Viewer spotlight! // T57 Heavy / “Grace under fire”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Generally speaking WoT a lot slower paced than the majority of online multiplayer shooty games… but naturally, there are always exceptions.

Thanks to Sgt_Frosty for submitting this!


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  1. yay another video 😀 love ya Jedi but I hate fighting this thing cause I’m grinding the exp for the centurion 7/1 >.< this thing kills me so easily

  2. You sort of forgot to monetarize the video?
    I try to watch all the ads as it is what I can do for you 🙂

  3. New arty is complete cancer, but the MM is nice

  4. 4:07 This should have been over. The T-54 Lightweight didn’t back up the Scorpion. Either he had damaged modules or can’t count to four.

  5. I actually have a 9.18 game from the NA server for you. I played it this morning. I was going to upload it but found out it didn’t work, but I’ll try again when it works.

  6. Oops 🙂 I did it again 😉

  7. Jedi, I attempted to upload a replay from NA to your website and it says I can only upload replays from 9.17.01….which is sad because it was my first ever Pools Medal

  8. I personally like the new update, for the most part, I’m not a light tank player, so I really don’t know how bad they hammered the LTs, I do have an ELC and m7, I think they destroyed the ELC with the new patch, feels like it has the stock engine, I’d understand the gun nerfs but the tank now feels just bad to drive!

    Also I think they really broke the M7, I liked it the way it was before, it had more HP, faster reload, and it was more cromwelly than it is now.
    They dropped the HP on it, hit the DPM for like 500 dmg, and it still has the same MM!
    Because before it was a Medium tank, it had the 2+/- match making, it still has that but it’s got less Health now and slower reload with the 57, sure it has more Horse power and better ground resistances and it keeps it’s camo on the move because it’s an LT, but I liked it more as a low tier cromwell.

    I liked it as more of a medium than a light tank because it felt different! All they had to do was leave it alone, because it never was an LT it never had the 3+ MM, and they didn’t have to touch it.

    The arty is truly terrible now though, it misses much less now, and fires much faster.

  9. Kind of salty about this patch personally. The lt nerfs are just stupid overcompensation. They created free XP sinks by removing the vk28.01 derp gun and nerfing the ELC bisquik. The arty is…problematic. More accurate, bigger splash and faster reload means it is totally obnoxious. But WHY did they have to nerf Bert the Avenger? 28mm of pen… seriously? The lack of platoonability (is that even a word Caption Guy?) in arty means that you can’t coordinate to cover each flank, or have someone share the misery of the Crusader SP grind.

  10. This guy has the worst aim I have ever seen…

  11. I was going to upload a replay for 9.18 for your website Jedi showing off the new French Tier X light tank, but it said only 9.17.1 only was allowed.

  12. I cant wait to get a hold of the T57 heavy myself. That was a good game 🙂
    Here is an update on the changes to the NA server. So far I cant really get a good game at tier 7. Some average scores at tier 6. When its top tier though you can go to work on the new kids….. like thats any challenge or fun for me though…
    Radley Walters,

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