Viewer spotlight! // M12 / “Whose meta is it anyway?”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Welcome of Tanks, where the RNG is all made up and skill doesn't matter!


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  1. I want my dmg back!

  2. Let the rant in the comments commence…

  3. 150cm gun, dear lord that would be monstrous. The gustav gun would look like a baby compared to it lol

  4. I have to agree that the “new” arty is a definite improvement. Less painful to play against, and more reliable to play with. And it is rather good at finishing low health enemies who *think* they are in cover.

    You also touched upon my only real bugbear with the 9.18 SPGs – they find it a lot more difficult to kill *opposing* arty. Not a huge problem if the enemy arty is spotted, but if (like me) you pay attention to your team’s pings and spend your reload time watching for tracer the resulting “blind” shots are frequently non-fatal (and who wants a non-fatal shot on an SPG? 😉 )

    While my own solution (reduce arty HP) would fix it, I prefer your idea of increasing arty-on-arty damage. Mainly because it would get around the problem of WG’s refusal to smack the leFH doombeast with the nerf bat.

  5. XVM focus is all well and good, but when the focusee is in a light tank, is obviously aware and belting around in random circles at 70kph, all XVM focus achieves is zero hits on the big slow heavies that are chewing up your team. Seen it happen so many times…

    Moral of the piece; if you are XVM sniping someone with really good stats, remember that they are probably rather good at the tactical side of game; the hint being that they have really good stats.

  6. really?
    i got “”almost” one shoted so many times in my lightly armored LT and MT and i was moving full speed
    Still getting damaged 400+ with a “that was close”
    and getting stunned by ally arta all the time

    it didnt become worse but it didnt get any better either

  7. Everybody Hates Artillery

  8. Im sorry to say I sold my arty as its really bad now, arty cannot even defend themselves now even hitting a light tank at 100 yards does not a lot, and no-one defends arty so if you get flanked your dead for sure now, it would not be so bad if when like in real life if you had a direct hit you do the full damage like in the past and close shots do the stun, ie I had 3 direct hits on a heavy in my 155-58 and barely did 1000 damage, or in my cg one of the biggest guns in the game does barely any damage yet a type 4 or 5 with really the same HE shells does lots more damage, now if they had fixed it so all HE fired by everyone did the stun and low damage that would be fair, but to have different rules for HE I find really annoying, now been on the end of arty is now for me even more annoying than it was its a slow death would rather be one shot and get into another game, reasons for this I have not been often one shot by arty enough to complain about it ( I have often seen people complain about arty one shotting them during game but they had already been shot many times before and had hardly any health left anyway but to them arty one shot them one of them was a well known arty hating you tuber), Oh I could go on why arty is useless now but rant over.

  9. You can use aslain mod pack it will paint a circle on the map where your arty is aiming at. It’s dynamic so it moves with the aim without any input from you or your own arty

  10. Now that they have mostly fixed artillery we can start bitching about the really serious problems… CV’s being so damn OP in World of Warships.


  11. So it would appear that arty are the new autoloaders in that they get progressively more dangerous the longer the match goes on. Sure in the early stages they can chip away at HP and go for tactical tracking and stunning shots but as enemy HP starts to get lower they can switch to picking off the more dangerous targets and contribute that way too.

  12. i have to tier 10 tanks and have never found artillery to be a problem

  13. @Jedi
    So, is Bert the Avenger still fun with these changes?

  14. Jedi did you hear about sirfoch and circon getting dmca threatened by war gaming for not giving the Chrysler tank a better review, and one of them losing their community contributor status?

  15. Game is too focused on tanks, buff artillery pls :)))))))

  16. I agree that artillery is better than before but that says more about how bad it used to be. Artillery is still shit and doesn’t add anything positive to the game play. The old “It prevents camping.” nonsense is still as false as ever. It *creates* camping. When there’s no artillery in a game there’s much more action, much more movement etc. The game is better when no artillery is around.

    If I’m playing my.. Whatever.. My Centurion or something, the first thing I check is if there’s artillery on the battlefield. If there is, I know I have to be more passive and think about artillery cover instead of trying to play more aggressively and actually try some more active game play.

    There’s still no actual skill involved besides the most basic of trying to predict movement and hope RNG smiles on you.
    The game is also still lacking an actual counter to artillery as it has been since WG destroyed the light tank role and made everything about fighting in corridors.

    Considering how long it took WG to even acknowledge the fact that there was a problem with artillery in the first place, I don’t think we’ll see them get fixed/removed/whatever in WoT’s lifetime. 😛

  17. Pauses video at 13:13…wait, what? Dude has a great game, gets paid only 12.5k credits…with a premium account. He would have lost money with a standard account…WTF?

    That ain’t right and it needs to be fixed pronto.

  18. The Grisha Inquisition

    The only thing I’m not too big on about the new arty mechanics is the increased splash radius and the stun effect. As an arty player myself, I’m sometimes very reluctant to fire at hotspots simply out of fear of accidentally stunning one of my allies, even with the very handy indicator that shows where you’re aiming to your team mates. Hell, I’ve already accidentally killed two allies from the increased splash radius already, and that was in my SU-14-2. I’d honestly prefer it if allies had a reduced stun compared to the enemy if you accidentally manage to splash both of them. Other than that, I do like the new arty much better.

  19. I think you really should show us the today’s newspaper D:

  20. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    So you think the arty changes are a sucess because they are now merely annoying! lol

  21. artillery prevents camping they say as everyone camps cause every team gets 3 arty

  22. SPG’s? Who the heck wants to see this crap? Thumbs down.

  23. Commentator talks all about what arty players need to do. Ignores what the other 14 tanks need to do which is shoot stunned targets. The team did 760 damage to stunned and 0 to tracked targets (assuming there were tracked vehicles). Teams as a whole effectively aren’t exploiting the stuns.

  24. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I think the interesting thing about the changes is how it does forces arty to think more about being a late game changer much like how LTs have been for a long time.

  25. I think the changes are fail, and I have stopped playing the game. My problem is you can no longer defend yourself. I tried a couple games, and when that light tank breaks through and comes for you, you are dead. Nothing you can do. No point in playing anymore.

    I can adjust to the rest, but you need to have a chance when a tank is bearing down on you

  26. arty has been neutered – class ruined

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