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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Another one from the contest, and in any reasonable world this would have been one of the tier 9-10 winners – but of course, alas, it was not to be. Came darn close though!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Why would he load HE when he has a gun that can do 700 dmg with regular
    rounds and those artys have 550 hp??

  2. He is an idiot
    Without his pressious gold he would not have even half of the damage

  3. But surely the pen of the gun is to balance the alpha? It does nearly twice
    the damage of some tier 10 heavies.

  4. He was Finnish 

  5. I gotta admit, if I get hit by a HEAT shell from an E100 the first thing I
    do is get upset about it… then I remind myself that that gun on the E100
    is basically the one and only reason why I still have an E75 and will never
    buy an E100… well, that and because the E100 is just freaking ugly as sin.
    So yeah… I can kind of understand why people use HEAT on that thing. I
    don’t like it, but at the end of the day it’s Wargaming who deserves the
    blame for that one. Not the guy driving the E100.

  6. It would be really good if they could make AP have 250 pen and heat be like
    300 like IS7. I almost never have to use gold in my is7. I only use it when
    there is a e100 with lower plate covered and he doesnt bother angling his
    turret. Other than that, I never have yo use it. That would be a good
    change but “working as intended”.

  7. Ayyyyy lmao. Dem HE non-pens :D

  8. E-100 using gold, nothing unusual there.

  9. I can sort get the AMX 50 B whining about premshells but he happened to
    have it loaded and with a 17sec reload you can’t really change ammo types
    in order to make your enemies feelings better. The Maus on the other
    hand….. You’re in a MAUS! When I drive my Maus I just assume all the
    shells that come flying at me are premshells and behave accordingly. The
    moment you hit the battle button when driving an uber-armoured tank like
    the Maus, you lose the right to complain about premshells. Sure you can get
    frustrated, but you can’t complain.

  10. heat spamming t110e5s are the worst they can absolutely annihilate you so

  11. If someone wants to spend 103k on ammunition, let them. This game can be
    supremely frustrating. But there are few things in this game I find more
    frustrating then when you can’t maneuver and you simply can’t damage what
    is in front of you. That is the moment that premium shells are for.

  12. i fire HE and AP mainly in my e-100. Weirdly firing HE at the mantlet of
    the t110e3 does like 300 damage whereas if you shoot anywhere else it will
    do like a 100.

  13. glad he loss

  14. RNG Giveth, RNG Taketh away… 🙁


  15. Jedi, I really like it when you commentate on replays. Unlike other replay
    casters (Quickybaby, Max, Jingles, etc) you actually criticize the people
    in the replay instead of going “oh my god he’s sooooo good he cant do
    anything wrong.” Yes, it was a well played game, but the guy made mistakes
    which lost him the game, and you pointed that out. Other replay casters
    would have just said “a masterclass game, rng f’ed him up and thats why he
    lost.” RNG is not the reason why he lost, he lost because HE loaded he
    instead of continuing to load HEAT or AP (dont have a problem with him
    shooting HEAT btw, its in the game and not going away so no use complaining

    Anyway, love the content Jedi.

  16. That Tortoise should have just gone through the E-100’s turret ring when
    they were f/hugging. Some of this was painful to watch.

  17. I think to determine whether one is a gold spammer is whether the player is
    choosing to shoot gold on targets that needs it, or if they are just
    aimlessly preloaded all gold and shoot everything. If you see a maus, an
    e3, then fair enough, but he could have switch back to ap for the conquerer
    ,the t30 and so on. If you say the reload is long , it is alright if you
    clear the barrel, but the next shot should be back to ap if you don’t need
    the Pen to kill someone.

    HE on arty is another terrible idea. You use HE if you are sure that you
    can pen him AND you need the extra damage to take him out. But your gun
    does 750, you have 100% chance of pen and kill him. Are you expecting to do
    950 damage on targets that have 500 hp? But I am sure that he did not
    realize he was shooting he until he fire on the tortoise.

  18. Issue with the HEAT rounds on the 15 cm is it gives the E-100 a de facto TD
    gun given the levels of pen and alpha. With a bit of luck even this tomato
    can rack up huge damage by just derping everyone with the gold.

  19. My main frustration with gold rounds isn’t so much them reaching for them
    when I’m hull-down in my T32 Heavy, I get that, the thing that always
    boggles my mind is when people load gold and then shoot at something like
    the side of a Chaffee or a Wolverine and historically for *me* its my
    softer tanks that tend to get shot with the gold the most. (which I will
    say right here is probably *NOT* the normal way things go)

  20. He has a camonet on an E100. Why. Why why why why why

  21. I agree with the balancing problem… My problem comes when people use prem
    ammo to avoid things like aiming. Than I feel like he just doesn’t deserve
    the damage… I feel even more frustrated, when a tank with good
    penetration just goes to prem rounds and goes thought the strongest part of
    your armor because aiming would take skills. So it’s skill rounds. On the
    other hand, on some tanks you just need to deal with it :/ So yeah… Blame
    war gaming imo.

  22. This E100 driver is just bad, he clearly does not know how to pen tanks
    frontally. So instead he just goes firing HEAT at everything he sees. Also
    he really needs to learn hoe to angle in the E100 becuase giving his lower
    plate like that to the enemy is just stupid.
    I am glad that this guy got 4th place and did not get a premium tank.

  23. I actually felt relieved when the dude got killed. Not that I’m against
    gold, but this example just proves that spamming it doesn’t always buy you
    the game…

  24. let the heat wars begin lolol

  25. In my opinion, everyone not using HEAT in an E100 struggles to cope in the
    fast an agile games these days.
    Using only AP and HE makes the E100 almost useless.
    I tried it. There are only a couple of situations, the E100 is good with
    these setup.
    It is so frustrating facing an IS-7 with exposed lower plate and not able
    to pen it. Every other tank I know doesn’t struggle to use this mistake the
    enemy IS did to your advantage.
    If you switch to HE against an IS-7, you doing almost nothing on your flank
    but slowing down the enemy team. Ok, i thought this is a valuable tactic.
    But what happens usually? Another flank collapses, because I didn’t do
    You have to use HEAT to wrestle the enemy down as fast as possible in most
    of the time.
    I don’t use HEAT, when I see the “Hold this flank until your cavalry
    arrives”-tactic works. But that is maybe 1 out of 10 games.
    You have to carry a game and not hoping your team will flank your enemy.
    I drive also an IS-4 and the premshells getting dusty as f***. From game to
    game I load less and less premshells, because I don’t need them.

    Another thing, most E100 drivers use HEAT when they see an E100. They pen
    you almost every time you are trying to take a shot. You miss or bounce,
    because reasons. Do this 3 times and you lost all of your health the enemy
    maybe 1/3.
    That is the time where I also have to use HEAT. Especially on mid range. Of
    course at close combat I usually know the weakspot on the turret and don’t
    need premshells.

    I try to find a good mix between AP, HEAT and HE and that is fine for me.
    HEAT at mid and long range (and IS-7s)
    AP for close combat and weakspots.
    HE to track tanks or cripple them/slow them down. (or for nasty WT E100 ^^).

    I would love WG, if they give the E100 more pen and reduce the firerate or
    something similar.

  26. Whoa WoT in Finnish is painful to watch when most communication is in
    English… But E100 did well holding the overwhelmed flank (even with that
    choice of ammo). Gold ammo has been plain stupid since Beta and I refuse to
    load any, so the joke’s on me when my T-54 meets a Maus. But even hull-down
    E100 can be killed easily with 200 pen shots to his rangefinder… Properly
    aiming players will always get my respect, even when they completely wreck

  27. O.k. all of you pro players complaining about this E100 player and his gold

    Please, link us YOUR replays that have the same damage using standard AP
    rounds? Where are your videos where you came in 4th in the competition?

  28. Well, that’s amusing.I’ve penned the GW E100s superstructure with forty
    millimetre HE before(British two pounder mark nine tier three gun)

  29. The premium ammo is basically more of the premium wot players than regular
    ones aside from the ones that buy gold to exchange fnr credits. I’ve bought
    gold myself so i’m not innocent in that regard but when i’m in the AMX 38
    i’m ready to spend some prem ammo as well since that top gun has horrid
    penetration values (which is actually the low tier theme for the french
    tanks below tier 5. The AMX 38 even struggles against some of it’s tier
    tanks, as well.

  30. I can make the std AP 235 pen work for me in my E100, the key is knowledge
    of the enemy weak points which this guy clearly didn’t have. Front corners
    of the lower front plate of the E3 are easily penned by the AP of the E100,
    *if* you aim properly. A case can be made however to use HEAT on the Maus
    and simply put rounds thru the turret front, since the LFP on that tank can
    be troll if angled right. I’m sure the guys knows all of this now, and
    learned from his mistakes, that said he still had a hell of a game!

  31. What’s that arty replay?

  32. just a gold spamming noob

  33. Disgusting.

  34. The torty driver is a nazi

  35. A pretty derpy game all round! I’ve got 57% WR in my E100 and have fired
    less prem shells in 100 games than he did in this one.. Some pretty insane
    luck and bad decision making, but a nice result nonetheless.. 

  36. People at tier 10 still calling people gold noobs, they are clearly the
    noobs for going mad at people that use prem ammo at tier 10 and prem ammo
    is in the game to be used its not there for looks

  37. Really like the one still pic of the E-100 as seen through the view port of
    the GWE-100, very nice.

  38. I have both an IS7 and an E100 and I almost never shoot gold

  39. I do not like this Nexo5 guy…not because he is totally ignoring which
    Ammo would work, but because he is such a douche player. His Team does
    nearly no flank split and all he said was “idiots”. While fighting the
    Tortoise he asks “his stats?”…well this is what grinds my
    gears…seriously…his stats? I know Tomatos which are good enough to fuck
    an 400HP E100 with a Stocktoise and this guy asks for stats? I guess he is
    one of the players who cry when they get killed 😛 

  40. this is where the change they made to gold ammo is ridiculous, before in a
    maus you were expecting arty to come at you! now it’s gold ammo from all
    side! that’s ridiculous.

  41. If they wont give the AP better pen, then you just have to shoot some HEAT
    with the E100. And to the aim for weakspots, and so on crew: Fuck you,
    everybody spams prem ammo at you in the E100 too 😛 Give me 250mm pen on
    the E100 AP and ill only take 5 instead of 15 HEAT rounds ^^

  42. As far as the usage of Prem ammo goes; I only use Prem when it is
    absolutely necessary – Whaere as Anyone else who shoots Prem ammo at me is
    A total GOLD NOOB who is spamming Prem ammo all over the place. And that is
    the only reason he does any Damage to me etc. etc. etc.
    I think that is a LARGE bit of the whole Prem ammo controversy. I dont
    think there are many players of WOT (Particularly in The higher tiers) who
    can Honestly say they never fire any Prem!
    Is it always necessary… Of cause not but what the Heck If you can afford
    it go ahead!
    – I also occasionally rage about being shot down with Prem – But its a part
    of the game JUST like arty and the NON-Skill based MM and I doubt that will
    change so we’ll just have to learn to live with it (And keep on Rageing in

  43. I don’t think I will ever understand why he loaded HE for the arty. Is 230
    pen and 750 average damage insufficient to destroy a tank with 80mm frontal
    armour and 550hp? It just doesn’t make any sense.

  44. Gold ammo to make a tank effective. I’m looking at you tier 4 heavy’s.

  45. Yup, WG is too greedy, all they care about is the money, fair to say.

  46. “My Gold Ammo is refilled by the tears of the fallen.” Nuff said.

  47. I wish you would not upload replays like this, I got really excited when I
    saw E100 video, but this guy is using only gold I mean come on. There are
    better games then this one. There is no skill in this game what so ever.
    E100 with heat u don’t even have to try to penetrate, this guy had so much
    luck in this game as well. I carry 7 heat with my E100 and is more then
    enough for me and can still do well. Really disappointed after watching
    this Jedi.

  48. if you spamming gold ammo, better hope every game is a above average game
    otherwise you won’t make any credits to be able to unlock important things.

  49. Hello Jedi and thank you for all the pointers and entertaining content this
    year. You sir have a Merry Christmas, best wishes.

  50. I think one of the other situations that has caused there to be more
    premium ammo on the battle field is the introduction of Marks of Excellence
    (MOE), or as I like to refer to them, Marks of Expense, because doing lots
    of damage helps the chances of securing a MOE and premium ammo equals more

    I was in an Encounter Battle recently on Campanovka. We spawned in the SE
    and I took up a sniping position alongside the rock. Along side me was a
    heavy tank who had a MOE. I was looking to forward to seeing how he
    performed, what you have to do to get a MOE. But he did not leave that
    position at all and I would have to say that his overall performance was
    worse than me (and that is saying something).

    But when the enemy began to overrun us (because not enough heavies went up
    the hill (I know, I know, I could have gone up the hill too. But I
    figured if the heavise with their rotating turrets won’t go up there, why
    should I), he did cause considerable damage with all the premium ammo he
    was firing . . . which answered my question about how to get MOEs.

  51. I think premium ammo causes an unnatural imbalance where weaker tanks
    become more capable of destroying stronger tanks that they couldn’t do with
    standard ammo. Of course the counter arguers will tell us premium ammo is
    not a problem because we can all get it, which is true. But can you
    imagine the bleating if all the big guns just spammed premium and were one
    shotting every other tank on the battlefield.

    Unfortunately I think that is the way that WOT is heading. More people
    will start spamming premium ammo and those that don’t will die quickly
    causing even more people to switch over to racks full of premium ammo,
    until everyone is firing nothing but gold.

  52. Thank you Jedi. I was going to re-download wot, but I guess I know what to
    do now.

  53. I really do not understand why everyone gets so het up about the use of
    premium ammunition. Jedi you made a good and succinct analysis of why this
    happens. Also when you are against heavily armored tanks two tiers higher
    it specious for people to say that “all you have to do” is aim for weak
    spots or flank. Have you ever tried flanking in a Matilda when you’re in a
    T6 game and confronted by a KV1 or a KV1S and even with premium you’re only
    doing an average of 50 – 60 damage IF you penetrate. And I’m sure that
    people don’t use it lightly either as even if you win it will cost a
    fortune in credits. Yes there are some people who will use premium to
    compensate for their poor game play. But I think that most will use it as
    the occasion demands and usually because their standard ammo is piss poor
    in the particular circumstance. So people should stop whining and accept
    that its part of the game and in most cases a valid tactic.

  54. Sorry I meant the KV-85 but it can apply equally to the KV-1 :-)

  55. I don’t know why people whine about WG making money. WG is a business,
    that’s their job, they’re not a charity. WoT is also one of the least pay
    to win free to play games there is, if anything, then WoT is pay to
    progress faster. You are at no disadvantage without spending money. The
    fact that WG offered prem stuff for credits is impressive already, why do
    people still whine that WG are “money whores”

  56. I would pay if there were a server 3 with no goldammo at all just 2play on
    it … i really like 2 play really heavy tanks but as soon there are only
    goldweaklings its just a pain
    ok gold isn’t that strong on all the tanks but a some its like gold autoaim
    lolz i win and that sux i guess most of that mind of players didn’t eaven
    know about weakpoints

  57. a torty?

  58. propping up a flank alone against 3,4,5 tanks…i’d spam heat as well. i
    mean, the honourable thing to do is simply not fire at the maus or anything
    else you simply can’t penetrate. let them kill you, it’s honourable!

    i’ll admit, i call people out for spamming gold. last night i was shot 4
    times in a row by a leopard 1 with heat. in my is-6. from behind. HE was a
    bad player, but it’s still a part of the game.

    hope you don’t read many of these comments jedi, i’d be tempted to disable
    comments all together if it were my channel…

  59. I really do not have any problems with premium ammo being used against
    targets where you need it. The maus and E3 I could understand when you use
    the HEAT however When you use HEAT and then manage to bounce to a tortoise
    with how terrible his shooting was it is quite annoying. The 50B shot did
    not matter however the last 3 targets would be dead if he used AP instead
    of being lazy and keeping to HEAT. In general I would guess that there
    should be a premium ammo cap in the game to make people have to think about
    what they fire their premium ammo at. Most tanks in which people spam
    premium do not need it and the HEAT is just spammed due to the silly pen it
    gets (AHEM russian medium tanks) however with a cap of maybe 10 or 15% of
    your shells being premium people could still work in tanks like the E100
    when they meet heavy.

  60. I’m kinda glad he didn’t win… In a WOT best channel, I have seen MANY
    players rack up over 10k using almost entirely AP and HE – only ever
    shooting HEAT in situations such as being the last tank alive on their team
    with multiple tier X enemies left – in one such case 2 Maus’ played bridge
    troll and the ONLY way dude was going to have ANY chance of doing ANYTHING
    – as he was pincered, was to fire HEAT, and those last 2 Maus’ were the
    ONLY reason this dude used about 8-9 HEAT shells.

    I play my E-100 like that, and I really have no problems racking up at
    least 3.2k with only AP and HE – even on some bad teams that throw the
    match and quickly all get killed.

    Premium ammo SHOULD be available for credits – selling them for gold just
    makes it into MORE of an I-WIN button! As only the people with enough cash
    to burn will be using premium shells and THAT disparity DOES give them an
    ENTIRELY UNFAIR edge! I started playing back in September 2011, and I have
    seen it!

    So really, either premium shells should be able to be purchased for credits
    – or not at all! And if they completely removed prem rounds, quite a few
    tanks would become worthless for any competitive play (E-100 would NEVER be
    used in CW or Company Battles) – and some would just frequently end up in
    situations in which the tank has no choice but to try to evade as much
    damage as possible, as it is entirely incapable of doing damage to the
    tanks pushing on it, my KV-5 comes to mind in this instance, I do NOT use
    APCR much at all with enemies it, but I DO run into many situations in
    which APCR is my ONLY option to try to push back when cornered by tanks
    with strong frontal armor – and this even includes other tanks of the same
    tier! Say a 110, KV-4, and a Tiger 2 with its lower plate hidden all push
    me up against a wall in my KV-5, if I just shoot AP, even taking time to
    try to hit any available weak spot – it WILL not be enough, as in CQB it is
    quite hard to shoot exactly what you aim for when enemy players are smart
    enough to move a bit and change angles. Now, if I load APCR – I will have a
    decent chance to penetrate any of those tanks frontally. USED to be HE was
    useful – at almost any caliber against almost any armor it would still do
    at least a LITTLE damage, but now? He is useless against almost everything
    in basically any caliber under 122 – and even then, it still is not
    effective enough for anything not lightly armored or low on HP. Not until
    150mm does HE start to actually be an effective round for regular tanks

    So were they to either REMOVE (which would still be better than -) or make
    premium cost gold again, MANY tanks would require rebalancing!

    People need to stop crying, premium rounds ARE NOT I WIN BUTTONS! You will
    still FAIL MISERABLY if you do not know how to aim, and do not understand
    the difference between AP, APCR, HEAT, HE, and HESH! Most people crying
    about premium ammo are NOOBS! There is not a tier X tank I have ever played
    that became useless when premium rounds were fired at it – well OTHER than,
    perhaps, the Maus, and maybe that is why Jedi seems to not like premium

    I’m not racking on the Maus or people who LIKE it, but objectively, all it
    has is thick – but FLAT armor, and a large HP pool going for it, that 128
    isn’t that great a cannon to begin with (all tier 8 German TDs can use it!
    And at tier 8, it is amazing) – and the Maus fires it more slowly than any
    other heavy at tier X fires ANY gun, apart from the E-100’s 15cm – which
    still has much more DPM. And then there is the fact that the MAJORITY of
    the Maus’ side hull is just flat, unspaced, 185mm slabs. Where the E-100
    has a weaker turret on the sides and rear, its side hull has NO PART that
    isn’t spaced – AND over 190mm of equivalent armor! And finally, we have the
    FRONT of the Maus turret – perhaps the worst of ANY tier X heavy! Because
    it is quite simple to slam a shell right through it when it points at you,
    and because it turns so damned SLOWLY, in my experience, when driving a med
    or quicker heavy/TD – when a Maus starts turning its turret my way, I can
    usually slam a shell through the turret “cheek” nearest to me before the
    gun even is fully pointed at me, let alone aimed in – and then either fall
    into cover or angle against the Maus’ return shot!

  61. Comment Guy: I suppose I am different from MOST players! I NEVER rush to
    new OP tanks, I almost NEVER EVER fire any premium in any of my premium
    tanks – as I am a purist of sorts – premium tanks were designed to earn you
    more credits, firing premium from them eats away at those credits earned –
    and I sincerely feel that if you CANNOT do well in a premium tank with
    standard ammunition, then you either should not own said premium OR you
    need to learn some more skill.

    In regards to my tier Xs and any REGULAR tank, I will only ever fire
    premium when it feels necessary – and in most tanks, my E-100 included,
    that is around 1/4th the shells I fire or less. Even when I am the last
    person alive, in say my E-100 – and I load HEAT because if I make every
    shot count and play just right, I could carry to victory – and I am
    shooting tanks/parts of tanks where I know with the right aim I could quite
    easily penetrate and damage with AP, I FEEL like a Scumbag!

    So I suppose I DO have a sense of honor when playing, also; IT JUST FEELS

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