Viewer spotlight! // G.W. Tiger / “Un-sarcasticated”

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We’re kicking off this new start with this game from , who’s probably feeling pretty honoured right now as the first proper of the channel reboot – but, I can promise you this, it certainly won’t be the last.


a free-to-play online, multiplayer battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. very slow clap :/

  2. I still hope we will see more arty replays on this channel. Youtube needs
    one who supports the klickers.

  3. I love you PHJ 🙂 Really made me giggle a lot :-)

  4. He he

  5. April Fool continued.

  6. After the previous video, he might be serious about the channel change.

  7. Fack you

  8. Nice ApRil fOOl!

  9. well done Danka.i was on the edge of my seat . unbelievable skill.

  10. Has anyone told WG that their new sound effects make the engines sound like
    a bloody riding lawnmower?

    Or perhaps that’s their version of an April Fool’s?

  11. That intro made me happy 🙂
    I just got a screenshot were a tier 9 arty shot 7 times miss all 7 shots
    and did 5238 dmg … fair…

  12. This video was awesome 😀 (9.34)

  13. Niels Toft Larsen

    Watched (some of) it. Disagreed. I know it is an April’s fool but I think
    that you have joined Jingles in thinking that if YOU don’t enjoy it, it
    must not be fun, nor relevant to the game. Sure, arties backing into a
    river are the scum of the WOW community, no disagreement but, ffs. You keep
    counting all the times arty hits you but rarely the times they help. I
    could belabor this but you probably get it. Nobody misses the guy in back,
    until he is gone. Yeah?

  14. I really like the new way this channel is going I’m certainly much more
    excited about future content now than i previously was.

  15. I’m just waiting to see Jedi’s sub count drop by 10,000 as all the people
    who can’t sense sarcasm run away screaming…. 😉

    If I’ve calculated it correctly you uploading this video after midday….
    You realise that makes you an ‘april fool’ don’t you? 😉 **realisation
    hits** My god…he’s not joking…. O.o

  16. The time it takes to move backwards to get in position is much slower then
    turn and go forward instead. And u are in risk to get spotted by a fast
    scout while going backward…lol

  17. Tanks that sit out of sight are getting HD Update, what a waste of time.
    “800 damage” how disappointing, give me a fucking break and no they don’t
    need buffing and only one of his shots missed, he even hit the damn T30
    whilst moving.

    They need to reduce damage by 75% and keep everything else the same and
    just increase XP gain by 75% for SPG’s.

    Don’t care what day it is.

  18. lmao it must have been painfull to say thoes things even if it was for
    april fools xD

  19. WG logic “Lets make the GW Tiger HD and not the E75!”

  20. LOL love the new intro footage jedi! Keep up the good work sir!!

  21. Jedi wins the price for best April 1st WOT joke

  22. Nice troll April Fool

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  24. Don’t know how you managed to commentate with all that tongue in cheek.

  25. Chuckles Bachelor

    It’s not April 1st… He has Joined the DARK side… Bah ha ha ha.

  26. Yes indeed it was a very skillful display. Fantastic knowledge of armored
    combat tactics and cat-like reflexes saved the day. Shame that rngesus
    wasn’t favourable this time, they should really buff artillery penetration
    values, damage output, etc. And I really don’t think arty should need to
    use it’s tracks so much, 360° rotatable stationary cannons would do better
    if implemented to the game IMO, of course positioned outside the map,
    otherwise totally detectable hence underpowered.

  27. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    i was giggling like a schoolgirl during the entirety of this video XD

  28. Welcome to WG new scumbag. REMOVE ARTY FROM THE GAME! Bad joke.

  29. Good to see you’re true to your word about becoming a mainly arty channel.

  30. did he put out an update on the mod pack yet?

  31. Not sure how you can do this to yourself. (Despite the joke)

  32. Jedi, please make a guide for arty scouting as I would like to improve my
    arty scouting gameplay…

  33. Arty should be allowed to fire from a different map to ensure true

  34. You do have to wonder if the 4 down votes thought you were being serious.

  35. Malith Loki Melkor

    Sir Fochs head would explode if he watched this.

  36. started subtly, but by the end dripping with sarcasm…love it.

  37. ultimate sugar95

    Please do the next one with the whispery voice of a golf commentator xD

  38. Yarricks Nachbar

    Awesome! I just couldn’t stop laughing!

  39. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    you know its a joke when caption guys checks with Jedi if a word is real.

  40. April fool!

  41. Vollmeissel3achtel

    So you whant artyreplays? lil warning, i’m actually gonna rebuy all the old
    artys and spam your in with replays xD And i know it was Arty but man what
    a game! RNG was on his side!

  42. Second Kappa.

  43. Jedi’s April Fools joke was better than WG’s

  44. Sooo much sarcasm in one clip – hard to beat! :-)


  46. This is better suited for Halloween. It is like your very best friend
    turned into an undead. Very scarry

  47. Fair and balanced boys, fair and balanced… Back to ships… All that i
    think nowdays when i get hit by arty.

  48. I have to say, most WoT players aren’t nearly as good as this Danka guy. I
    was especially impressed by his excellent situational awareness about
    removing enemy guns from the field! I’ve also played GW Tiger and I was
    never as accurate as this man! I wish I knew how he has such amazing skill
    at aiming!

    And then his genious decision to stay completely immobile when faced with
    two enemy artillery pieces! Quiet as a mouse, he was. And then the decision
    to move when he got spotted was just utter Mensa-levels of MLG!

    Respect this man. You will never beat his ability.

  49. How do you keep a strait face through that? XD

  50. This guy aims incorrectly. If artillery aims on the top of a tank you’re
    far more likely to overshoot. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s better
    to aim at something like the upper-glacis or even on the ground directly
    behind the tank. Don’t ask how I know that. <_<

  51. It is the 1st of april, every video he does today is meant to be most
    commical, so today is the day for puns and sarcasm

  52. Jedi, have you thought yet about setting up an arty-only clan? I think it
    could have real possibilities.

  53. High Caliber* ;)

  54. Ha. Arty end-game: shotgun, then RAM!

  55. Captain Jimmy T Rustler

    Jedi pls. Y u do dis?

  56. It IS 1 April, after all. :)

  57. okay jedi, you can stop with arty now. its not funny any more. also you
    mentioned buffs to damage? you better be joking.

  58. #DuckArty!

  59. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    so funny around 11:00

  60. William Taylor Payne

    I need to get this I’m on the hummel and need SPG2 for the T28 HTC and its
    just not happening at tier 6 for me at least.

  61. What is unbalanced about arty is the gwe100 which would be faster

  62. Lets feature an arty game cuz why the fuck not…promote the mechanic that
    ruins peoples games. Clap Clap Jedi

  63. Jon I (Irelandmann244)


  64. hahahhaha
    nice try jedi

  65. *slow clap*

  66. You almost managed to do the whole commentarty with a straight face but
    your voice cracked at the end when you were talking about being unlucky to
    miss 1 shot :-)

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