Viewer spotlight! // Lorraine 40t / “May you drive in interesting tanks”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It’s a well-known ancient curse. Honest.


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  1. First! Woohoo

  2. I quite like this tank. It’s got that 100 mm French gun that has been my nemesis since I first encountered it way way back in the French TD line. And there’s has never been a gun that I hit more tracks, bounced more shots off of perfectly penable armor profiles or even more often put shots harmlessly into the dirt than with this gun. Having said all that…. It seems to behave much better when it’s on the Lorraine 40t. No idea why it just does. And I’m not going to question my luck now lol. Thanks for the replay.

    PS I still trying to find the time to watch the uploads about that Mars game.

  3. Fantastic play by the Lorraine, and excellent choice of replay to highlight. Great commentary too.

  4. gen. Rommell in that O-Ho…

  5. Nice game nice comm PHJ. And you’ve fixed the slideshow too, this one smooth as silk.

    4:48 well, we will – BC12t was fighting enemy Mauschen and the M5355 was already aiming on him and the BC got caught in the crossfire.

  6. It’s that bloody “dodgy physics” simulator again.

  7. I wonder why that tank has a random conical straw hat hanging off the back of the turret?

  8. Just wow!

  9. Great play and well narrated. Thanks Jedhi!

  10. The fate of the lorraine was a tier8 with 6 shells it was meh and than got bumped to tier9 when it became even more meh because of bad gun depression and handling, finally they buffed depression, gun stats making it good and kept it for a patch or two before removing it and reintroducing it again as tier8, its a tank that has been kicked out too many times lol.

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