back and play it again to see if
      I can make it work.

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime
      The Pz 38 (t) was and I belive it still is crap.
      but man that light tank tier 4-8 line will make you laugh:
      Luch – good machine, can get into T4 matches (top tier Luchs can rape half
      of the enemy team
      Leopard – funny machine gun, low aim time, 360 total clip dmg. Rams enemy
      lights like a boas, and can sometimes bounce!
      VK 28.01 – good for scouting but not good for many other things. I didn’t
      like it..
      Aufklarungs Panzer Panther – funny name, funny tank. Its the worst scout
      tank, when it comes to actual scouting, but it has a very nice, accurate,
      low aim time, high velocity gun. Has the highest DPM of ANY light tank in
      the game, and can also ram like a BOAS (I have 11 kamikaze medals from 200
      games with it)
      Ru 251 – is just awesome, it can do eveything, good gun, second best DPM of
      ANY scout, it can passive scout, active scout it can depress the gun -10
      degress (on its side) it can 80 kph on flat ground.
      -there you have it. You didn’t ask for it, but my opinion on the line 🙂

  6. You said him going across the middle at the end there was a possible
    mistake, but I wonder if he had taken the long way around the north, if the
    enemy wouldn’t have capped on him. Because he went across the middle, he
    found them all on their way across.

  7. Thunder1177 Weekly

    Shame there wasn’t a fourth arty so he couldn’t have gotten the holy grail
    (a burdas medal)

  8. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    You should compare the crusader to the russian t-34 instead of the M7, in
    my opinion. They get exactly the same pew-pew gun with a different name.
    The crusader has better camo by virtue of being a light tank, though, and
    better view range and gun depression (at least to the sides). A hidden gem
    overlooked by everyone just because at tier 5 people cant work with paper
    tanks and low-ish pen.

    The M7 is just bad at everything. Its big, it has the worst gun on a tier 5
    medium, and it looks silly. At least the crusader like all british meds
    looks awesome.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup The gun on the T-34 is actually better then the
      crusader, with 85 average damage and 125 pen

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup No, the Crusader’s gun is same as M7’s – T-34’s is
      slightly better.
      And the Crusader looks worst of all British cruiser tanks 😛

    • +James Walter You mixed up 2 guns. The more common and better gun is the 57
      mm, which has 112 pen and 85 dmg. It has a tiny bit slower RoF (T-34
      -26.09, Crusader -27.27) but with 85 dmg per shells it’s got a better dpm
      output. That little Russian bugger has got more DPM than the Comet, or
      Tiger….because Russia !!

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup Dude, the M7 is epic. It has 380 view range at tier 5.
      The best by so far. A gun which is basically the crusaders and is way
      faster than the crusader. In my first game in the M7 I got 7 kills 2.7k dmg
      and 1500 base XP on a loss. Yeah, the M7 is so good….

    • +WoTFilms
      No, M7’s gun is exactly as fast as Crusader’s.

  9. The FCM36 PaK40 still has 400m view range, as it’s a premium. It’s no
    wonder it’s being removed from the shop, as it’s utterly broken at tier III

  10. it’s a true light tank, light tank armor, light tank gun, light tank camo,
    and it looks like a like tank

  11. GG to this guy, was well deserved!

  12. Ok, I know it is there to be used and its their credits to burn but why is
    it that it seems premium vehicles tend to spam the premium shells when they
    really do not need it? The PaK40 can easily pen a ‘Sader with its regular
    ammo and he just kept slinging the premium and wasting money with each

  13. dam id forgotten about this tank i remember liking it but they are so rare
    to see but ive bought mine and im going to begin playing it again :)

  14. I realised something in this video, when you were talking about the
    FCM36Pak40, you completely avoided saying the view range was over powered.
    The view range IS stupidly over powered yet you avoided saying so. Same
    with the ROF of the Crusader’s gun, you avoided saying it’s completely over
    powered… Why?

    • +dunboob00 for starters, neither the kv-1 nor the kv-2 are mobile, if you
      can’t pen a kv-2 in a tier 8 then your stupid, and have you considered the
      fact that you may just suck?

    • do you know what had stupidly op view range and camo rating? my
      Waffentrager auf panzer 4… than WG threw the nerf hammer at it… it had
      410 view range plus recon, sit awareness, and bonocs plus with a 9.98 sec
      reload on the top 12,8cm gun … that was op… not an IS in a tier 8 game
      with 350 when most american heavies get alot more

    • +Philip Lutin You conveniently forgot to mention the fact an IS doesn’t
      need view range, since’s it’s a heavy tank. Not to mention it has an
      extremely over powered 122mm gun with stupidly troll and absolutely
      ridiculous armour.

      I don’t know why you mentioned the WaffenTrager, as it has absolutely no
      relevance to the conversation.

    • +Sean Taylor I’m sorry I forgot a tank has to be able to go 50km/h or
      higher to be mobile.

      Have I ever though I just suck? Yes, I considered that. Then a KV-1 player
      with 23% win rate, 56 WN8 won against eight enemy tanks that were all
      higher tier then him.

      A similar thing happened with the KV-2, only this time it was someone with
      slightly better stats, but still a below 50% win rate, and below 500 WN8.
      This time though they won against 10 tanks.

    • +dunboob00 I would think you were bullshitting me, but I’ve long since lost
      hope in humanity so I’m not sure, either way, people being stupid doesn’t
      make a tank OP, and neither the kv-1 or 2 will do 50 unless your going
      downhill, and neither turn fast enough for it to be relevant

  15. Crusader has better aiming time than M7
    And it can bounce HE ammo (block)
    M7 can get 1 shot by M4 Sherman 105mm
    Crusader is much better M7

  16. talking about the British, I heard the Caravan is quite controversial ;)

  17. Not going to lie… I love wrecking crusaders with my new 28.01 if the MM
    is nice :D

  18. first like yay!

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