Viewer spotlight! // M60 / “A good plan, violently executed”

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Well, nobody ever won a game of by being nice to the enemy team, that’s for sure. Thanks to ati909 for submitting this one!


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  1. 10.000 damage -> lost money

  2. Szép volt Ati :)

  3. The IS-3 blew it.

  4. Lol….that chat was interesting. To be fair to the E100 he did have a WAY
    better game than the WZ132 and he is also a better player overall,
    according to noobmeter anyway. I was surprised this was EU. The chat made
    it look more like NA.

  5. R.I.P WZ-132, the salt was flowing and 484 xp was all he had to show for
    it… Great game by the M60 though, that gun handling looks awesome!

  6. I always wonder these good games that ends with a negative income… are
    they really that good.

  7. that was a great game. good one to put up.

  8. The chat lol, what an angry little man that wz-132 is.

  9. Can you say “Carry”?

  10. M60 is an M48 with higher top speed but worse gun handling. All else is
    almost identical, including armor.

  11. M60 Jesus at its finest.

  12. For those of you who are interested in the stats behind the scene of the
    side chat between the E 100 and the WZ-132 players: The WZ player’s current
    stats are: 1867 WN8 with over 31K battles and a 53.12% w/r in his WZ with
    706 battles waged in it, whereas the E 100 player’s current stats are: 2141
    WN8 with over 28K battles and a 57.28% w/r in his E100 with 426 battles
    waged in it. All just fyi to put the WZ player’s trash talking into even
    MORE perspective of hilarity.

    Side note: ati909 has a 2343 WN8 (unicum level) – and a 52.65% w/r in his
    M60 with 283 battles waged in it.

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