Viewer spotlight! // Ru 251/ “A close shave”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Arctic welcomes careful drivers! Thanks to jim190 sending this one.


World of Tanks is a -to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. yep, it’s hard to find your place as a tier 8 light these days ;-(
    btw.. that ISU-player.. 16K battles, 196 wn8 :-o

  2. It would be nice if they could do something to make LTs more relevant. You
    can find players who have great games in an LT but most times that is in
    spite of playing the LT. The advantages they have over MTs are either minor
    or not useful enough to how the game is played. I think part of the problem
    is WoT doesn’t seem to embrace the idea of being a “support” tank. I think
    this is also why arty is considered so broken to so many people. I don’t
    have the answer but I hope they can do something.

  3. That T95 leading the charge in the enemy base at 6:26 tho :D

  4. lol i wish i could have a game like this in my lights xD

  5. OMG THAT IS ME!!!!!!

  6. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I love how the damage dealt is all 5’s! Absolute excellent except the
    slugging match with the WZ.

  7. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Poor T-54, you have no gun depression! MAWHAHAHAHAHA! Tracked forever.

  8. If they want to bring new life to light tanks, they need to change a lot of
    maps, at least to provide some cover to spot enemies where it’s useful and
    to provide some way to flank and go behind enemy lines to spot artillery
    and TD. Unfortunately bushes used by light tanks to spot can also be used
    by other tanks to fire undetected, and in some older versions of the
    current maps there were a lot of killing zones due to these lines of fire.
    Once we whined about invisible TDs, now we are whining about corridors
    maps. It’s not easy to balance such a game, so many variables in place.

  9. “Very nice pleasing numbers” lmao – love it :D

  10. You’re favourite now light is the duck now right?

  11. on the SP1C now, grinding for this tank.

  12. 2:59 Caption Guy: Noice point

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