Viewer spotlight! // T30 / “Old Unreliable”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

I may be away for a week, but in the meantime, I have a few videos to tide you over – and to start off with, we have this bit prime American beefcake, the armed T30.


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. barrel marks are very addictive, only have one tank that has three but it
    sure felt good getting it

  2. Under 200 viewer club ? :D

  3. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I’m also stuck with the T28 Prot. as well… and it’s STOCK! :,(

  4. i think to balance the t-54 i would remove prem ammo from it completely and
    do nothing else then it wouldnt be op (although they could mix the 2 top
    guns it has together in other words 219 pen with the other guns aims stats)

  5. Dat username though.

  6. Murica Fuck Yea! seriously though the isu-152 has an op as fuck rate of

  7. Newkids barry is a Dutch kid obviously.. Verrekte Kut! 

  8. 8th comment

  9. Did anyone notice his crew member pictures for the T30 were pictures of

  10. Where do i get more of these retarded enemys? XD

  11. Maarten Kleinsman

    Whahaa NewkidsBarrie newb;-)! UKS for the win;-)

  12. Why Jed, are you and/or Caption Guy suggesting a Russian bias? What Russian
    bias? Just because Russian vehicles fire faster, have more pen, bounce more
    shots, and seem to magically have more shells ghost right through them
    doesn’t mean there’s a Russian bias!


  13. My personal record for awarded barrel marks is two. On my TOG…don’t judge

  14. A New Kids on the Block fan – lol. Who’d of thought one of those played

  15. Thx for sharing it Jedi! 🙂 We all know that good luck and skill will some
    time become bad luck and bad rng. And yeah, the crew is a mod, indeed a
    very nice one, I found it in the World of Tanks International group on
    Facebook. Just google ‘wot crew babe mod’, garantueed you’ll find it. As
    Jedi already said about the gunmarks, I got 3 marks, took me around 600-700
    battles to get them. I have a total of 1100 battles played with my T30, I
    just love the beast! 

  16. newkids jonge! BAM!

  17. Stay classy San-diago.

  18. A damn nice result! GG to this guy

  19. New Kidsssss!!

  20. Great game

  21. Unfair plane he kemp bush

  22. The US Heavies seem quite fun, once you get past the M6.

  23. Violet stet pedder

  24. I got 3 Marks on my tiger P. Still have no idea when I got them :D

  25. wow nice game makes me want to grind my prot again lol

  26. That ending though…just like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Really, really dumb fish.

  27. That crew mod made laugh so hard 😀 dunno why

  28. Nice one Barrie, good to see you got reviewed ^^ congrats mate

  29. You like a bit of American beefcake pointy?


  30. AH, the “good” old T30…Only the last couple dozen matches before I
    actually got to the T110E4 have been good to me. My first 155mm game was a
    4.4k damage one including the familiar IS3 ammo rack. Did I ever get the
    same result? Not for many many many matches…I simply had a terrible run
    with it and it seemed to generally miss more often any artillery I owned at
    that time. Shots would just go anywhere BUT the target. I played 7 games in
    my T110E5 and got more reliability out of it than my first 90 matches with
    the 155mm equipped. It is not bad, but why the hell does it miss so much???
    🙁 It’s not a bad tank, it is actually good…when it actually performs as

    //aunty edith: ah, the end…T30 luck at work! :)

  31. i once owned a T30 but i sell it for E4. but some facts to share. T30 gun
    is epic u will ammo racked n get people on fire fairly easy. 😛 but i oni
    played it awhile as i have too much free xp to spent lol. anw hope u can
    get into T30 good luck :)

  32. Just got the big 155mm gun for my T30 this weekend and got a 7k mastery
    round in it :D

  33. I had 3 gun marks on my T-25 from one battle :P

  34. Oh boy another replay with someone switching to prem ammo at the end of the
    battle cause QB and other violet stet pedders do it. There was absolutely
    no need for it. Hell, T30 doesn’t need it at all. All those misses at the
    end was god punishing him for using prem ammo.
    Speaking of everything being outperformend by soviets. Why is T95 still in
    the game ? It’s the worst T9 TD, or even the worst T9 tank, even T8s can
    easily outperform it. It’s been like this for years and it’s constantly
    getting worse cause people spam more prem ammo with each day.

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