Viewer spotlight! // Panther/M10 / “So for to say”

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I really don’t know what say about Claus, other than go check out Claus.


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s , Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Claus and Jedi for to be epics!
    The noob was smokescreen for to be confusing the enemy!
    That bounce is the troll of RNG!
    I just was talking yesterday about how good that M10 Panther for to be!
    For people to miss that it is the beloved E25 gun! Yes, with less of a rate
    of fire, but it is plenty capable, in a peppy armored chassis, the thing
    can be epic! Even in tier 8 games!
    People for to play it like heavy will for to hate it!

  2. claus for to be good player!

  3. Conspiracy Theory: PHJ is Caption Guy!

  4. That Bert was useless. Should have just yoled the Panther.

  5. I just wait for Claus, Jedi and Jingles for to be in an AMX 40 platoon –
    Because this has for to be epic 🙂
    Because… for this has to be bad for stupids!

  6. Great video Jedi. And Claus’s channel, fantastic!

  7. Claus for to be honoured to have replay on PointyHairedJedi channel!

  8. Napoleon Blownaparte

    Claus is actually very good!

  9. *facepalm*

  10. Horrible the way the sniperscope bounces around, is that normal in the m10?
    Or did he just forget to turn it off in settings, or with a mod?

  11. Why the scumbag is complaining ? That shit can shot totally safe all day .
    Geez !

  12. where this can see tier 9’s… face palm. ..and Caption Guy saves the
    channel again ;)

  13. Well, the Panther/M10 is currently not available in the shop, which could
    also be a reason for not seeing this vehicle very often on the battlefield.

  14. I’ve been watching Claus from the beginning….he makes me laugh every
    time! Is for to say hey guys become a Claus subscriber. You won’t regret
    it. You will laugh your ass off!! Not only is he a funny guy, his videos
    are quite informative. I’ve learned some things by watching them. I’ve also
    had the opportunity to platoon with Claus and I must say he truly is a
    great guy!! Keep it up CK…you’re awesome!

  15. Ah yes. Claus. The great entertainer. Love his videos! Great replay and
    channel promote PointyHairedJedi.

  16. That Comet though.

  17. you said the s-51 did not pay attention to klaus and was trying to hit the
    O-I. im pretty sure he was trying to hit klaus at 5:38 ish, that explosion
    was way too big for a fv304 hit (havent played for awhile but judging from
    the other hits i saw the fv doing im pretty sure it was the s-51 =P)

  18. Repairing the ammo rack early on wasn’t really a bad thing to do. Anyone
    who drives the Panther knows that it’s made of ammo racks; almost every
    shot into the side WILL damage the ammo rack.

  19. claus’s videos when he went camping where great

  20. does the m10 get pref mm ? and why the apcr on light tanks like i am not
    one for going against premium amo spam but use it right lol

  21. “Claus Kellerman”
    This is going to be fun…

  22. Иван Живковић

    Nice result, 50% luck, 50% incompetence of enemy tanks, except that sniper
    through the window shot.

  23. 60mm of armor on s51

  24. this S51 was really annyoing and the comet shouldn’t insult him for winnig
    the game. but, still well played Claus :)

  25. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    It does make me laugh, I also do quite a few things with him; he’s a good

  26. I called Claus his channel “cheesy”. I subscribed. It makes me laugh.

  27. I also had a Panther/M10 but i sold it even tho i knew i can’t buy it back,
    it is one of the best credit making tanks at tier 7(premiums)

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