Viewer spotlight! // Edelweiss / “When the Weeb Nation attacked”

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So. There are two new tanks out, that you just won’t have seen around unless you play on the Asian server – and in the case of one of them, the Nameless, that seems like a good thing as it’s pretty damn OP. The Edelweiss, on the other hand, seems a bit more balanced overall… but this being WG, naturally it’s not entirely unproblematic itself.


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  1. I hope they keep that horrid POS on that server..

  2. weeb with me, weeb for the year, weeb for the laughter, weeb for the tear…

  3. COOL

  4. The Edelweiss seems like it’s fairly balanced .. speed looks great but its a nearly useless stat on WoT maps.
    OFC people don’t want it in game, since it’s not “real”. But looking at the jap heavy line I don’t think that is a strong argument 😀

  5. I really really want these tanks

  6. Girls und panzer tanks next please

  7. all still less op than defender n patriot n possibly the liberty

  8. this made me go n play Valkyria Cronicles again, great game. quite funny that the game costs about £15 but the cheapest of the tanks in WOT is double that.

  9. I want silly anime tanks in my game WG doesn’t take this thing seriously at all. The gunhandling looks pretty awful though.

  10. These amine tanks were the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Installed War Thunder today and really enjoying it.

  11. Are you going to tankfest

  12. The cdc has 35 hp/t vs this has 25hp/t. The cdc gun handling is really good. It’s one of the best with the panther 88

  13. i would pay anything to get the Edelweiss on the EU server

  14. Lets hope Wg will keep these atrocities away from the EU servers.

  15. Screw world peace, I want some pizza

    if this anime bullshit ever enters the EU server i will imidiatly stop playing this already ‘balanced’ game

  16. Ugh, this guy seems to be one of those people who thinks you get better accuracy if you zoom out to 3rd person view before you fire. Annoying as hell to watch.

  17. I have to say Jedi considering the quality of and the amount of videos you do, your channel is crimanally undersubscribed

  18. BRING TO NA!

  19. Edelweiss more comparable to the Sta-2 gun rather than the 59-patton based on gun stats alone

  20. I think Wargaming is starting to cross some lines here. Fury? Okay, it was an actual tank with some entirely possible external modifications. The ARP ships? Skins that can be turned off by players who don’t want them. HSF? Graf Spee is in the game already, and the Harekaze is based enough on the Yagumo that is probably not much further off from at least possibility than some of the other fabrications in WG titles (and as in fact a lot more plausible than the old WT-E100). Even Girls und Panzer themed vehicles would be nothing more than reskins of existing vehicles. But as much as I like Valkyria Chronicles, I don’t think vehicles from it have any place in World of Tanks. As it is, I already find the preposterously oversized drive sprocket and idler wheel of the Edelweiss irritating to look at.

  21. Teamkill them all. The day these hit my server is the last day I play WoT.

  22. When WG is losing so many players that they need to introduce weeaboo tanks to reach people.

  23. It has the Walker Bulldog turret, and the Edelweiss should have an autoloader!

  24. I hope they bring both of these beauties to the NA server. I swore I was through shoveling money at WG, but they got me hooked on these two.

  25. I’m sort of sad that most of the YouTubers introducing these tanks didn’t do a bit more research on them. All you had to do is read the wiki for it and given some trivia like, “it’s the good guy’s tank in the game. It was cobbled together in a shed, has panzer 4 hull with walker bulldog turret, and it has an autoloader which it doesn’t have in WoT.” Boom, tank is less fake, it’s interesting, if they balance them, they could be no more than a silly skin.

    Honestly that’s the way to go. Give them same stats as the equipment already in the game. Balance done. Copy and paste.

  26. Trump had a good idea. We need a wall to keep this weeb shite out.

  27. I cant watch this, the player keeps zooming in and out like a moronic twat.

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