Viewer spotlight! // Type 61 / “Relocation, relocation, relocation”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Having never had a Type 61 game on the channel before, I thought I’d better pick out one that was pretty good – and, hopefully I’ve succeeded. Thanks to Aervorn for sending this in!


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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. He spammed the APCR against the Borsig (instead of using HE), so he can
    spam 330mm pen HEAT against the T28.

  2. The Type 61 is a nice juicy target for SPGs.

  3. Medium tank madness!

  4. The Type 61 and myself, well, we just did not like each other at all….

  5. I just finished the grind through the Type 61 and it was really quite the
    enjoyable machine to play.

  6. Nice game in the Type 61. This map was pretty bad in terms of hiding from
    arty. It was easy pickings especially with Bert on this map.

  7. Did an other youtuber also showed this replay once?

  8. I’m currently grinding my Type 61 to getting the 105 gun by suffering
    through using the 90mm gun. but i still do a respectable amount of damage
    with the 90mm as it plays not dissimilarly to the STA-1 (though with less
    camo rating and much taller target), and played accordingly i’ve adapted to
    the gameplay of the 61. the limited ammo capacity is worrisome, but if
    people are doing well in this even after so many patches since it was
    introduced, then the 61 must be doing fine (wouldn’t hurt to add more
    shells of course)

  9. After suffering so long going up the Japanese medium line, it is nice to
    see that the higher tier vehicles are good. I recently bought the STA-1 and
    actually like it. Other than the Chi Nu Kai, which is ok, I dreaded all of
    the other vehicles in the Japanese medium line up to the STA-1. That looks
    like it was a very fun game, and well rewarded for his efforts.

  10. “If you’re not doing very well in your T9 then […] you’re just not doing
    very well.”
    – Jedi, 2k15

    Words of true wisdom.

  11. Jedi how many viewer replays do you get a day?

  12. 9:46 “Cos it dus moor damages nub!” ;)

  13. Spotterino Cappuccino

    Wow, that’s one old replay of mine. I sent it to you a year or so ago :)

  14. He has 3 HE shells loaded in a tank that carries very little ammo. Ok,
    maybe he is using it to shoot at lightly armored things and reset the cap.
    Proceeds to shoot at the RHM with APCR.

  15. This is how you should play World of Tanks, relocate, relocate and

  16. Nice Video Jedi. Wanna have this tank so bad xD

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