Viewer spotlight! // Object 279(e) / “Two tracks good, four tracks better”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It’s hideous and slow, and I think I want one.

(Also sorry not sorry, Mr Orwell.)


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  1. It's not what you think

    heart me daddy

  2. I did it… I think I did it. I’ve finally done it! My time has finally come!
    Okay, okay, let’s not screw this up, here goes….


    … man, that did not feel worth it.

  3. I solved the gold ammo spam on a more personal level; all I play now is War Thunder. 🙂

  4. Pin me, Onii-chan~

  5. All tanks are equal, but some are more equal than others?

  6. Its soo much fun playing premium tank using premium ammo

    • A reward tank only achievable by no-lifers or unicorns and is also better than the regulars. -_- I never got that logic.

  7. Great video. These tanks came out and CC’s were running around in them all over. Then the different wore off and I have yet to see one actually in game. I saw your video and said “Oh yeah, forgot about that. “

  8. GG, now even PHJ (unwillingly) “promotes” gold ammo usage. Sadly but voting down…

    • EVERYONE USES GOLD jesus, why are people still butthurt about this. you go in EVERY battle with 0 prem ammo?

  9. even with the gold, besides the IS7 hit he played very well.

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