Viewer spotlight! // M103 / “A face for radio”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Just occasionally, the gods of RNG hear your prayers, reward you in ways you just weren’t expecting. All praise be to RNGeesus!


of Tanks free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Pikilloification

    The 103 deserves the top gun.

  2. second comment

  3. Quite the game that was good old RNG, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some more
    M103 action Jedi. 

  4. sergenticus_wafflicus

    “There are other tier 10 heavies I would rather take out instead”
    let me guess Jedi, would one of those be the Maus by any chance? :P

  5. Intel HD 2000 Gaming

    Well ,inside the video you didn’t use hgrs sound mod while the video
    description said you does


  7. Is USA Heavy Tank T9-T10 sucked ? M103,T110E5
    My friend told me so,but i really dont trust him!
    Can i know the Pros and Cons ?

  8. can I get this kickass sixth sense icon just by itself (aka not a part of a
    bigger mod)?

  9. “Headshot!”

  10. well…RNGeesus screwed me over yesterday. 3 bounces on a centurion with an
    obj 704 and one of em at point blank range..

  11. Glad to see an M103 replay. Just unlocked mine and after the T32 it’s a
    wonderful change of pace. (At least once you unlock the second gun).

  12. Just wondering, is the low ammo capacity on the M103 a major problem at
    times or is it nothing really worth worrying about?

  13. Eh, in War Thunder that T-62A would have buttseksed Stoney’s entire team
    within the first few minutes and went home for vodka and bisquits.

  14. Granted, i only have two, but is the Bruno’s medal that rare?

  15. Yeah, either a damaged ammorack or just lucky. The ammorack on the T-62A
    can explode rather easily even when compared to the other two russian
    mediums I feel. 

  16. I had a game won by a bad T29 on low health ammo racking a higher tier
    heavy who had lots of health 1v1. I was sure it was a loss and was glad for
    the surprise victory as I’d done a lot of damage before dying.

  17. Does anyone watch this with subtitles? The English language gets butchered.

  18. Shouldn’t the title be “How to play like a baddie”, everything this guy
    does is what you should NOT do. Driving out with your side exposed, sitting
    out in the wide open, trying to shoot the lower plate of a JPz E100 instead
    of tracking it. This guy put on a clinic on how you should never play the
    game. And then at 07:44 he decides to trash talk as if he was something
    special and carried the game. This guy is a pathetic player and should be
    used as an example of how not to play, sorry if the truth hurts but that’s
    just how it is.

  19. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    Stoney? as in stoney from SEA? we used to platoon together :D

  20. Luck is my biggest nemesis. I gained skill by playing but my luck is always

    Why wouldn’t you keep your M103?

  21. I have a brunos meadel

  22. I just bought the 103 yesterday so good timing on this video. I sold my T32
    asap, didn’t like it at all. Gun was crap for it’s tier and I got penned by
    everybody and their friends too.

  23. Oh hey, im on YouTube 🙂

    Edit: Ill clarify some things;
    I went after that 13-90 to make sure he didn’t get behind our team, he was
    a good player (according to XVM) and I didn’t want that thing behind our

    With those JPs, again XVM based, not very good players so I thought I may
    as well try to stop them from flanking our team, and I know their reloads
    so I took a few risks by staying in front of them.

    Uhh, what else? I kept my eyes on the mini-map for a lot of the game just
    to see if I could get away with some of the things I did. It’s one of my
    worst maps to play on, I don’t do particularly good on it.

    Now, with leaving the cap, their 261 was a very good player and I knew that
    he would at least try his luck at getting me, as I was only on a TINY
    amount of health, so I took the risk and it payed off.

    And yes, the RNG was real that game, and I was incredibly lucky 🙂 Anyway,
    thanks for the review Jedi, hope you enjoyed.

  24. jedi u do relize when ur playin a T7 and u see a T29 hull down……u just
    fire HE -_- u know that right…….???? :P

  25. [were the gun is]

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